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:: My Mom the Big Baby has been cancelled, Hipster coloring book, affordable air dancers, and more! ::

Rusty's Electric Dreams

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Issue #141 :: The “Cool as Ice” Edition :: 06:28:2017

Cool as Ice…

Well, it’s cooled down and I’ve stopped my whining. 

So, “My Mom the Big Baby” has been cancelled and a new show titled “Missy Don’t Care” will take its place in the primetime summer lineup.

“Missy Don’t Care” will follow the hilarious antics of our indoor tabby cat, Missy. Inspired by the global phenomenon “Honey Badger Don’t Care,” this faux spinoff reveals how one non-English speaking housecat can be showered with appreciation and love and still throw out the “don’t care” vibe.

A summary of this week’s episode:

“Missy enjoys her cushy Alameda life as her previous struggles as a stray are far behind her; Rusty tries to move on from last week’s oppressive heat; SJ’s efforts to ignore Missy’s hunger pangs are interrupted by loud meowing and sharp claws; Amazon Delivery Guy unsuccessfully attempts to thwart Missy’s opportunistic escape as the front door is opened for half a second; Missy flops down on the same piece of warm concrete just outside the door as SJ retrieves her; Later, as Missy chokes up another hairball on the sofa, we all remember that she truly don’t care.”

I hope you’ll grab some popcorn and tune in!

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. This issue will not have a P.S.

This space intentionally not caring

As seen on the Internets


These hair sculptures by aspiring fashion designer Laetitia KY are pretty great.

:: The Hipster Coloring Book (1962)

:: A motorized gender fluid bathroom sign

:: First edition of The Hobbit discovered in Greece

:: Paging Dr. Nerdlove
:: Thanks, Piph!

:: Vintage Vogue temporary tattoos

:: A Russian payphone in L.A.’s Chinatown is collecting people’s dreams

 Cherry-picked Boing Boing posts of mine from this past week:

:: LA peeps: Learn how to paint your own black velvets

:: ‘Weird Box’ is a cool interactive film starring your Instagram photos

:: Mary Poppins crosswalk lights

Real things you can actually buy: fly away!

Air Dancer

Not just for car dealerships anymore: Special thanks to Julie Jackson for spotting this affordable six-foot tall air dancer. She’s bought (at least) one and says, “It’s really just as great as you’d hope.” You can get both the air dancer and its blower for just $120. DM me for my snail mail address because I want the “American Flag” one for my front lawn.

Real things you can actually buy: no way!

Air Dancer

“Makes a unique gift!”: What does having shotgun shell shower curtains say about a person? “I like guns!” or “I’m gonna shoot you when you least expect it! Here, take a shower!” Couple it with the camouflage shower curtain and you’ve got a real special look for your bathroom. Add the antler tp holder and I hope to never know you. 

Featured events

Decentralized Dance Party in San Francisco

San Francisco, California
[7/15] Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) SF Saves a Sick World, Golden Gate Park (not shown above), 5 PM

Unfamiliar with DDPs?

No worries, Caveat Magister describes their simple beauty in a recent Burning Man Journal post:

“Decentralized Dance Parties (DDPs) are brilliant in their simplicity.  One person carries a low-power FM transmitter on his back.  A bunch of other people carry portable radios tuned to that station.  The transmitter broadcasts music to the radios, and everyone goes through public spaces, often in colorful costumes, dancing to that music – and inviting anyone they find to join them. There’s no fees, no marketing, no exchange of any kind:  just an event that takes dance parties into public spaces, and has turned dozens of participants into hundreds, and hundreds into thousands, at DDPs around the world.  The resulting experience is often ecstatic.”

Jaws on the water

Also in San Francisco, California
[7/22] NightGarden Piano (part of Flower Piano), San Francisco Botanical Garden, 7:30 PM to 10 PM, Tickets

“Beautifully lit pathways will guide you to pianos aglow at this special evening benefit featuring performances by Flower Piano all-stars and open pianos available for all to play.”

Looks cool! That’s the Luminescent Grand pictured in the photo.

Jaws on the water

Leander, Texas
[Until 7/23] JAWS on the Water, Lake Travis at Volente Beach Water Park, Tickets

In the early 1970s, Jaws was being filmed on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, just a short ferry ride from where I was growing up on Cape Cod. I remember when the movie came out. Though it wasn’t because I saw the movie in the theater, I was too young. It was because nearly everyone I knew was suddenly freaking out about the danger of great whites swimming in the waters of our local beaches. Sharks were there, of course, (as they are today) but not of imminent and vengeful danger. 

Now in Central Texas, you can watch the famous flick from the (dis)comfort of an inner tube floating on Lake Travis, at night. No, thank you. That’s one immersive experience I will stay un-immersed in. You, on the other hand, should go check it out and report back to the class.

Palate Cleanser: Public Enemy’s ASL interpreter

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