The “Babbling brook” edition :: Rusty’s Electric Dreams, Issue #174

“There’s a fine line between a stream of consciousness and a babbling brook to nowhere.” Dan Harmon

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Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine for positive deviants and the people who love them
Issue #174 :: The “Babbling brook” Edition :: 4:25:2018

Babbling brook

At one point in the zine’s history, I tried to have themes. I tried to tie everything up with a sweet little thematic bow.

But that’s not how I work.

Friends who have seen my computer’s screen will attest that I keep WAY too many tabs open at once, in WAY too many windows.

But that is how I work. I find the stuff I share here while doing other things and I keep it in a special window until it’s time to put an issue together.

A new friend commented that she thought this section is a stream of consciousness. Yes! It is! Actually, as I got thinking about it, the whole thing is, not just this section. It’s sort of this flow of ideas, links, and products that come across my desk/mind during any given week. One image may spark something else that leads to something else, many rabbit holes occur, I sit in front of a screen for an ungodly amount of hours hammering away… and Voila! a new issue of RED is born.

Something else I want to say: Please don’t assume that I’ve seen everything. If you have something cool, send me a link, and if it’s a good fit, I’ll share with the class. I’ll be your idea conduit. 

–Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I’m traveling again. No issue next week and possibly the next. (Remember when I had a freewheelin’ lifestyle and could do this weekly?)

This space intentionally left nowhere

As seen on the Internets

Pyrex Tattoo
This one is called “Friendship”: The Pyrex pattern reference guide

:: Reader Jon Murray made this: His interactive documentary, “Windows of San Francisco,” is a peek into 100 different San Francisco vignettes… it’s really cool!

:: In a similar vein: Peephole Cinema Thanks, Mark!

:: Brilliantly meta: The Show About The Show begins here…
:: Thanks, Mellissa!

:: Spliff, a film festival for stoners, by stoners

:: Life truths from a 90-year-old grandmother: “17. Relationship boundaries are life-savers”

:: Cheesy 4/20 stock photos

:: A corpse flower is blooming in Tucson

:: High as the cat’s whiskers: David Bowie’s interview with Ellen (2004)

:: The Floating Library is looking for submissions of zines, comics, and art books
:: Thanks, Wolves!

:: For Keeps, a podcast where collectors are interviewed about their interesting/unusual items

:: #TravelNotebookGoals: omgosh

:: I love all the Conan show travel segments. I think they are the best/funniest work they do. This time they went to Italy… Divertente!

:: This Joe Coleman is brilliant.

Real things you can actually buy: way!


“1 Star” view: There are all kinds of souvenirs at Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel, like this “worst view” mug for approx. $12.20. Some of them are available only to residents of the hotel, at its gift shop, which is located at 182 Caritas Street, Bethlehem, Palestine. 

Real things you can actually buy: way!


WWPT*? Masculine-styled shoes with high heels by Cross Sword. Thanks, anon!

Real things you can actually buy: throw away!


Authentic and Original Disney Parks trash can highlighter set

from l to r: Main Street, USA; Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Frontierland train station and Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island; Tomorrowland; Adventureland; and Fantasyland

Trashy: A good friend of mine and I first bonded years ago over something funny. We discovered we both had a history of photographing trash cans at Disney Parks. (I mean, look at them, they’re all in theme.)

CUT TO NOW… Disneyland is selling (Authentic and Original) highlighters that look like little trash cans. I’m stupidly excited that they’ve made their garbage receptacles a product because nothing is sacred! Everything is a potential money maker. I love the absurdity of it. Much like their line of Turkey Leg products.

[There is also a monorail highlighter set (not as edgy as the trash cans but still cool). Though I’m partial to the monorail socks and play set.] 

photo by me!


It's a Small World mini trash can :: Mary Blair

Speaking of Disney trash cans: There’s an Etsy seller who 3D prints miniature ones (<3!). Trash cans, it’s what’s for dinner!

Real things you can actually buy: NO way!

Honorable mention not worthy of a photo: “Luxurious alternative garden appliances

Featured events



Berkeley, CA
[5/3] Fifth Anniversary show of That Really Happened???, A night of true stories

[5/28] Heather Gold’s Yarn: Comedy Storytelling (“which is especially for women who are ‘Hollywood Old.’ So. Over 29.”) at Shotgun Players, 7:30 to 9 PM

Glendale, CA
[Open now] The Museum of Selfies

Pleasanton, CA
[Summer dates] Sir Mix-A-Lot (6/24) and other musical artists are coming to the Alameda County Fair

San Francisco
[Wednesdays] Weird Wednesdays at The Den
From Doc Pop: Imagine sipping on a tiki drink while a two piece noise/drone/psych band plays in San Francisco’s smallest bar. The place is next to WesBurger, so you can order the Chicken Of The Week Sandwich (usually inspired by another local restaurant like Mission Chinese or Lazy Bear) and have it delivered to The Den.
Need a taste? Watch this

[4/29, 5/1, 5/2] Jim Henson’s Labyrinth returns to theaters for 3-day fan celebration


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