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Rusty's Electric Dreams

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine from the curious mind of Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #128 :: The “RIP Event Listings” Edition :: 03:22:2017

RIP Event Listings…

OMG, I did it. I killed it. The event listings, as we knew them, are gone. Adios!  

You spoke and I listened.

The survey revealed that many of you either A) didn’t read the section because there weren’t listings in your area, or B) liked the section but were disappointed/annoyed that there weren’t any listings in your area. You felt left out and I’m sorry for that!

My original idea for the section was to list events created by A) people I personally know and B) friends of friends. I later softened that to include listings made by people like us. That became trickier to navigate. I had to sometimes guess when whether I thought an event would be cool or not. Then, the listings became unruly and, as I just learned, unwanted by the majority of you readers.

I truly wanted to list each and every city Alas, I have limited resources. It’s just me, a computer and a finite amount of time.

They say, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” And I say, “Ain’t that the truth.”

What now? Well, as you’ll see, I’ve featured a couple of upcoming events, in a different format.

Potential benefit to killing “Events”: Maybe now these emails will stop cutting off at the bottom! A girl can dream…

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. SJ and I have been devouring The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. It’s fantastic! There are several seasons, making it easy (as pie) to binge watch.

This space intentionally left dead

As seen on the Internets


TURA!, the definitive documentary about Tura Satana

TURA!, the definitive documentary about Tura Satana
:: Uh, about that “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast I rec’d two weeks ago

:: Listen to this one instead: Spinal Tap Minute

:: Who knew?!: “The Invisible Wall Around Most of Manhattan”

:: Universal income is being tested in Kenya

:: Eggchair Steve’s fundraising raffle: Win a ticket to TTITD!

:: Kitschtastic: Check out this crazy Palm Springs home for sale

:: Dole Whip cotton candy, now at Disneyland

:: Caramel Curves, NOLA’s all-female motorcycle club  Thanks, Piph!

:: Happy Corn Dog Day! I <3 this poster…

:: Design your own Hawaiian shirt

:: “When Medieval Monks Couldn’t Cure the Plague, They Launched a Luxe Skincare Line”

:: Urine whiskey

March Artist-in-Residence: Suzanne Forbes

Suzanne Forbes

Maybe I drew a picture of you!


My dear RED readers, besides painting portraits I do live drawing at events. Then I post the drawings with a Creative Common license, for all to share and enjoy. I’ve drawn at Maker Faires, steampunk cons, burlesque shows, goth clubs, fetish balls, sex parties, art events and conventions of every kind, all over the place. Once I was a guest at DragonCon and drew George Takei, and then they auctioned the drawing for charity! Once I drew one of the first queer weddings in SF City Hall! My mission is to document alternative and queer culture with love and joy. I also live-draw everyday folks here in Berlin, like immigrants who fill the subway stations with music.

For 2017, my commitment is to create as much warm, respectful visibility of queer and trans humans as I can.

How do I do it? My Patrons on Patreon contribute support every month so I can make this beautiful record of all of us living, playing, making, creating and loving. You can help, for as little as a dollar a month.


–Suzanne Forbes, Traditional Portraiture for Alternative Lifestyles

About the Artist-in-Residence program: Every month a working artist is selected to showcase their work in this inbox zine and talk about their creation process. What they do with this space is left up to them. If you would like to be considered for this spot, or know someone who fits the bill, please email Rusty with your interest.

Real things you can actually buy: YAY!


Squished pennies!

From top to bottom, treasured Archie McPhee icons: Rubber ChickenWallingford Beast, Bibo, and the four-eyed Finger Monster

Raise your hand if you collect squished pennies! (Me! Me!)

Well, great news for collectors, the Archie McPhee retail store in Seattle now has its own hand-cranked smashed penny machine!

Bring $.51 (two quarters and one shiny penny), your Penny Passport, and get thee to Seattle STAT.

If you go (and you should), can do me a favor and pick me up the entire set? I’ll reimburse you for the postage and the $2.04 for the pressed pennies.

Pro tip: Place your penny Lincoln-side right with his head in the up position to ensure that Abe’s portrait elongates like Stretch Armstrong!

Real Mom Jeans you can actually buy: nay!

Real things you can actually buy: no way!

Fuck Off

Featured events & places of note


Visible Distance / Second Sight by Jennifer Bolande

Palm Springs, California
[Until 4/30] Visible Distance / Second Sight, part of Desert X, Free

If you love Burma-Shave’s gimmicky roadside signs from the days of yore as much as I do, I think you’re really going to dig artist Jennifer Bolande’s latest artwork, “Visible Distance / Second Sight.” It’s a series of billboards, found along Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs, that depict the exact mountains they’re blocking. I think they’re absolutely brilliant.

To note: According to the artist, these signs are meant to be experienced by driving by, not by stopping.


World's Largest Nachos

San Francisco, California
[4/22] Attempt to break the record for World’s Largest Nachos at SOMA StrEat Food Park, 3 PM to 5 PM

Quick warning: This one may squick you out. (Or not.)

This Earth Day, head on over to SF’s SOMA StrEat Food Park to witness food history-in-the-making as a team attempts to break the world for World’s Largest Nachos. Over 3000 lbs of tortilla chips, 1,000 lbs of nacho cheese, several hundred lbs of salsa, and a kazillion beans will be combined to create this cheesy monstrosity.

But, there’s a twist.

These aren’t ordinary tortilla chips. These are Chirps Chips which are made with crushed crickets. On Shark Tank, co-founder Rose Wang described her cricket chips as the “gateway bug” to convince people that if they try one, they will be hooked.

I’m not 100% sold on the idea of eating bugs quite yet but I am down with a giant vat of record-breaking nachos.


Thanks, Doc Pop!

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“Once a woman is comfortable in her own skin, living her own life and building a foundation by herself; it takes one heck of a man to make her want to sacrifice her independence.”
— Nikki Rowe, author of Once a Girl, Now a Woman

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