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“I had this grand idea that Elvira’s kind of the Santa Claus of Halloween – at the malls, you’d have an Elvira there. Girls would dress as Elvira just like guys dress as Santa Claus, and it’s not the real thing, but they’ll pose for pictures, sign autographs. Of course, I couldn’t go around to every mall, so we’d have to get more Elviras.” — Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)

Rusty's Electric Dreams

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Issue #161 :: The “Festivus for the rest of us” Edition :: 12:20:2017

Festivus for the rest of us…

Remember last week when I raved about 49 Boxes, that amazing interactive show I experienced recently at the Houdini Estate?

Well… one of the magic-makers behind it, Michael Borys, contacted me and shared that a new L.A. performance date has been announced: March 24.

Even better… he created a special discount code for you, dear readers! It can be found in the events section.

I may just go again.

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Happy Festivus to you and you and YOU!

This space intentionally left airing grievances

As seen on the Internets


Terry Kniess on The Price is Right

:: Gaming a game: This is an oldie but a goodie. A couple studied the patterns of The Price is Right and then had the husband go on to win both showcases. Host Drew Carey immediately knew something was up.

:: “Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi has rendered the subtle details of mountains, cherry blossoms, and dense forests with the most unlikely tool: Microsoft Excel.”

:: “‘Recipes are dead… They’re dead the same way paper maps are dead.'”

:: Harry Houdini had a brother who was also a magician

:: Back in the day, women used hatpins and other objects to stave off harassers

:: “What you don’t play can be more important than what you do play.” –Thelonious Monk

:: In my next life, I will attend the Penland School of Crafts

:: I went searching for a new mattress and came across this crazy story instead

:: A little boy thought the Grinch was REALLY stealing Christmas and called the cops


:: A+ for execution

:: These new Tom of Finland dolls have enormous detachable penises

Real things you can’t actually buy: holiday!


Real things you can actually buy: yay!


FiftyEight products

Mug mugs: I’m absolutely in lust over this set of four expressive face mugs by FiftyEight Products (esp. that “impish” one)! Their anthropomorphic dishes and vases are fabulous too. Though, they’re a little too rich for my blood with prices starting at about $39 per mug.

From left to right: Cheery, Impish, Grumpy, Baffled

Featured events


49 Boxes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California
[3/24] 49 Boxes at a secret location in Los Angeles, 7:30 PM
Get 15% off with the code: BLAZEVIP

[3/24/18-1/6/19] King Tut exhibit opens at the California Science Center, pre-register for tickets now

San Francisco, California
[2/27 + 2/28] Gogol Bordello at the Fillmore, 7 PM to 10 PM, Tickets (on sale soon)

[Until Spring 2018] Visit the Snowman at SFMOMA

Oakland, California
[1/27] Agar Art Contest 2018 – Learn How to Make Bacterial Art at Counter Culture Labs, 11 AM to 3 PM, Tickets are $20

United States
[Spring 2018] Mac Sabbath to tour 



“Feeling creeped out is a totally normal reaction to Kenny and Corky and their horrible song. And, no, it’s not the Chipmunks.” — Me


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