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Issue #130 :: The “Games people play” Edition :: 04:05:2017

Games people play…

Since last issue, I’ve been to LA and back on a quick but magical mini-trip. On Saturday morning, I hitched a ride down to the city of Angels with my Kooky Kitsch pal Jessica and her family. What a fun road trip! My friends took me to Bravo Farms, a must-stop rest area in the Central Valley. Can’t believe I’d never been there!

Why were we all headed down south? Well… we were all invited to Willis Wonderland, the pink kitsch-filled home of my muse Allee Willis, for a big fundraising shindig celebrating her big Detroit project, “The D.” What a blast! I’ve been to a lot of parties in my time and no one can touch Allee’s top-notch party-throwing skills. No one. The food, the entertainment, the attention to detail, the signs, the music, the videos, the carefully-curated ephemera, the energy, the guests… I’ve never seen anything like it. Color me impressed and inspired. *I* throw decent parties but I have to bow to the master.

SO glad I made the time to go down. 

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. What’s inspired you this week?

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Delft Blue Eyes

Country’s Mike’s Greatest Hits: In the 1990s, the Beasties Boys made a country album (!) as a holiday gift for friends.
:: All 17 seasons of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting

:: Yesterland, a site of discontinued Disneyland attractions

:: My hero: ‘Grammar Vigilante’ fixes apostrophes on signs

:: Foot Juggling by Roxana Küwen

:: Carpool DeVille: A 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille converted into a drivable hot tub

:: The New Pornographers have a new album: White Conditions

:: Coolest little lawn mower ever!

Games people play

Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor War card game

Playable and frameable: Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor War is a brand new card game designed by Jim Dubois and Attaboy of Yumfactory Games that’s heating up Kickstarter right now. It features art by two Travis’: Travis Louie and Travis Lampe. Preorder now for $36+ (ships in November).

ROM: An unforgettable twist on the classic memory game

Try these out this weekend: [4/7-4/9] Former RED Artist-in-Residence Doctor Popular (who reports he is neither a doctor nor popular) has created not one but TWO games (!). The first one is called ROM (pictured above), which he describes as an “unforgettable twist on the classic memory game.” The second one is a single-player adventure game called The Lonely Dungeon and it’s made for “casual and advanced” gamers. Heads up: You’ll have an opportunity to play both games this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Protospiel San Jose 2017 which takes place at the Game Kastle store in Mountain View, California. Entry and snacks are free, though registration is requested.

Real things you can actually buy: hot dog!

Burnt Weeny Sandwich: This hand-blown glass hot dog sculpture was displayed in the kitchen of Frank and Gail Zappa, according to Julien’s Live who is auctioning it off this week with other eclectic pieces from their estate. 

Real things you can actually buy: hop to it!

Jason Freeny dissected chocolate bunny

And you thought they were hollow inside: While it looks like milk chocolate, this bunny is actually an epoxy clay sculpture. Not to worry, artist Jason Freeny is busy working on having food-grade molds made of his dissected chocolate Easter Bunny, so we can fill our baskets with them. For now, we’ll have to settle with a print of the little guy.

Real things you can actually buy: yes way!

Sketch City at Burning Man 1998

Own a piece of Burning Man history: In 1998, Nevada’s Black Rock desert was home to Sketch City, a theme camp featuring 72 Etch A Sketch‘s framed within a giant replica of one. If you wanted to play with Ohio Art’s famous drawing toy, you just had to pull one off and start turning the knobs. Nearly 20 years later, the folks behind this legendary installation are selling it off on Craigslist (Reno) for $500. (If I had the scratch, this would be headed for a permanent installation in my living room.)

Featured events


San Francisco, California
[4/21, 4/22] Foma Labs’ The Obfuscia Hotel: Deja  Vu at The Laundry Gallery and Cafe, 8 PM each evening, [Tickets] $40-$100

Roam the mysterious halls of the Obfuscia Hotel for an immersive theatrical experience that “promises to take guests on a journey to a world that exists just beyond our own.” If you go: you’ll encounter unusual performances and interact with installations that draw on the supernatural and occult. While I missed their inaugural performance, I can give this an enthusiastic thumbs up this because it’s created by Foma Labs, the group of immersive experience designers behind the late great secret society, The Latitude.


Also in San Francisco: [4/7-4/9] At Split Brain Robotics, attendees will have the opportunity to control two giant robots with their brainwaves. If you’re willing to wear one of their EEG brainwave-monitoring helmets, you can try and make the ‘bots kiss, or fight. It’s a collaborative project between Kal Spelletich, Masahiro Kahata, and Mitch Altman (which means it’s worth leaving the house to go check out). Plus, there will be “lasers, fog, sound, video, and other cool chaos.”
Three performances at The Lab, 2948 16th Street (1/2 block from 16th and Mission BART), $8 


Palm Springs, California
[7/7-7/10] Yes and Yes Yes (YxYY0005) at the Ace Hotel, $250 plus hotel/food costs

Attention thinkers, makers, creators, nerds, and/or weirdos: Yes and Yes Yes was made just for you. It’s a creative retreat where you bring the schedule. Yep, there’s no organized schedule, attendees bring their best ideas and things just start happening. If you’ve ever thought of going, *this* is the year. Why? Because I’ve heard it’s the last one. Get your tickets now. It’s sure to sell out quickly.

SJ and I attended in 2014 and had a blast! 

Also in Palm Springs: [5/18-5/21] Get your wristband now for the big Tiki Caliente weekender, now in its ninth year at Palm Springs’ gorgeous mid-century tiki and Polynesian resort, Caliente Tropics. Don’t miss: Jewish surf band Meshugga Beach Party rocks the party in rabbi beards and garb. Oy gevalt!

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“All artists should take drugs.”
― Steve Jobs, via Drue Kataoka

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