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Issue #132 :: The “e.g. et al.” Edition :: 04:19:2017

e.g. et al. …

I’m deeply humbled and a little cracked out (in a good way) from spending all last week with a bunch of creative geniuses in Carmel-by-the-Sea for the 11th annual e.g. conference. If you’re unfamiliar, e.g. is the brain-child of Richard Saul Wurman, who also founded the TED, TEDMED, and WWW conferences. It’s my understanding that he sold TED a few years ago, missed it, and that was his impetus to start e.g. SO GLAD HE DID!

A special thanks to my friend David who took a chance by roping me into this year’s event. He’s not only been involved with it since the beginning, he’s also been involved with both TED and Burning Man since the early days. Talk about old school cred! He says that he’s told people over the years that Burning Man is the TED of the senses, and that TED is the Burning Man of the mind. Love that.

Thank you again, David. My mind is blown! My heart is open! To my new e.g. friends: Love you, mean it!

To note: This week’s “Internets” links are all things I learned at e.g. 

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Pre-registration has begun for e.g. 2018. There will be discounted tickets available for the first time ever. So, if you are thinking of going, I highly recommend you get on the list NOW. It is first-come, first-served. You have been warned.

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Star Wars Graphic Score

At e.g., I learned that cellist and composer Philip Sheppard makes really cool graphic scores. I don’t read music but he says they are playable. He made the one above for J.J. Abrams, who used his track to promote Star Wars: Episode VII.

I also learned…

:: about the amazing hand-crafted miniatures of self-proclaimed Luddite Bill Robertson

:: that Tim Linhart’s ice instruments are beautiful and fragile and 100% playable

:: from neuroscientist and professional Hollywood stuntwoman Jessica Cail that it’s never too late to make new neural connections through physical play 

:: that stop-motion animator (and 2011 EG presenter) PES continues to make really cool films AND is a cool guy

:: about Michael Paul Smith’s wonderful 1/24th scale Elgin Park

:: that nothing stops soprano Charity Tillemann-Dick from singing, not even TWO double lung transplants (!)
:: (this was shot in 2010, she’s since had more surgeries)

:: that talented 29-year-old photographer Kristen Wrzesniewski has been shooting since she was 14, and the effort really shows in her work

:: that “The Most Popular Girls in School” is the funniest YouTube series I was totally unaware of, until Floozy showed it to me

Real things you can actually buy: YAY!

Don’t Freak Out, but: Devoted RED reader and contributor, Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch, has a new offering for grownups like us…
the Subversive Cross Stitch Coloring and Activity Book: 40 Ways to Stop Freaking Out. In it, Julie’s deliciously quirky ideas are turned into fab illustrations by Chris Piascik which you can then color.

“Go ahead and turn your world upside down for a while. Release the therapeutic value of play and be the bad kid in class you always wanted to be. Color on the walls! There are no consequences here.

Embrace the delicious thrill of so-called ‘bad’ words (no one is shocked anymore.) By coloring them in, you take away their power. And really, fuck anyone who can’t take a joke.”

Clearly, this is my kind of therapy.

Available for the unusual amount of $10.37. Order a copy and get a free pack of colored pencils (see details).

Featured events


San Francisco
[Tonight, 4/19] dorkbotSF #93 at upstairs at The Hall (Lightrail’s Demo Space), 1028 Market Street, 7 PM to 11 PM

With the tagline “People doing strange things with electricity,” you never know who Karen Marcelo is going to rope in for dorkbot, her badass brand of techie ‘show and tell.’ This month she’s featuring George Zisiadis and Ben Davis, the artists behind LightRail, the future two-mile long LED art installation on Market Street. She’s also got Sasha Harris-Cronin sharing how she makes fully tactile interfaces that everyone can use and robot-builder Alex Glow who will speak on the “Exploitation of Adorable.”

Pro tip: This venue only holds 60 people. Get there early if you want to get in!

Heads up: Get on the dorkbot mailing list here.


Port Costa town wide yard sale

Port Costa, California
[5/27] Port Costa Town Wide Yard Sale, Port Costa, 9 AM to 3 PM

So, Port Costa, California is hosting another one of their town wide yard sales. I’ve never been but it sounds cool. Why I’m really telling you about this event is that I’m hoping you’ll take the time to visit the offbeat bohemian charm of a town that is Port Costa… on May 27th or another time. Why? Well, this remote place (though just an hour from Oakland) is home to California’s oldest bordello, The Burlington Hotel. While nothing outwardly nefarious is going on at the hotel these days, you can still spend the night there (I have…broke the bed). If you prefer to stop by Port Costa for a day trip instead, be sure to grab a pint and a bite at the Warehouse Cafe and Bar across the street from the hotel. 

If you go: Get a selfie with the 16-foot taxidermied polar bear. Because.

Oh yea: Some say the hotel is HAUNTED. The hotel doesn’t allow ghost hunters though.

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Submarine Sandwich

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