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Issue #156 :: The “Come here, baby” Edition :: 11:08:2017

Come here, baby…

It’s turning cold here. Perfect sleeping weather.

The other night I had a fabulous detailed dream:  I was on an airplane (flying to Europe! with friends!) and there were not one, not two, but *three* open rows, perfect for laying down and sleeping out the long ride.

I realized I had a young baby, maybe six months old. I said, “Come here, baby” and motioned it (boy? girl? who knows!) over to snuggle with me. I had a long delicious dream about sleeping on a plane with my baby.

Then I woke up and there I was in the same position, cuddling my warm purring cat, my “baby.” Heaven!

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Lots of great shows coming up, including El Vez!

This space intentionally left asleep

As seen on the Internets


5:04 PM

And she claims she used that 71-year-old typewriter to hammer out 163 novels: Ladies and Gentleman, Danielle Steele’s writing desk

photo by Aubrie Pick

:: West Hollywood’s swanky Formosa Café to reopen, all restored to its former glory

:: A really great interview with a Japanese man who rents himself out as a friend/father

:: For when you need a Spaghetti Western rickroll

:: “The Church Of the SubGenius Finally Plays It Straight”

:: “From Folk to Acid Rock, How Marty Balin Launched the San Francisco Music Scene”

:: “How Fluff Became Famous” 

:: TIL: there’s a heavy metal mariachi band
:: Thanks, Sandwich Girl!

Real thing you can actually buy: nay!

Tiffany's sterling silver tin can
Not joking: Here’s my “everyday” sterling silver “tin” can from Tiffany’s. I bought 10 of them because they’re only a Grand apiece.

Your$, Richie Rich

P.S. I also got this $9K ball of yarn to knit a scarf for my pet chinchilla. Cool, huh?

Real things you can actually buy: no way!

Creepy manicure hand
I want one: So I was trying to find out where to buy one of those nail polish bottle holders and came across this in my travels, a “Gel & Acrylic Practice Utility Flexible Nail Training Hand.” It’s so creepy! 

Featured events


El Vez and The Devil-Ettes

West Coast
[Starting 12/20] Don’t miss El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, on his short Merry Mex-Mas tour! The Devil-Ettes will be performing at the first two shows in San Francisco. Squee!

Alameda, California
[12/2] Mid-century Craft Night: Make Your Own Winter Putz House with JoAnne Yada at the Sewing Room, 7 PM to 9 PM

[12/16] Mid-century Supper Club Holiday Potluck (Save the date for now)

San Francisco, California
[11/18] Elsewhere Philatelic Society’s Bridgeing the Bridge, Bridgely, 1 PM to 3 PM

[12/12] CatVideoFest 2017 at YBCA, 2 PM to 4 PM, Tickets are $12

[1/3/18] Pocket Full of Colors: An Illustrator’s Dive into the World of Mary Blair at the Walt Disney Family Museum, 2 PM

Los Angeles, California
[11/30, 12/1, 12/2] Allee Willis’ Love ‘N Latkes Chanukah Christmas Shopping Show! at Vitello’s, Tickets 

[12/9] SantaCon LA 2017, 11 AM to 10 PM, hosted by Heathervescent

Kent, Connecticut
[9/14-9/16] The Return of Camp John Waters, tent camping still available

Cool AF: This steam car


Kimric Smythe's steam car

Save Ferris, I mean this steam car: Kimric Smythe’s steam car needs some repairs, so Al Ridenour’s Krampus Los Angeles Troupe and Drakenstein Art are hosting a raffle of cool art and prizes. The vehicle carries St. Nicholas during the LA and Bay Area Krampus events looking for “naughty little children” to “serve up their season’s beatings.” Tickets are $15 each. I bought one.

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