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:: Super-creepy vintage ad, Tom Sachs’ space camp, psychedelic friendship bingo, and more! ::

Rusty's Electric Dreams

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine from the curious mind of Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #140 :: The “Hot as Hades” Edition :: 06:20:2017

Hot as Hades…

Holy cow, it’s been hot. On Sunday, it was 98-flipping-degrees. I know, I know, it’s worse elsewhere. But, as I remind my friends in Texas and family in Arizona, the people in the Bay Area didn’t sign up for this AND most of us don’t have air conditioning.

Ok, so, I’ve been a little whiny about the heat.  So much so that my daughter said to me last night, “I should start a reality show called, ‘My Mom the Big Baby.'” Wah.

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I’m meelllting…

This space intentionally burnt

As seen on the Internets



Speaking of babies, here’s a super-creepy Love’s Baby Soft ad from 1975

:: “Time is money. More time is more money.”: A simple, but effective, contract

:: A look inside Tom Sachs’ space camp

:: What it costs business to advertise on those big blue exit signs

:: The songs Jefferson Airplane recorded for Levi’s

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:: “Sketching the Bill Cosby trial”

:: Fleetwood Mac to tour (!)

My top posts on Boing Boing this week:

:: Dave Grohl’s 8-year old daughter played the drums live with the Foo Fighters

:: A 40-foot tall PINK FLAMINGO is headed to Burning Man

Real things you can actually buy: no way!

Pizza-sized plastic bags

One first world problem solved: These triangular bags by ThinkGeek are for storing your pizza slices. Unless you’d rather wear one.

Featured events


The Five Ages of Burning Man with Michael Mikel

San Francisco, California
[7/11] The Five Ages of Burning Man with Michael Mikel at The Interval at Long Now, 7:30 PM

“Burning Man co-founder Michael Mikel (aka Danger Ranger), who serves as Director of Advanced Social Systems for the Burning Man Project will discuss the thirty-year history of the event. Outlining the five eras of Burning Man, he will 
explain how over time the event and organization
 have evolved and been molded by external and internal forces.”


The Five Ages of Burning Man with Michael Mikel

Alameda, California
[7/22] Psychedelic Friendship Bingo, Tortona Big Top, 2001 Ferry Point, 8 PM doors, 10 PM showtime, Tickets go on sale 6/20 at 11:11 AM

“If you are new to Psychedelic Friendship Bingo…approach with courage and an open heart! We are all in this together!
It’s weird!
It’s a party!
It’s an interactive gameshow!
It’s bingo like you have never seen it before!
Glitz and Glamour!
Trivia questions and seriously amazing prizes!!!

This ain’t your Granny’s bingo hall…but, bring her if she likes to have a ball!”

Palate Cleanser: Amelia Mouse Piano

The Anagrammer by Rusty Blazenhoff

This is Amelia Mouse Piano, the supercool converted 1920’s player piano designed by Ramon Yvarra. I spotted it at the recent Figment arts event in Oakland.

Here’s how he built it (and how you make one too).

And, here’s a peek of what it looks like inside:

Amelia Mouse Piano, inside

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