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“Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.”

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Issue #201 :: The “It’s Crimbo time again” Edition :: 12:19:2018

It’s Crimbo time again

Whoa, how did we get here again?

So, SJ and I have been busy making Fluffernutter [that’s, Fluff + peanut butter] Fudge, as is our annual holiday tradition. This year, due to popular demand, we’re selling it! Details on that below.

Merry Crimbo/Christmas/Whatever, everyone!

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. It wouldn’t be the Christmas issue if I didn’t share my favorite old school Christmas music video with you all!

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:: ICYMI (And you do not want to miss this — though it is a bit mean-spirited!): A glitter/fart bomb is what you get when you steal the packages off of this former NASA engineer’s porch. Take that, porch pirates!

:: Speaking of pirates: They don’t wear eye patches because they lost an eye Thanks, Cherry!

Real things you can’t actually buy: holiday!

Real things you CAN actually buy: YAY!


It’s fudge season, bitches!

As I mentioned above, it’s a tradition in our family to make Fluffernutter Fudge for the holidays. Every year I get people asking if they can buy some and every year I say “I can’t.” “I didn’t plan well.” “I’m not set up for that.”

BUT _THIS YEAR_ I GOT IT TOGETHER. I even have fancy festive boxes with snowflakes on them. And I’m making it what they call a “teachable moment” for SJ. I’m showing her the biz end of things so she understands how those things work (this is something I didn’t learn until I was in my thirties).

Here’s the deal: Have a box of fresh fudge — the famous Fluffernutter Fudge that everyone raves about — delivered to someone special (yes, that “someone special” can be you) for $15.

We can hand-deliver to any East Bay, California (Oakland, Emeryville, San Leandro, Berkeley, Albany) address for $5. It’s FREE delivery for any Alameda (94501 or 94502) or Jingletown address.

To sweeten the deal… get it?… we’ll include a holiday ribbon of your choice for FREE ($8 value) AND we’ll write your sappy* message on the back of it. Oh, and in the spirit of it being a “teachable moment,” a portion of the proceeds will go to a soon-to-be-determined charity.

We are equipped to take the first 20 orders. Deadline to order is Thursday (yes, tomorrow) December 20 at Noon.

*It doesn’t have to be sappy.

Real things you can’t actually buy: nay!

The must-have toy for 2018? Hasbro’s Yellies ($14.99+). They’re spider-like “Spooders” that move faster when you scream at them. Naturally, parents hate them.

Featured Events


San Francisco [1/4] The 8th Annual David Bowie Birthday Bash with The First Church of the Sacred Silversexual at The Chapel, Doors 8 PM, Show 9 PM, 21+, Tickets (I hear GREAT things about this!)

[12/23] Festivus: Get out the aluminum pole and prepare to air your grievances and compete in the feats of strength.

USA and Canada
[various dates] Immersive listings

[various dates] Dan Savage’s Hump! Film Festival

Austin, TX
[Until12/24] Blue Genie Art Bazaar (always great!)

Berkeley, CA [8 nights starting Nov. 29] Lisa Rothman’s Dragon in the Drop-off Lane

Lodoga, CA
[6/20-6/23] Camp Tipsy

New York City
Oriana Leckert always knows what’s going on in the Big Apple

Oakland, CA
[1/27] Oakland White Elephant PREVIEW Sale, Tickets go on sale 12/8
[3/2-3/3] Oakland White Elephant Sale

Phoenix, AZ
[until 5/12] Electric Desert by Klip Collective at the Desert Botanical Garden, after dark only

San Francisco, CA
[TONIGHT 12/19] El Vez, the Mexican Elvis performs his Merry Mex-mas show at Elbo Room, 7:30 PM, Tickets (Look for him in other cities too!)

[1/10] The Lottery, at a secret location in the Dogpatch

[1/10-1/27] SF Sketchfest, schedule and tickets

[1/18] SF Neon Walking Tour Downtown, 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM

[1/20] Julia Morgan’s San Francisco: a free two-mile walking tour by I Spy Tours, 1 PM

[1/22] Puddles Pity Party at Palace of Fine Arts, 8 PM, Tickets

Scottsdale, AZ
[4/12-14] Arizona Tiki Oasis, a cool new weekender by Baby Doe and Otto, at the Valley Ho

Know about a cool event? Send me the info and I’ll share it with the class!

1974 Fisher-Price A-Frame gingerbread house

Tell me this isn’t the coolest gingerbread house EVER!
It’s the work of my Alameda artist pals Jo Anne Yada and Michael Fleming (more).

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