Hi, I’m Rusty Blazenhoff. [Yes, my real name – I took it in 1995, and made it official in 2015.]

I grew up (but not all that much) on Cape Cod, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area because I heard that’s where the weirdos went (searching, like me, for the Others). Shortly after arriving in the mid-1990s, some friends invited me to go desert camping. That trip turned out to be Burning Man, where I found my counterculture clan – including (but not limited to) the randomly-gathered network of free spirits of the San Francisco Cacophony Society. Things pretty much went freaky from there.

My journey here has been full of grand ups and crushing downs, yet I’ve never lost my enthusiasm for adventure and the quirky, offbeat side of life. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most outrageous creators, including Pee-wee Herman, the Burning Man Project, Boing Boing, Allee Willis, Laughing Squid, Dangerous Minds, and Archie McPhee.

I also publish this inbox zine (a term I coined; much better than “e-newsletter,” right?) which has been described as, “one of the most inspiring, weird and off-kilter collections of curated kitschy ephemera for the big-brained” and as, “the ‘New Yorker’ of the weirdos.” I’m not sure I’d go that far but it is a lot of fun to put together every week!

I still live in the Bay Area, in sunny Alameda with my daughter SJ and my fur-child, Missy. I make a mean Fluffernutter (just ask SJ).

A big thank you to Pee-wee Herman, who gave Rusty’s Electric Dreams a shoutout on his blog!

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