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“Genius is the process, the connections, the patterns that are invisible to the untrained mind, making them seem like magic.”

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Issue #184 :: The “A wild mind & a disciplined eye” Edition :: 8:15:2018

A wild mind & a disciplined eye**…

Something important happened since last week. My partner-in-enewsletters, creative instigator Mark Krawczuk, introduced me to the work of Danielle Baskin.

Here, bask in her brilliance too:

Should we marry each other?

Goodbye Domains

Custom Avocados

Pokeball Battery

Drone Sweaters

Inkwell Helmets

Rusty Blazenhoff

P.S. And speaking of brilliant, inspirational things.

[**It was Dorothy Parker who said, “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”]

As seen on the Internets


Burning Wish grants Burning Man tickets to cancer patients or survivors

My pal Aaron Muszalski just announced his new nonprofit, Burning Wish. It’s a program that gives cancer patients or survivors a chance to go to Burning Man. There are also volunteer opportunities.

:: Speaking of Burning Man: Here’s a short film by Shalaco about how Black Rock City rises from the dust

:: French street artists Ella & Pitr paint sleeping giants on the tops of buildings

:: All about thrift store smells

:: Genius way to sell bananas (minus the plastic, ofc)

:: Winning: Oakland’s Shadetree artist community ponies up $2.5M to stay put

:: I thought this was clever: A porta-potty is the entrance to a hidden rave

:: “So what should we be teaching? … ‘the four Cs’ – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.”
:: Thanks, Piph!

:: In MA news: Aerosmith’s original tour van found in the woods

:: Lynda Barry shares a neat writing method of hers
:: via Wertzeen

:: What a difference 80 years can mean

:: “Penn and Teller are the worst things to happen to magic in the 20th century.”

:: “No Obits”

:: My buddy Heidi Bennett has started Vibrant Visionaries, a new podcast featuring multi-creatives

Real things you can actually buy: sway (like a palm tree)!


California Tiki: A History of Polynesian Idols, Pineapple Cocktails and Coconut Palm Trees

Polynesian Pop: The history of the California tiki scene is covered in Jason Henderson and Adam Foshko’s California Tiki: A History of Polynesian Idols, Pineapple Cocktails and Coconut Palm Trees. Itexplore the state’s midcentury fascination with all things Tiki.” If you’re in the LA area, head to Soap Plant Wacko on 8/19 from 2 to 4 PM for its book signing.

Featured Events


El Cerrito, CA
[9/15] Playland Not at the Beach Museum liquidation auction, 10 AM (This is SO sad… the museum is closing to make way for new condos)Gerlach, NV
Fly Ranch Nature Walks

Los Angeles, CA
[Until 8/31] Lucy Sparrow’s all-felt Sparrow Mart Supermarket is showing at The Standard in downtown LA

Oakland, CA
[9/29] FIGMENT Oakland 2018, 10 AM to 6 PM
[10/26] Extra Action 20th Anniversary Halloween Ball at The New Parish, 9 PM, Tickets

San Francisco, CA
The Calling All Choir is accepting new singers
[Now through Halloween] San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour
[8/30] Nerd Rock Returns: Three Day Stubble and more at SF Eagle, 9 PM
[10/31] Mac Sabbath at Great American Music Hall, 8 PM


“Don’t ever get sick.”  Obvious Plant

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