The “Rare truths” Edition :: Issue #242, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“Truth is so rare, it is delightful to tell it.”

— Emily Dickinson

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Issue #242 :: The “Rare truths” Edition :: 11:06:2019

Rare truths…

Well, my beloved iMac has died. To resurrect its failed graphics card would cost me much more than it’s worth, so I’ve bought a brand new computer… this time, a PC. I priced out a new iMac and it was simply too expensive in comparison. It feels a little weird to work in Windows but, truth be told, this new machine is SO MUCH FASTER — a real workhorse. It’s not as sleek and purty as my all-in-one iMac but, if I’m really honest with myself, that old gal was struggling to keep up. I can see now that I held onto it for too long. So, I suppose I’m grateful for the Mac’s graphics card dying unexpectedly (shrug).

Switching topics…

SJ, who turned 15 on Monday (!), asked me last night if I’d go to the library with her after school today to pick up a book of… wait for it… Emily Dickinson poems.


Ok, so the request didn’t come out of the blue. We’ve been binge-watching a new Apple TV show called Dickinson. It’s loosely based on Emily Dickinson’s life as a rebellious young woman. It’s funny and weird and I think many people are going to hate it. We love it, but if you watch it, don’t go in expecting it to be historically accurate because it’s definitely not. It’s a sexy mashup that brings together modern-day language (including cursing), music, and dance moves with 19th-century dress and sets:

But it also sprinkles in Dickinson’s poems which has sparked an interest in her work with my daughter… and me! For that alone, it’s a winner in my book.

Also…yay… Henry David Thoreau is played by John Mulaney:

Willingly suspend your disbelief, and let me know what you think after you’ve watched a few episodes.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Bye, Apple: I made the switch from an iPhone to Android about three years ago, and I’ve never looked back. My new-ish phone, the Google Pixel, takes impressive low-light photos. Do recommend!

As seen on the Internets

Dolly Parton's America

Hello, Dolly: I don’t get to listen to podcasts very often because it’s difficult to write and listen at the same time. But, I’m going to make time for Dolly Parton’s America. It’s a nine-episode look into the Dollyverse and I can’t wait to really dig in.
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:: This real-time flight tracker map is incredible!

Real book that actually exists: yay!

Dear Santa, I’ve been very very good: Ahhhh, Sean Tejaratchi’s big new Crap Hound book is finally available! It’s over 500 pages of a-mazing clip art.

No, really. I’ve been very very good: Lynda Barry has a new book that looks like a real treat. Cory of Boing Boing writes that it’s “one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity.” SOLD.
(She was also recently a guest on the Design Matters podcast.)

Featured Events

[San Francisco :: Until 12/13] Seriously Weird: CCA Illustration Biennial Alumni & Faculty Exhibition at 161 Hubbell Street, opens Thursday, November 7 at 5:30 p.m. Free and open to the public.
That’s “Vera Pattern” by Michael Wertz!


Alameda, CA
[11/8] Inkblot Gallery’s first Holiday Pop-up, 6 to 9 PM

[12/14] SOLD OUT Mid-Century Supper Club Holiday Jubilee, with special guest Charles Phoenix

Berkeley, CA
[Until 1/5/2020] “Strange features diverse works from BAMPFA’s collection that invoke strangeness and resonate with the spirit of Surrealism”
[11/26] Exquisite Corpse Workshop at BAMPFA, 1 PM

Las Vegas, NV
[Until 2/15] Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas art exhibit at the Neon Museum

New York City

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[Until 2/9] The Art of Rube Goldberg at Queens Museum

[5/2 to 11/1/2020] Yayoi Kusama will exhibit a “multisensory presentation” at the New York Botanical Garden in the new year!

Oakland, CA
[Until 11/10] Nemo Gould solo show: Retro-Speculative (“deep dive into the remnants of the machine age”) at 494 9th Street, Opening night 10/19 from 6 PM to 9 PM. Plus, check out his four Threadless designs.

[Now until 2/16] No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man at OMCA, Tickets
**Full listings of all the exhibit’s events here.
[THIS FRIDAY 11/8] Friday Nights at OMCA: Burning Man Block Party, 5 PM to 10 PM

[11/9] Artist Talk: The Art of Burning Man, a panel with Karen Cusolito, Christopher Schardt, and Crimson Rose at The Crucible, 7 PM to 9 PM, $20 general admission

Portland, OR
[5/16-5/17] The creators of the popular Exploding Kittens card game series are hosting Burning Cat, a new two-day game convention that ends in the burning of a giant effigy. Huh… that last part seems oddly familiar!  Tickets are $80 for a two-day pass, or $45 for a daily one. 

San Francisco, CA
[11/9] Candlelight Concert with Mark Growden, The Choir Loft, 8 to 9:30 PM, Tickets

[12/14] SF Krampus run: Better Not Pout, “More wandering guerilla theater than pub crawl,” 5:30 to 9 PM, starting at Tunnel Top

[12/31] We knew it was coming but no one could really be prepared for Beach Blanket Babylon closing. New Year’s Eve is the last night you’ll be able to see this San Francisco institution, the world’s longest running musical revue. 

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Gay combs

Gayest combs ever: I don’t buy everything I want when I go to the flea market. I mean, I can’t. It would cost me too much! Sometimes just having a picture of something cool, like this circa 1940s comb display, is enough for me. I hope it went to someone who really had to have some Gay combs.

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