The “That’s Cool” Edition :: Issue #006


Issue #006 :: The “That’s Cool” Edition :: 11:05:2014

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by pop culture activist Rusty BlazenhoffIssue #006  :: The “That’s Cool” Edition :: 11:05:2014

Cool! “I make pinatas…

that never get broken.”

This month marks the beginning of our prestigious Artist-in-Residence program. Yay! Our first A-i-R is Meaghan Kennedy, a pinata artist hailing from Vancouver, BC. Her work has been featured in ElleGQThe Refinery, and many more high-profile publications. She quips, “I make pinatas…that never get broken.”
Since I first met her in March –which is a funny story— I’ve seriously been wanting to work with her on a creative project. So, for every issue this month she will share images of what she’s got going on in her studio. Further down in the zine, you’ll see that she’s not only making pinatas but also rockstar planters, holiday caricature cards, and a mystery project which will be revealed next week.

Because her art is so unusual, I was curious to hear how she got her start making papier-mache gems. She says, “I didn’t dream of being a pinata artist…it just kinda happened…I wanted to participate in a local talent show, on my 29th birthday. I made a pink poodle pinata and it changed my life! Quit my job 6 months later! Can you say Saturn Return much?!”

Love it.

Rusty Blazenhoff

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Events of note

[11/5, SF] Lost Exotic Cocktails of San Francisco at Smugglers Cove

[11/5-11/25] To promote The Art of AskingAmanda Palmer is going on a book tour.

[11/8, Oakland] FIGMENT Oakland

[11/14, SF] Mimi Pond (Over Easy) will be speaking at the CCA Writers’ Studio at Noon.

[11/12, SF & 11/21, LA] Bawdy Storytelling: Infomaniac

[11/15, SF] An Evening of Letter Writing (to strangers) [Tickets]

[11/16, Oakland] For the ladies, a Body Positive Clothing Swap

[11/22, Alameda] Vintage Pinball Style, Pacific Pinball Museum–$15

[11/23, Alameda] Heather Gold performs in my living room. I mean it. Tix are $10.

[11/28-12/24, Austin] Blue Genie Art Bazaar

[11/29, SF] The John Waters Christmas Show

[11/29, TV] The world premiere of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever on the Lifetime Channel

[11/29, LA] The Krampus: Talk with Costume Catwalk with Al Ridenour at Goethe-Institut [Tickets]

[Nov/Dec dates, LA] KrampusFest 2014

[12/4, San Leandro, CA] Rainbow Rumpus Book Talk with author Benjamin Wachs

[12/5-12/7, Ukiah, CA] Digital Detox Retreat at Shambhala Ranch

[12/21, Landers, CA] MOBY: Live at the Integratron

~~ Tickets ($140) have gone on sale for Camp Tipsy 2015! This wildly popular annual San Francisco Institute of Possibility event happens Monday, June 29th to Saturday, July 4th, 2015 in Stonyford, Calif. ~~
Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever
Your name here!
The Deconstruction 2014

The Deconstruction

A 48 hr global experiment in problem solving and absurdity. Broadcasting live from inside the internet: November 14-16, 2014.

Yours truly will be onsite during the event, live blogging/tweeting.

Read their Manifesto. Form a team. Have fun.

Real things you can actually buy: nay!

This grosses me out.

Pumpkin spice gum

Pumpkin Pie Mochi Ice Cream

Philadelphia cream cheese (caramel and pumpkin spice)

Jell-o pumpkin spice cheesecake snacks
photos by The Impulsive Buy (which is ONE OF THE BEST FLICKR FEEDS IN THE WORLD!)

As seen on the Internets

Nic Cage!
:: All-new Nicolas Cage “Colorforms” Adventure Set by Brandon Bird


:: Collapsible hot tub Thanks, Jason N.!


:: UFO soap dispenser


:: If you lose a camera at Burning Man, your photos end up on this Flickr page


:: A Clockwork Orange garden gnome: “a sociopathic and ultra-violent lawn ornament”


:: Crispin Glover covers Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking” 

:: #sorry #notsorry

:: I live for this kind of stuff.


Real things you can actually buy: yay!

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" t-shirt

The Ambient Fireplace Collection

Repurposed bowling alley table

Egg-a-matic skull egg mold

The Complete Eightball by Daniel Clowes

:: Art:: from:: your:: DNA

Artist-in-residence: November 2014

Meaghan Kennedy: Piñata Artist

Meaghan Kennedy: Pinata artist

Commission your own personal pinata, holiday cards, pinata plant holder, or whathaveyou.

No order is too large or too small. If it’s for the holidays, she needs your order in before the beginning of December. Plan accordingly!

:: Her site:

:: Email her:

Are you an artist? You better read this.#WayneWhiteWisdom
Can you draw like thisMe either. #ArtRocks
Is this you? SRL is hiring. I KNOW.
Is this your name? If only it were mine!
SJ as Amelia Earhart

is now 10. She was born November 4th, 2004. Election week.Ten years ago, on October 19th, 2004, I sent this email out to friends and family:”I’m huge. My belly rumbles with the movements of a crammed baby. I barely sleep. SIMS 2 has become my new best friend at midnight, at 1 am, at 2 am, etc. I get heartburn from eating english muffins. It’s a real effort for me to get out of the house even for grocery shopping. I’m starting to worry that I’ve made a big mistake and that I’ll be a terrible Mom…the kind that lets their kid eat rusty nails and scream bloody murder in restaurants. I’m sick of reading weekly updates. I have washed, folded, and sorted her clothes about a million times. I have picked out three potential “coming home” outfits. Myself, I am down to one outfit that actually fits and can be worn in public. I can’t bend down to tie my shoes.Ok, so I’m as ready as I can be to have the baby. She’s due on Halloween and I would be thrilled if the stork arrived a little early or right on time. I have a prenatal appt on Thursday and they should be able to tell me if she’s in position. I hope so, jeez.

It’s pouring rain, I’ve got the slider open and it feels really good. Fall is finally here. Now if baby girl would be too.”

So far, so good.

No rusty nails,

and there’s only been a little bit of screaming.

Happy 10th, Boo-boo. Your mama loves you lots.


Me, preggers with the Kid

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