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“All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish, I promise, it’s just a matter of time!”

― “Start Wearing Purple,” Gogol Bordello

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Issue #235 :: The “Start wearing purple” Edition :: 09:18:2019

Start wearing purple

Thanks for all the lovely notes you sent me after my mild overshare last week. I appreciate the support! (Also, that issue was called “Eat you up” because SJ and I had just watched that great documentary about “Where the Wild Things Are” author Maurice Sendak. Welllll… a few days after the issue published, I saw a wild thing in the wilds… well, milds… of San Leandro! Serendipity.)

So, this past week, my dear friend Carolyn and her daughter Bella were in town and we went to the Warfield to see the gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello. Now, if you haven’t heard of them or seen them perform live, you should know that they put on a rowdy get-up-and-dance kind of show. The kind of show where there’s always a large, drunken, but not horribly aggressive, mosh pit.

Well, I got us sit-down seats in the balcony. Hey, in my defense, I’ve seen this particular band perform three times before and not had seats. It was… a different experience.

Here are some things I observed:
— The balcony was nearly empty but the GA floor was PACKED;
— Eugene Hutz (lead singer) kicks a lot of things (mostly mic stands that have dropped) and spills a lot of wine on stage;
— There are a lot of mouths to feed in that band… I think 10!;
— Mosh pits undulate and can be hypnotic;
— There’s a catch-and-release program for crowd-surfers: They get moved to an open space in front of the stage where security catches them and releases them back to the audience through a side exit;
— Eugene reached out his hand several times for fans to touch;
— The guy in front of me really should have gotten himself a floor ticket:

My birthday is on Monday. I am accepting fun birthday wishes starting now.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. This issue goes out to Vicki. Going to miss you, special lady!

As seen on the Internets

Krusty Klowns photobomb instafluencers at Burning Man

Culture jamming ftw: At Burning Man, there’s a problem with Insta-fluencers using the playa as a backdrop to sell their wares (violating the Decommodification principle). So, a group of Krusty Klowns went around photobombing such shoots — for 15 hours straight! According to Candace Locklear, this European model (in pink) and her photographer (not shown) were actually into the Klown’s “irritainment.” Big thumbs up!
:: A choose-your-own-adventure-style horror flick is being made for the big screen (you’ll use your app to influence decisions from your movie seat)

:: A short doc on a NYC sanitation worker’s massive, swoon-worthy collection of stuff people trashed

:: Reasons why cartoon characters wear gloves

:: Whitney Houston made it big, but Dolly Parton sang it first (1974)
:: Thanks, Joyce!

:: Veteran prop masters on the hardest props they’ve ever made

:: If you watched that Maurice Sendak documentary I mention above and fell in love with the toys he and his brother crafted (like I did), check this out:

:: World’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant opens in London

:: Prankster gets the obituary he probably deserves

Real things that actually exist: yay!

Victorians Farting wallpaper by Tom Maryniak

Weird wallpaper: Artist and Printmaker Tom Maryniak digitized some of his original hand-carved linoleum block designs to create some very unusual wallpaper, including “Victorians Farting”  (£125.00 per roll). I can imagine it above the wainscoting on the bathroom walls of a fancy restaurant. Thanks, Polly!

Real cute things that people actually do

My pal Kyle Kesterson writes: “My artist friends and couple, Alex and his lady partner, do this stupidly cute thing. They travel a lot, and so airports are a big part of their life and relationship. EACH time one comes home, they are met with the other creating an elaborate ‘sign,’ based off of a pun.”

Aww. Follow their cute couple shenanigans: #crapairportsigns. Why “crap”? Because their names are Chloe Rice (CR) and Alex Pardee (AP). Double aww.

Featured Events

Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth scary clown poster

[Alameda, CA :: 9/21] Come to a swell yard sale at my place, it’s hosted by me and my sweetie, Andy! We both collect all kinds of weird things, so you won’t be disappointed (unless you prefer boring, mainstream stuff). It’s also my birthday weekend, so there will be celebratory breakfast cake! Email me for directions, there’s loads of free parking. FOUR hours only: 7:49 to 11:49 AM. No gifts but do bring at least $6 in quarters to spend on specially-created House of Flufftown Follies souvenirs in my “Mystery Merchine” vending machine.


Alameda, CA
[10/5-10/6] The Forbidden Island Parking Lot Sale is two days of vintage goods, umbrella drinks, and tropical entertainment — like a boozy, tikified flea market. Tickets are $5 at the door, or $20 online to “skip the line” (and there’s always a line around the corner).

[10/19] Studio 23’s annual Blacklight Art Show is looking for vendors and artists.

Albany, CA
[9/21] The Trash Party at the Albany Bulb sounds fun (though it coincides with my awesome yard sale!), 10 AM to 3 PM

Berkeley, CA
[11/9] David Sedaris is coming to Zellerbach Hall and you should go because he’s hilarious, 8 PM, Tickets

[Until 1/5/2020] “Strange features diverse works from BAMPFA’s collection that invoke strangeness and resonate with the spirit of Surrealism”
[11/26] Exquisite Corpse Workshop at BAMPFA, 1 PM

Detroit, MI
[9/21] The 21st Night of September is a live show/party by Allee Willis, the badass lady who (amongst many other accomplishments) co-wrote the hit song “September” for Earth, Wind, & Fire. Features: “Live band, DJ, [Allee] telling little “September” quips and leading hourly ‘September’ sing-alongs, dancing, tasty and unique cocktails, Boogaloo Wonderland sandwiches, triple butter crust peach cobbler, and even a burlesque dancer!” It happens at the Willis Show Bar from 7 PM to 2 AM, reservations required. If I were in Michigan, I’d be at this show!

Houston, TX
[10/29] Super Happy Fun Land (indie venue) is putting on a big Cardboard Art Parade, 7 PM to 10 PM

New York City

See what RED pal Oriana Leckert has picked as the must-go-to events in the Big Apple!

[5/2 to 11/1/2020] Yayoi Kusama will exhibit a “multisensory presentation” at the New York Botanical Garden in the new year!

Oakland, CA
[9/27] Tickets are almost sold out for Drawn Together, the after-hours live-art event for grownups at Children’s Fairyland that I’ve been telling you about. Starts at 6 PM and goes to 9 PM. Art is sold for a fixed price of $40 at the end of the evening… which is a STEAL as far as I can tell.

[10/17-10/19] Autumn Lights Festival is a beautiful, multi-night event at Lake Merritt Gardens

[10/12-2/16] The Smithsonian’s No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibit is coming to Oakland Museum of California. Volunteer opportunities are available. 

[11/8] No Spectators opening party at the Oakland Museum, 5 PM to 10 PM
NEW: Full listings of all the exhibit’s events here.

Portland, OR
[Until 10/30] Portland’s “Duchess of Felt” LeBrie Rich has a new show called Sugar Spin at COLAB Architecture + Urban Design. It features 15 of her new (needle-felted and stitched) candy package sculptures (the Whitman’s Sampler looks good enough to eat!). 

Purcellville, VA
[Until 10/15] Twenty four of Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting artworks will go on display at Happy Accidents: An Exhibit of Original Bob Ross Paintings at Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts Center, Free but you need a ticket. Thanks, Akimbo_NOT!

San Francisco, CA
[9/18] Nerd Nite SF #112: Nature Photography, Octopuses, and Superheroes! at Rickshaw Stop, 7 PM to 10 PM

[9/20] The 24 Carrot Show is a new and totally outrageous, audience-interactive “cartoon cabaret” from the sexy, gender-bending clowns of Fou Fou Ha! at Oasis, Tickets are $30 to $70 and worth every penny (according to friends who are in the know). 

[10/4-10/6] Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Highlights (imo): Michael Nesmith & The First National Band, The New Pornographers, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Meat Puppets, and more!

[10/12 and 10/13] If you missed the awesome Earworm event at Raining Chainsaws, you’ll be happy to know they are planning MOON SHOW, an art party with a moon theme! Can’t wait! (If you want to participate as an artist, contact Mark Krawczuk.)

[10/23] A Gorey Halloween – The Edwardian Ball 20th Anniversary Begins at The Chapel, 8 PM

[Until 10/31] Christian Cagigal’s legendary San Francisco Ghost Hunt is back. I went on this walking tour last year and learned all kinds of weird and spooky San Francisco history. Do recommend!

San Rafael, CA
[9/22] San Rafael Porchfest, RED reader Alex G. writes, “Porchfests are occurring around the country. They are small neighborhood music festivals where houses in a given neighborhood will host bands/artists on their porches.” 12 PM to 5 PM 

Various U.S. cities, and sometimes Canada
Atlas Obscura has an ongoing calendar of unique experiences.

[various dates] Immersive listings

Know about a cool happening? Send me the info and I’ll share it with the class!

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