The “EFK or bust” edition :: Rusty’s Electric Dreams, Issue #144

:: My Eat Fuck Kill pop-up shop is opening! ::

Rusty's Electric Dreams

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine from the curious mind of Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #144 :: The “EFK or bust” Edition :: 07:19:2017

EFK or bust…


My Eat Fuck Kill 20th anniversary site goes live TOMORROW.

Not only have I created a bunch of new products based on the original EFK button, but I’ve also dug through boxes and boxes of old photos in my garage to find EFK-related images.

The pop-up shop part of the site will only be open until September 23 (and will be closed while I’m at Burning Man). Along the way, I will be adding new products to it, partially influenced by YOU. So, if you have something you want to see, I will try to make it happen. 

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. This probably goes without saying but I’d love it if you checked out the site when it goes live. I’ve moved past a bunch of creative blocks to build it. TY!

This space intentionally left eaten, fucked, and killed

As seen on the Internets



“No novelty, the B-52s may be the most subversive band America ever gave us” (link)

:: Amazing interactive graph: Analyzing plot trends for every top-grossing film from the past 50 years

:: WHOA: “Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline” Thx, Laura!

:: Snail Militia, a social address book by FnF’er Matthew Johnson

:: The Limbo Queen

:: “Being Busy Is Killing Our Ability to Think Creatively” 

:: Creatives speak on “What I Wish I Knew at Every Age”

:: Oldie but a goodie: Emotional survival guide to Burning Man

:: “Photographer Philippe Glade captures the ephemeral architecture of Burning Man”

:: Help a lady blogger out: One of my favorite bloggers, Brittany High, is looking for work

 My favorite Boing Boing post of mine from this past week:

:: Text SFMOMA and they’ll text you back artwork

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Shark stroller buggy

Duh nuh: For babies, for cats, for dolls… this shark stroller by Maclaren has raised the bar on whomever or whatever needs to be pushed around ($250). Note: I hear there is a much cheaper version available at Target.

Real things you can actually buy: <redacted>

Censorship glasses

I gotta get a pair of these for Burning Man: Censorship sunglasses, $9.99 via

Real things you can actually buy: play

Querkles color-by-number book

Adios regular coloring books: I spotted these Querkles “puzzling color-by-number” coloring books at Michael’s recently and it really took me a minute to process what was going on with them. If you go to the comments section of this page, you can see how they are created too, dot-by-dot. So cool!

Featured events


Jaws on the water

San Francisco, California
[7/19] DorkbotSF 95 at DNA Lounge, 7 PM social hour,  8 PM speakers, sliding scale $5-$20

This week’s speakers are
Weidong Yang and Daiane Lopes da Silva – Brainwashing Machine MESH and Kinetech Arts
Scott Kildall – What Does Data Look (and Sound) Like
DA Therrien – Works (Artificial Sun, Beautiful Light, ARTCon, more)
Christopher Schardt – The State of the LED Art 


Fairyland for grownups

Oakland, California
[8/18] 7th Annual Fairyland for Grownups at Children’s Fairyland, 7 PM to 10 PM

Also in Oakland
[8/17] Mimi Pond stops in Oakland on her book tour

Palate Cleanser: Neon rainbow

A neon salesman’s sample case (1935)

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