The “Dyn-o-mite” Edition [Issue #007]


Issue #007 :: The “Dyn-o-mite” Edition :: 11:12:2014
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Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by pop culture activist Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #007 :: The “Dyn-o-mite” Edition :: 11:12:2014

It’s an inbox zine REVOLUTION!


Last week, I met with Michael Wertz, a spectacular artist (srsly, check out his work) and an all-around swell guy. I nudged him a little to start his own inbox zine…AND HE DID!

It’s called Wertzeen.  (“Wertz” + “zeen,” get it?) It’s really good. You should definitely subscribe to it. Take a sneak peek at the first issue HERE.

Ok, so, remember webrings?

Well, we’re bringing them back, sort of. Michael and I have swapped “ads” for each other’s zines. 🙂

Viva La Revolucion!

Rusty Blazenhoff

Also: I have so many AWESOME things to show you that the bottom of the zine gets cut off in some email browsers (*cough* Gmail). So, I moved some items around this week. Notably, the Events section is now near the bottom, AND IT PROBABLY GOT CUT OFF.  Remember to hit “View entire message.”

This space
left dyn-o-mite

Real things you can actually buy: nay!

Coyote Decoy

Jolly Rancher Green Apple Gelatin

Jello shots injectors

As seen on the Internets

:: Willie Nelson, TV host

:93″ teddy bears at Costco photo & h/t Kent Barnes

:: Shikaeshi bento, aka “revenge bento”

:: Popeye (1980) set exists today as a makeshift theme park in Malta

:: Camouflage ice cream

:: Donuts inspired by David Lynch’s Blue Velvet & Twin Peaks

:: How to have a Cat Picnic, by Kestrin Pantera

:: HauteButch: fashion for “butch women, androgynous straight women and transmen.” Its Kickstarter ends soon.

Wertzeen, an inbox zine by Michael Wertz

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Ashi Dashi pencil socks

Faux bois socks

Kick the Habit socks by Ashi Dashi

this week’s “Real things you can actually buy: yay!” is dedicated to Gareth B.! <3

Artist-in-residence: November 2014

Meaghan Kennedy: Piñata Artist

Meaghan Kennedy: Piñata artist

Commission your own personal piñata, holiday caricature cards, or whathaveyou.  No order is too large or too small. If it’s for the holidays, she needs your order in before the beginning of December. Plan accordingly!

:: Her site: :: Her email:

It’s a small world

Zippy the Pinhead IRLThis showed up on Bill Griffith’s Facebook page. His caption reads, “Two standout Zippy-related Halloween costumes from Sara Cambridge, made by boyfriend Mike Hinton. ‘To be weird! That is our goal!’– Alfred Jarry.”
Wanna see something weird?

Ok, but I warned you.

THIS is NOT a drawing!


Crazy, right?

Events of note

The Book of Hugs by Attaboy
[Until 11/25] To promote The Art of AskingAmanda Palmer has embarked on a book tour.

[Until 1/4/15, Chicago] David Bowie Is at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Thx, Jewelz!

[11/12, SF & 11/21, LA] Bawdy Storytelling: Infomaniac

[11/13, SF] I’m headed to CMX Summit. Here’s a 15% off code — cmx15 — if you want to go too!

[11/14, SF] Mimi Pond (Over Easy) will be speaking at the CCA Writers’ Studio at Noon

[11/14-16, global] The Deconstruction: I will be live tweeting/blogging this event! 

[11/15, Oakland] The B.O.O.k Celebration: a celebration revolving around the appreciation of books and the art of storytelling.

[11/15, SF] An Evening of Letter Writing (to strangers) [Tix]

[11/15, SF] There Will Be Hugs: Attaboy’s The Book Of Hugs Signing & Hug-A-Thon

[11/16, Oakland] For the ladies, a Body Positive Clothing Swap

[11/19, Alameda] Lost City Antiques grand re-opening party. This is a ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor of Alameda. That means there will be giant novelty scissors!

[11/22, Alameda] Vintage Pinball Style, Pacific Pinball Museum–$15

[11/23, Alameda] Heather Gold performs in my living room. I mean it. Tix are $10.

[11/28, Everywhere] Buy Nothing Day

[11/28-12/24, Austin] Blue Genie Art Bazaar

[11/29, SF] The John Waters Christmas Show

[11/29, TV] The world premiere of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever on the Lifetime Channel

[11/30, SF] Homo for the Holidays: a “big queer craft fair on the patio at El Rio” — $5

[Nov/Dec dates, LA] KrampusFest 2014 [UPDATED with lots more info]

[12/4, San Leandro, CA] Rainbow Rumpus Book Talk with author Benjamin Wachs

[12/5, Miami] A special screening of Tim Burton’s film Big Eyes shows at Art Basel Miami Beach (general release on 12/25)

[12/5-12/7, LA] Comedy Hack Day at YouTube Space LA [apply] a fun event! –Rusty

[12/5-12/7, Ukiah, CA] Digital Detox Retreat at Shambhala Ranch

[12/6, SF] KrampusCon San Francisco h/t M2

[12/7, Oakland] Frank Portman’s King Dork Approximately book release show: “‘acts,’ oddities, bookselling, meet the author, the Oxford comma, rock, and roll.”

[12/13, SF/LA] Santacon

[12/14, SF] Charles Phoenix Retro Holiday Slide Show at Empress of China [Tickets] Don’t miss this one!  Not only is Charles fabulous, but the Empress of China is CLOSING at the end of the year.

[12/21, Landers, CA] MOBY: Live at the Integratron

~~ Tickets ($140) are now available for Camp Tipsy 2015! ~~
The Book of Hugs image via Last Gasp


“She likes it! Hey Mikey!”

Sometimes I get sent things. This is common practice in this biz. PR companies, authors, brands, and such will send folks, like me, stuff. I generally avoid taking said stuff because there is an implied obligation to write about it. This can cause some stress. At any given time, I have an ongoing list in my head of what stuff I need to write about, to “review.” Here’s where it gets sticky. What if I don’t like the stuff I’ve been sent?


Again, I rarely accept these “freebies.” This month was different. I was offered a Jabra Evolve 80 VoIP headset and took it. Why? Well, I work at home and spend a lot of time talking to clients on Skype. I was told it was perfect for noise cancellation purposes. To note: You’d be surprised how noisy my home office environment is, from my neighbor mowing his lawn again to another rescue vehicle sirening by. 

Well, I’ve tried out the headset and I am happy to report that I really like it. It’s just the thing to keep me focused, plus it also makes music sounds great. (Phew! I’m glad this wasn’t awkward.)

If you want to read all about the Jabra Evolve 80, ZDNet wrote a comprehensive review. </end obligation>

— Rusty.

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