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“No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.”

—  Maya Mendoza

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Issue #190 :: The “Age before beauty” Edition :: 9:26:2018

Age before beauty…

Last week’s “Pearls before swine” edition really struck a chord with folks. I got more responses to that one than any previous issue.

Scott shared this: “Old Chinese proverb: Never try to teach a pig to sing, It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”


And Karen shared one of her “favorite Dorothy Parker bon mots”: “Claire Boothe Luce stepped out of Mrs. Parker’s way and said, ‘Age before beauty,’ and Mrs. Parker replied, ‘And pearls before swine.'”


Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Go get inspired by Kusama–Infinity!

As seen on the Internets


Oh, Paperback Paradise, you have tickled my funny bone!


:: “E-biking can leave you feeling like Lance Armstrong — cheating included.”

:: “If there’s anything that can outlive the hype, it’s Burning Man.”

:: There’s a documentary about legendary Ghanian fantasy coffin artist, Paa Joe — it’s free to watch if you have Amazon Prime

:: What to do when you’re kind but people think you’re flirting

:: Kevin Hart is not cool with (14-year-old!) Robert Irwin’s exotic animals

:: Coming to Netflix: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

:: Allee Willis shared some great behind-the-scenes stories from her life on Questlove’s podcast

:: Sharing political ads is not my thing but THIS ONE is a must-see

:: “White of the Human Eyeballs”: A recreation of Werner’s original 1821 color guidebook
:: Thanks, Allison!

:: After my kitchen remodel this summer, my friend Joyce came over and offered to sew me curtains for its window. I remembered that I had wanted corn curtains like they have in The Simpsons (for like 15 years) and, lo and behold, the fabric was available on Spoonflower! So, I ordered a few yards, had them delivered to Joyce, and within a couple days, she brought me CORN CURTAINS. They’re glorious!

:: Hey! Are YOU registered to vote?

Real things you can actually buy: yay!


Cyanide Milkshake ($19.95) by Liz Suburbia: “If MAD magazine, Love & Rockets, and your favorite punk zine got together and had a three-way baby, this book would be the result.”

Real things you can actually make: yay!


Here’s one way to “stamp out” the patriarchy… with Dano Wall’s Harriet Tubman rubber stamp! (3D print it yourself: more infovia

Real things you can actually buy: nay!


And you thought nutz were just for truckz ($12.99)!

Featured Events


100 Days of Art

Alameda, CA
[10/12 opening]
Former RED Artist-in-Residence Victoria Heifner and her friend Stef are having an art show at Phoenix co-working space. It’s called “100 Days of Art.” The opening is from 6 PM to 9 PM.


Berkeley, CA
[10/4] That Really Happened? A night of true stories at The Monkey House, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

[10/8] Reader Joshua Marker has been working on a cool project for the past couple of years. He’s put together commemorative editions of Sasha and Ann Shulgin’s books, Phenethylamines I have Known And Loved (PIHKAL) and Tryptamines I have Known And Loved (TIHKAL). To celebrate, there’s going to be a release party on October 8th at Moe’s Books, 7 PM.

Joshua writes, “I hope to rock Ann’s world with all the love from all the merry freaks whose lives they’ve improved over the years. It’ll be an unusual opportunity to get the autograph of many of those luminaries all in one place, and Jon Hanna and David Presti will be speaking, as well as Ann, and we’ll have a roundtable discussion with the contributors.”

Los Angeles, CA
[9/28-1/27] 21 Collections: Every Object Has a Story at downtown L.A.’s Central Library

Nevada City, CA
[10/13-14] Haute Trash, 30 years of trash fashion

New York City
Again, Oriana Leckert has picked out some events for you

Oakland, CA
[THIS SATURDAY 9/29] FIGMENT Oakland 2018, 10 AM to 6 PM

[10/13] Double Dutch by the Lake (Merritt), 12 PM to 3 PM

[10/20 opening reception] Hi-Fructose presents: The Art of the Mushroom at the Compound Gallery, 7 PM to 10 PM, show runs until 12/9

[10/21] East Bay Mini Maker Faire

[10/26] Extra Action 20th Anniversary Halloween Ball at The New Parish, 9 PM, Tickets

San Francisco, CA
[Now through Halloween] San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour: I went! It was cool!

[TONIGHT 9/26] DorkbotSF 101 at DNA Lounge, 7 PM to 10 PM

[10/18] Monkee Memoir: Michael Nesmith with Beth Lisick at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM to 9:30 PM

[10/20] Burning Man SF Decompression 2018: Black Top City! at Potrero Power Station 420 23rd Street, 2 PM on, Tickets

[11/29] A John Waters Christmas at GAMH, 8 PM (other cities too!)

San Jose, CA
[16 dates between 10/5-10/31] Mr. Nobody’s Mystic Midway (this is Scott Levkoff’s production!) at Winchester Mystery House, candlelight tour tickets now available.
[10/18 OR 10/19] SAVE THE DATE: We’re taking a RED field trip to the Winchester Mystery House for a candlelight tour. Wanna go with us? Email me to get on the list.

[10/27-10/31] RED‘s co-editor Carolyn Anhalt recommends the Halloween events in Borgo a Mozzano (one of these years I’ll make it out there!)

[10/31-11/4] Carolyn also recommends Lucca Comics & Games — a comic con that has been around since 1966! It’s the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world.

[10/6] 24 Hour Comics Day

Know about a cool event? Send me the info and I’ll share it with the class!



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