The “Pee-wee” Edition :: Issue #008


Rusty’s Electric Dreams :: Issue #008 :: The “Pee-wee” Edition :: 11:19:2014

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by pop culture activist Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #008 :: The “Pee-wee” Edition :: 11:19:2014

Madame Ruby: For twenty dollars I can tell you a lot of things. For thirty dollars I can tell you more. And for fifty dollars I can tell you *everything*.

Pee-wee: Tell me why I’m here first.

Madame Ruby: You’re here because you… want something.

Rusty Blazenhoff

Pee-wee Herman glitch
This space
left I know you are but what am I?

Real things you can actually make!

Recycle your broken hard drive into a clock

3D Printed Pizza Shelf Accessory
h/t to John Biehler! 

As seen on the Internets

:: Grumpy Cat gets puppet twins at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

E-coli and other Dangerous Popsicles


:: Make your own Dangerous Popsicles

:: Underwear that’s fun to wear! For grownups!

:: Charles Phoenix made an erupting PUDCANOA must see!

:: Dresses made from bed sheets h/t Lenore E.!

80s Sheet Dresses

Real things you can actually buy: nay!

Dean's Sriracha Spicy Thai Chili Dip

Jello shots injectors
If you work at home…You need to see this.
Heathervescent says…I am not a massive dick! Woot.

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

The Existential Coloring Book

Unicorns are Jerks coloring book

El Caganer

Super Awesome coloring book by Archie McPhee

Cannabis Insanity Coloring Book

the Anti-Coloring Book
this week’s “Real things you can actually buy: yay!” is dedicated to the kid in you! <3

Artist-in-residence: November 2014

Meaghan Kennedy: Piñata Artist

Meaghan Kennedy: Pinata artist

Meaghan has been holding out on me. Last week we got talking about her crazy long fingernails, and then, this week, she send over a video from a couple of years ago called That Girl with the Crazy Nails. It answers questions that have been asked about her long nails like, “How do you tie your shoes?”  and “How do you type with those things?” Her BFF, gourmet marshmallow mogul Kyle Archibald, is behind it and it’s super funny, really. Give it a watch.

Also, rumor has it, she’s creating her own e-newsletter!


We’re holding a giveaway and the prize is a custom pinata in YOUR likeness! ENTER to win NOW! Yay!!

:: Her site: :: Her email:

[p.s. I highly recommend that book she’s holding, The War of Art. Thanks to David Wahl for turning me onto it in the first place.]

Does this count?…for Mile High Club membership?
How many skulls…make up this skull? (a cool design by my friend Christopher!)

Events of note

Mid-Century Holiday Potluck Extravaganza
Multiple cities[ongoing] The Blind Cafe A pop-up event where you are served dinner by legally blind servers, eat in the pitch dark, and listen to live music…with strangers! Thx, Tyler H.!

[Until 11/25] Amanda Palmer continues her book tour for The Art of Asking.

[11/28, Everywhere] Buy Nothing Day (also, don’t shop on Thanksgiving. That’s just wrong.)

[11/29, TV] World premiere of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever–Lifetime Channel

[12/13, SF/LA] Santacon**

[11/19] Lost City Antiques grand re-opening party. Giant novelty scissors at the ready!

[11/22] Vintage Pinball Style, Pacific Pinball Museum–$15

[11/23] Heather Gold is performing in my living room. I KNOW. [Tix are $10]

[12/13] Mid-Century Holiday Potluck Extravaganza! All ages [Tix] –This is a super-fun event…and so popular that they moved it from hosting it in a home to the Eagles Hall!

[11/28-12/24] Blue Genie Art Bazaar

[Until 1/4/15] David Bowie Is at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Landers, CA
[12/21] MOBY: Live at the Integratron

Los Angeles
[11/21] Bawdy Storytelling: First/Best/Worst/Last

[Nov/Dec dates] KrampusFest 2014 [UPDATED link with lots more info]

[12/5-12/7] Comedy Hack Day at YouTube Space LA [apply]

[12/5] A special screening of Tim Burton’s film Big Eyes at Art Basel Miami Beach

[12/7] Frank Portman’s King Dork Approximately book release show: “‘acts,’ oddities, bookselling, meet the author, the Oxford comma, rock, and roll.”

San Francisco
[11/22] Burning Man Arts Presents: The Artumnal Gathering

[11/25] Odd Salon: Obsession, stories of “passion & addiction, and the fine line between preoccupation & mania” [Tix are $15]

[11/25] Kevin Kelly at The Interval: a Cool Tools Book Event [Tickets are $35]

[11/28] Royale With Sleaze: A Pulp Fiction Burlesque Experience

[11/29] The John Waters Christmas Show

[11/30] Homo for the Holidays: a “big queer craft fair on the patio at El Rio” — $5

[12/2-12/28] Kinky Boots

[12/4] Wunderfaire, a celebration of local craftspeople hosted by IDEO — <3 this event!

[12/5-12/15] Another Hole in the Head, an indie horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and exploitation cinema film festival

[12/14] Charles Phoenix Retro Holiday Slide Show at Empress of China [TicketsDon’t miss this one! Not only are his shows FAB, but the Empress of China is CLOSING at the end of the year. 

[12/6] KrampusCon

San Leandro, CA
[12/4] Rainbow Rumpus Book Talk with author Benjamin Wachs

Ukiah, CA
[12/5-12/7] Digital Detox Retreat at Shambhala Ranch

~~ Tickets ($140) are now available for Camp Tipsy 2015! ~~
**A bit more about LA Santacon from Heathervescent:
“I’ve worked really hard to keep as much authentic Cacophony Society vibe in LA Santacon despite it’s growing popularity. It’s a challenge to balance inclusion (anyone wearing appropriate holiday attire) and route activities (food, drinks, culture jamming venues) in Los Angeles – a city not known for it’s depth of public transit. In the past 7 years, the core org team has grown from 1 to more than 14 Santa’s ‘not in Charge.’ We’ve visited many of LA’s Iconic venues & neighborhoods, had snow, ponies, Santa-themed punk bands with mosh pits and lots of creative costumes. I’m really proud it continues to be accessible to anyone who shows up in a Santa suit. Of all the things I spend my energy doing, I know this event changes people’s lives for the better. What more can I ask to contribute to humanity?”
:: LA Santacon on Facebook (RSVP and invite friends) and Twitter ::

What I need from YOU!

Your support –even for $5/month– will help me rock this thing even harder.

If you can’t offer financial support, would you consider asking your friends to subscribe to this newsletter? C’mon, let’s find the Others.

Also, enter to win that awesome art pinata by Meaghan Kennedy!

Know about something cool that would be a good fit for REDLemme know about it.

And, lastly…

“You’re an artist when you say you are. And you’re a good artist when you make somebody else experience or feel something deep or unexpected.”


“Your failure as an artist begins the day you look around and start doing what everybody’s telling you to do.” –Amanda Palmer 

Artist Michael Wertz has an inbox zine too! Yay!

Wertzeen, an inbox zine by Michael Wertz
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