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:: Freelance achievement stickers, Mimi Pond’s new book, Bob Ross Chia Pet, and more! ::

Rusty's Electric Dreams

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine from the curious mind of Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #147 :: The “It’s electric!” Edition :: 08:09:2017

It’s electric!…

Wow, there’s so much energy buzzing around right now. I head to Burning Man in just two weeks and SJ starts SEVENTH grade just a few days earlier than that. Plus work and social engagements and… phew! No complaints, I just need a little downtime 🙂

Has your summer been busy too?

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S.  Don’t forget, my online pop-up shop is open until September 23rd. Last day to order for Burning Man delivery is August 15th. Pre-order earrings now!

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Freelance Achievement Stickers

I wish these “Freelance Achievement Stickers” were real.

:: A ‘Shazam’ for bird songs via

:: A song bird: Maggie Rogers on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

:: Because I’m 12: Netflix crime-doc spoof asks: ‘Who drew the dicks?’

:: Because he’s 11: When you fearlessly belt out ‘Let it Go’ with the song’s star

:: “What Key & Peele Teach Us About Comedy”

:: Brazil’s “trash tattoos”

:: Cool! “Chuck Palahniuk hid a timecapsule in his former home and the current owners found it”

:: The actual “Burning Man” is being built in an old Reno bottling factory

:: A limerick battle about weed between transit systems: SF’s BART and LA’s Metro

:: Because it sits on an earthquake fault line, Cal’s new field has an intentional “fault line” in the grass

:: An interview with Mimi Pond and a sneak peek of her new book, The Customer is Always Wrong

:: Ta-ta towels

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

An idea whose time has come: the Bob Ross Chia Pet. His signature ‘fro will just grow and grow… “happy little trees,” of course. via

You may need to change your password style

You may need to change your password style

This gave me pause: The now-retired Bill Burr, who is the former National Institute of Standards and Technology manager, told the Wall Street Journal that he regrets his previous advice on how to create a password.

The Verge reports:

“The problem wasn’t that Burr was advising people to make passwords that are inherently easy to crack, but that his advice steered everyday computer users toward lazy mistakes and easy-to-predict practices. Burr’s eight-page password document, titled “NIST Special Publication 800-63. Appendix A,” advised people to use irregular capitalization, special characters, and at least one numeral. That might result in a password like “P@ssW0rd123!” While that may make it seem secure on the surface (neglecting, of course, that “password” is a bad password), the issue is that most people tend to use the same exact techniques when crafting these digital combo locks. That results in strings of characters and numbers that hackers could easily predict and algorithms that specifically target those weaknesses.”

Interestingly, in 2011, xkcd’s Randall Munroe saw this problem and created that cartoon above.

Tl;dr: Use a string of memorable plain language phrases to create your passwords.

Featured events


NorCal HearseCon at NightMARE Island

Mare Island, California
[10/14] NorCal HearseCon at NightMARE Island, a spooky car show featuring hearses, 5 PM to 9 PM

San Francisco, California
[10/8] Polkacide at Bottom of the Hill, 8 PM to 1 AM 

Palate Cleanser: This might break your brain

Cafe Wall Optical Illusion by Victoria Skye

Victoria Skye‘s latest optical illusion will mess with your head. Those horizontal bars are straight and in parallel rows. 

Current mood: Taking a break

Take a break by Liz Fodor

art by Liz Fodor

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