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“One day or day one. You decide.”

— Paulo Coehlo

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Issue #192 :: The “Done IS better” Edition :: 10:17:2018

Done IS better…

My daughter SJ was nearly 6 months old when I bought my namesake domain. She’s now nearly 14 years old and I’ve only now done something with it.

I had big plans for it. But as time marched on, I just never built the site. I only used its extension for email.

Then about a month ago, I bought a WordPress theme. I was finally going to build the site I’ve always wanted. But as I dug into it, I realized the theme I chose was terribly bloated and would take me months to figure out.

So, I opted for something simpler, more bare bones.

In a classic case of “Done is better than perfect,” I present to you the humble v. 1.0 of my personal domain:

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. If you ever have the opportunity to take Amtrak’s Coast Starlight down to LA, DO IT. It’s a-mazing!

As seen on the Internets



Mmuseumm is a museum in a NYC elevator shaft. It’s been around for a while but I’ve just learned of it — thanks to Cardhouse!


:: A hospital made a playlist of music to do CPR by

:: Who paid 99 cents? Spend 99 cents to find out.
:: via

:: Anthropomorphizing IHOP syrup dispensers

:: The rooms where famous books were written (reminds me of Seth Godin’s story about Stephen King’s pencil)
:: via

:: “Hello, Death”

:: Maximalism is back

:: Inside job: An original Salvador Dalí painting was locked up inside a jail, then it was stolen (dun dun duuuun)

:: A new “TMI party game”: You Don’t Know My Life
:: Thanks, Lynn!

:: Listen: “Why would you leave a message when you can just send a text?”
:: Thanks, Veek!

:: A new program allows an 18-year-old musician the use of a once-stolen Stradivarius

:: Universal Basic Income is a “scam,” says Douglas Rushkoff

:: This website runs on solar (so sometimes it goes offline)

:: Drawing “shouldn’t be about making art at all”

:: Don’t be fooled: Birds Aren’t Real
:: Thanks, Robin!

:: “The Inner Life of Cats”

Real thing you could actually buy: no way!


Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Evidence: Fendi’s vulva-like “Touch of Fur” shawl. It was available for £750 but then the internet took notice and Fendi removed it from their website, which indicates to me that it was a mistake. Though, it could be an elaborate rouse by Fendi to garner thousands of views to their site. We’ll never know!

Real things you can actually make: yay!


This is the Stammer (stamp + hammer), a cheap rubber mallet that has been turned into a rubber stamp. I LOVE this SO much!

Featured Events


Oakland, California to Ashland, Oregon
[Weekend of 10/26] Caravan Rally: Here Be Dragons is “an intense endurance challenge which promises participants an opportunity to see a world which is typically closed off to everyone but the bravest of Explorers.”
Auburn, CA
[10/27] Typewriter event (exhibit of over 50 vintage typewriters, interview with The Typewriter Revolution at 6 PM, and at 7 PM California Typewriter will show) at Auburn State Theater, Tickets are $25Baltimore, MD
[Until 1/6] John Waters: Indecent Exposure at Baltimore Museum of Art

Carefree, AZ
[10/19-10/28] Enchanted Pumpkin Garden, all created by legendary pumpkin carver Ray Villafane and his team, FREE admission and parking

Los Angeles, CA
[Taking reservations until 1/12] The Museum of Selfies (Tommy Honton worked on this!) is open again. 6757 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

[10/20-10/21] 49 Boxes at Two Bit Circus, 7 PM each night
Podcast: No Proscenium interviews 49 Boxes’ creator Michael Borys

[10/31] Cinespia is hosting a Willy Wonka costume ball, starts at 7 PM, Tickets

New York City
Yay: Oriana Leckert has picked out some events for you

Oakland, CA
[THIS WEEKEND 10/18-10/20] Autumn Lights Festival at the Gardens at Lake Merritt, three nights, 6 PM to 11 PM nightly, Tickets

[SATURDAY 10/20 opening reception] Hi-Fructose presents: The Art of the Mushroom at the Compound Gallery, 7 PM to 10 PM, show runs until 12/9

[SUNDAY 10/21] East Bay Mini Maker Faire

[10/26] Extra Action 20th Anniversary Halloween Ball at The New Parish, 9 PM, Tickets

[10/28] See Disney’s 1940 Pinocchio at the Grand Lake Theater, a fundraiser for the “Mid-century Monster,” 10 AM

[10/29, 30, 31] Driveway Follies, marionette puppetry at the yard of 3854 Greenwood Ave with a secret guest artist group on Halloween night (first two nights are previews), Free

San Francisco, CA
[Now through Halloween] San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour: Have you gone? Isn’t it interesting?

[TONIGHT 10/17] Nerd Nite SF #101: Spines, Sex Addiction, & Pain at Rickshaw Stop, 7 PM, Tickets are $8

[TOMORROW 10/18] Monkee Memoir: Michael Nesmith with Beth Lisick at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM to 9:30 PM

[TOMORROW 10/18] Spookfest, 13 spooky indie films at the Roxie, two showings at 7 PM and 9:15 PM, Tickets

[SUNDAY 10/20] Burning Man SF Decompression 2018: Black Top City! at Potrero Power Station 420 23rd Street, 2 PM on, Tickets

[10/27] Puppet Death Match at Raining Chainsaws, 1789 Egbert Ave, Floor 2, at 8 PM to 11:59 PM, RSVP

[10/30] How Everything Started in San Francisco (While We All Thought We Were Just Fooling Around) by John Law at Congregation Sherith Israel, 7 PM to 9 PM, $10

[HALLOWEEN 10/31] Mac Sabbath at GAMH, 8 PM

[11/29] A John Waters Christmas at GAMH, 8 PM (other cities too!)

San Jose, CA
[Dates until 10/31] Mr. Nobody’s Mystic Midway (this is Scott Levkoff’s production!) at Winchester Mystery House, candlelight tour tickets now available.

Saratoga, CA
[10/28 -3/17] Bruce Munro at Montalvo: Stories in Light, Tickets Thanks, Tracy!

Wellington, NZ
[10/17] Former RED A-I-R Rona Green’s new exhibition, In Fine Fettle, opens tonight at Solander Gallery, 5:30 PM to 7 PM, shows until November 24

Know about a cool event? Send me the info and I’ll share it with the class!



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