Press, praise, and other kind words:

03/2021 :: One of the “most anticipated newsletters” — CreativeMornings

04/2021 :: “Although I’d known about Hofmann, Sandoz, and LSD, I hadn’t heard of the bicycle trip and Bicycle Day until I read the latest issue of Rusty Blazenhoff’s excellent “inbox zine,” Electric Dreams. Rusty is brilliant and funny and curious about all sorts of things—her clients include Pee-wee Herman, Children’s Fairyland, and Burning Man—and every issue of the newsletter is full of wonderful stuff like this. Subscribe—it’s free!” — Fritinancy

03/2021 :: “This biweekly zine by pop culture guru Rusty Blazenhoff never disappoints in having the latest and greatest links to funny, cool, interesting, kitschy, and often uplifting things happening across the internet. I have been a subscriber for several years and have even participated in some of the meetups and art card exchanges. It’s a very fun and unique community.” — Brittany H.

03/2021 :: “It’s short, succinct, and filled with interesting links to stories and happenings that are off the world wide web’s mostly beaten paths… Rusty shares a voice and vision that is humorous, quirky, cheeky, smart, and always entertaining.Victoria Heifner, Milkfed Press

03/2021 :: “…a perfect blast of information and entertainment: thought-provoking work, beauty, and absurd/subversive humor.” — Jenny

03/2021 :: “…a unique smorgasbord of the fun, weird, and strangely engaging. It’s an ever-cool assortment of pop culture, technology, bohemian happenings, or wild card items you’ve never heard about but are glad you did.” — Kimberly

03/2021 :: “Rusty has a gift for discovering the delightful new stuff on the internet before anyone else. You could say, she’s a special kind of cool-hunter.” — Heathervescent

09/2020 :: “Your newsletters have brought me so much joy. Thank you for continuing to create them. It’s that little bit of faith in humanity continuing to be strange and good that gets me through this limbo.” — Alexis Finch

08/2019 :: Rusty was a guest on the Archie McPhee podcast!

8/2019 :: “Thanks for the newsletters Rusty! I’ve been subscribed for two months or so and have been really enjoying the weekly doses of beautiful weirdness you’ve been providing.” — James Cronen

03/2018 :: “really enjoying ‘s newsletter. You should get it. Weird, fun, performative, bay area and beyond stuff” — Odyssey Works

03/2017 :: “Your event listing is the only thread I know of that keeps ‘happy mutants’ connected. You are the ‘New Yorker’ of the weirdos.” — an anonymous reader

03/2017 :: “I love getting this every week! I click all the links and feel cooler for it! hehe” —Meaghan Kennedy, pinata artist

03/2017 :: “You’re weird and awesome.” —HerArtSheLoves, a maker of art robots

03/2017 :: “I love your sense of humor and all the wild and crazy things you do. :)” –Carrie, a loyal reader

03/2017 :: “I really enjoy you email and look forward to it.” –Travis, a reader in NOLA

03/2017 :: “I found out about Rusty and her Electric Dreams through Pee-wee Herman. I think that’s all that needs to be said about Rusty’s Electric Dreams and her subscribers. (We’re weird and proud of it!)” —Jamie Lee, a proud reader

02/2017 :: “If you think you know the internet, you’re wrong. But never fear, Rusty’s got her finger on the pulse of the bizarre, the creative, the mind bending and broadening. It’s a reminder of just how strange and magical your fellow humans are.” –Alexis, a strange and magical reader

02/2017 :: “Your zine is a key way that I keep on top of the myriad rad things going on in the bay area (plus I get to tell friends further afield about rad stuff they wouldn’t have known otherwise). It’s such a huge and useful resource, and I am endlessly grateful that you maintain and distribute it.” —Breanne, a well-traveled reader

02/2017 :: “I look forward to the e-zine every Wednesday.” —Kevin Evans, self-proclaimed “weird” artist

02/2017 :: “In the darkness or in the light, it is always comforting to hear a familiar voice speaking a language you can understand.” Kurt, a comforted reader

02/2017 :: “You and your Electric Dreams are a treasure for the Bay Area—we need more neighbors like you!” –Hunter, a Bay Area treasure

02/2017 :: “You are awesome Rusty! An invaluable voice for the Others, especially in these oh so trying times. As in “what? Wait, we’re still making art?? Yay n hallelujah!” –kate r shaw, an artistic reader

02/2017 :: “One of my favorite newsletters!” –Michael, a favorite reader

02/2017 :: “i think you are just marvelous and your inbox zine is a consistent delight. <3” —Oriana, cultural hipstorian

02/2017 :: “I look forward to it every week!” –Karen Finlay, co-hostess of the world-famous Mid-century Supper Potluck

02/2017 :: “…I like the attitude, your voice, and all the cool stuff you bring together.” –Brian, a tuned-in reader

02/2017 :: “always interesting-never a snore” –Marsha, a reader who is woke af

02/2017 :: “Rusty Blazenhoff is a shining example of internet (and IRL) kindness and charity.” —Michael Wertz, artist extraordinaire

02/2017 :: “I freaking love this inbox zine. Keep doing this! The world needs it!” –Leslie Knight, a worldly reader

02/2017 :: “You are so awesome and an inspiration and reminder to me to get out and try something new!” –Megan B, a Sin City reader

02/2017 :: “sending much love from one redhead to another. love your voice, love your enthusiasm, honesty, and creativity. I look forward to your emails so much! thank you thank you!” –Erin Childs, a redheaded reader

02/2017 :: “I enjoy your zine and stop whatever I’m doing to read it as soon as I get it. Thanks!” –Claudia Miller, an eager reader

02/2017 :: “Very engaging and enjoyable, you have a clear genuine voice that shines in your blog.” –Conor, an insightful reader

02/2017 :: “I really enjoy the eclectic listings, products, links and artists that you feature! You are a unique treasure!” –Julie Reed, a treasured reader

02/2017 :: “Always happy when you show up in my Inbox and have shared with friends. Great project – hope you have fun making it!” — Mike McDaniel, a delighted reader

02/2017 :: “Please keep doing this. My path to you = Love of Pee-wee Herman as kid, grow up and learn of art, become graphic designer, learn of artists like Wayne White, one day Pee-wee mentions your zine… now i look forward to it!” — E.S. Hampton-Gross, a reader on the right path

02/2017 :: “I am a 40-something, math nerd working in finance. I have no idea how I got added to your distribution but… I love it! I look forward to it every Wednesday. Thank you for the work you do.” –Chris Ferguson, a nerdy reader

02/2017 :: “I really enjoy your zine and your zest for life!” –Jordan Balewski, an enthusiastic reader

02/2017 :: “I always smile when I see your email in my Inbox. Not everything is relevant and I probably should take longer to reflect on some of the content but I always find something that enriches my day in some way…” –Mac Hoban, a contemplative reader from Tasmania

02/2017 :: “You Are Beautiful!” –Randy Ralston, a kind reader from Ireland

02/2017 :: “Your zine is awesome. You work hard on it and it shows. Keep on Electric Dreaming!” –Linda Rogers, a wise reader

10/2016 :: “Congratulations on two years!  Just want you to know I still look forward to every issue of your ‘zine.  Love it!” —Steve Casino, Peanut Taxidermist

10/2016 :: “Thanks for some wonderfully refreshing reading… and some other stuff too of course… Keep on typing… May all your chickens lay a thousand eggs…!” –J James

10/2016 :: “Your zine is amazing. I love love love it!! I get super excited every time I see a new one in my inbox.” —Michelle Bert

10/2016 :: “You rock! I still marvel at your ability to harvest strange things from the internet. It is sort of like you are resonating at the same frequency as the collective moment, where a human looks at some thing on a browser that trips the WTF portion of their brain.”  –Froghole

09/2016 :: “Rusty! HUGE FAN of the newsletter. I’ve been reading for a *while* and you should be proud of what you’ve made this baby into.” –Sam Couch

08/2016 :: “I wanted to ‘like’ so many things in this week’s newsletter! Love your stuff always Ms. Blazenhoff <3” –Farrah Raine Bannister

08/2016 :: “I love your newsletters. I immediately stop what I’m doing to open them & savor the links, looking forward to what I can “actually buy”. You made my day, again.” –Julie Jackson, Subversive Cross StitchKitty Wigs and the Marie Catoinette coloring book

06/2016 :: “Oh how I love you and what you do!!!! This is my favorite inbox zine so far….. I can feel your creative and compassionate energy flowing right through it. Thanks for letting it all hang out.” — Heidi Bennett, Creative life coach

06/2016 :: “You are doing great work! I look forward to reading your zine and enjoy every part of it. I like the location based event list especially. Keep it up!” —Peter Gardner

06/2016 :: “I love getting your newsletter. It’s basically the only one I read and one of few that arrive. Thank you for sharing all the fun things you find, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences around getting unpleasant emails.” –Daniel, RED reader

05/2016 :: “Yesterday morning I awoke and listened to KPFA run down its litany of destruction, corruption, and civil rights abuses. I went around with a sense of heaviness and foreboding for the rest of the morning. The world felt oppressive and hopeless. Today I awoke and read about the 16th Street steps in Atlas Obscura thanks to your link (and following their subsequent thread). I went around with a sense of excitement and wonder for the rest of the morning. The world feels bright and hopeful. Thanks for that. I hate the fucking news. Eat art for breakfast.” — Kimberly Cross, Cakewalk

02/2016 :: “YOU should get THIS in your Inbox. Rusty Blazenhoff sends emails i actually read.” –Simon Gold

02/2016 :: “Love this word [ed. Flawsome] I learned in Rusty ‘s zine today (which you should be reading. It’s just plain awesome.)” — Alex Shebar, Yelp’s Community Director

11/2015 :: “A vote for Rusty is a vote for you.” — Victoria Heifner of Milkfed Press

10/2015 :: “I’m gonna fanboy for a minute, and it’s about . If you’re not subscribed to her newsletter, I’m not sure about your whole deal…The thing is, ‘s newsletter is a reminder that the world, the stupid world filled with constant awful, is occasionally amazing…. reminds you there is weird doofy geeky magic happening everywhere. It is, to me, fulfillment on the original promise of the web…You are not alone in loving weird things. And weird things are all around you. And is looking for them all the goddamn time…So subscribe to ‘s newsletter, because it = joy. Because she’s working to bring joy to you. That’s it. ” —Josh Cagan, actor and writer (The Duff, Bandslam)

10/2015 :: “…Speaking of newsletters I’ve been enjoying Rusty’s Electric Dreams.” —Sean Bonner, Just Another Crowd

09/2015 :: “Happy birthday Rusty! Your emails are by far the most looked forward to, and I hope your day is as wild, weird, and satisfying as each and every newsletter you send out!” —Kyle Kesterson, Freak’n Genius

09/2015 :: “I’m a big fan of ‘s weekly email zine. As usual, this week’s issue was great from top to bottom…” —Doctor Popular, “Jack-of-all-trades musician, artist, dramatic yo-yoist, and video game designer-wizard”

09/2015 :: “Not sure how I went this long without subscribing to @Blazenhoff’s newsletter. It’s Pure Inbox Sunshine.” —Josh Cagan, actor and writer (The Duff, Bandslam)

05/2015 :: “I love Rusty’s zine.” –Evan Prodromou, Founder of

05/2015 :: “One of the most inspiring, weird and off-kilter collections of curated kitschy ephemera for the big-brained.” –Mighty on Product Hunt (upvote!)

05/2015 :: “She went to Burning Man in ’94. She’s ahead of the curve. She’s a brand strategist. My pal:” –a Tweet by Lenore Skenazy, founder of the Free Range Kids movement

05/2015 :: “Thank you for providing the BEST email I get each week. I’m always inspired to click links, buy tickets, invite artists to visit! Your signal and celebration of the weird & wonderful is mighty. Thank you!” –E.B.

04/2015 :: “So cool! If you are a Geek, a Nerd, or someone who is just more than Normal. Then you may already know my friend Rusty Blazenhoff. Rusty is a monster blogger about everything you want to read, and many things you did not know you wanted to read. Rusty is also the most radiant redhead I have ever met. New place to follow her is on the always cool stuff site Neatorama. Enjoy.” –Kent Barnes of Time Suck Magazine

03/2015 :: “A funky, fun email zine in the old style by a wild and wonderful Bay Area weirdo.” —Michael W. Taft, author, editor, meditation teacher, and neuroscience junkie

03/2015 :: “Creative resilience embodied. She finds things that open my mind – and writes about them.” —Jemimah Knight on her personal influences

02/2015 :: “I am totally blown away by Rusty’s newsletter. It’s like having a really cool friend who knows what’s going on. I am terrible at keeping up with people and especially websites, so this will be my weekly fun!! I need to work less and enjoy more and this is just perfect!” –Julie Jackson, Subversive Cross Stitch and Kitty Wigs

02/2015 :: “Hugely impressed by Rusty . I think you might love her too. Culture zine at for hilarity, art, + events.” —Jean M Russell, COO of Leola Group, culture hacker, and author of Thrivability

02/2015 :: “Mommy weirdest.” –Vinnie Pescado

02/2015 :: “So wonderful to have a small window into your mind. I look forward to each spark that you generate in my own. You are a swell woman, indeed.” –Kent Barnes

01/2015 :: Rusty’s Electric Dreams is Pee-wee Herman approved!

01/2015 :: “…if you haven’t seen/subscribed to Rusty’s “inbox zine” yet, check it out. It’s a lovely little weekly dose of quirky fun and bohemian happenings. I love her concept of the inbox zine. Email has become such a wasteland. It’s great to once again find something strange and wonderful in your box on a regular basis. The spare, ASCII-retro design I think is pretty inspired, too.” —Gareth Branwyn, author of Borg Like Me and lots and lots of other great works.

About Rusty herself:

12/2014 :: “The Queen of Kitsch: Rusty Blazenhoff captures the zeitgeist of now—and back then” by Julia Park Tracey

10/2014 :: “Distillations: Embracing the Kitsch at Longitude” by Benjamin Wachs

08/2014 :: “Will Lie for Punch: Finding Journalism’s Dark Side at Local Edition” by Benjamin Wachs

05/2014 :: “Rusty knows what’s cool. Not only that, but she’s an amazing writer who can communicate complicated and obscure topics to a mainstream audience. She knows who to talk to and what questions to ask. Her knowledge of pop culture is unmatched. When I want to know if something is going to be popular, I ask Rusty. No matter what you’re working on, you can be sure that including Rusty on your team is going to make it better.” –-David Wahl, Director of Awesome of Archie McPhee and co-editor of Geyser of Awesome

06/2014 :: “Rusty makes things popular on the Internet. An uber-curator, trend spotter she authentically connects content with her audience resulting in site traffic. Highly skilled at identifying, writing, editing and unleashing the NEXT NEW THING – whether that is pop culture, technology or science. Rusty is talented, creative and a pleasure to work with. If you’re considering hiring her, consider no more. Sign on the dotted line. You won’t be sorry you did.” -–Heathervescent, Director

01/2014 :: “Working with Rusty has been a great experience for our team, both professionally and personally. Besides being a really nice person, her editorial focus, style, and efficiency make her one of those rare content creators/curators that knows how to build an enthusiastic audience of great size. When I think of online writers and bloggers who are at the top of their game, Rusty is one of a handful who really know what they’re doing.” -–Steve Broback, Host of Dent Sun Valley and the Tweet House events at CES & SXSW

Wow! You’ve made it ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE?! Ok, so not everyone loves Rusty’s Electric Dreams.

Less-than-kind words:

[10/2021]: I lost a reader but gained the title of my  memoir: Rusty Blazenhoff: One Bad Apple.

Check out Rusty’s Electric Dreams for yourself: