The “Quick Escalation” Edition :: Issue #259, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“I’ve been practicing ‘social distancing’ since middle school.”

Rainn Wilson

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Issue #259 :: The “Quick escalation” Edition :: 03:18:2020

Quick escalation…


Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. What’s wrong with this picture? I took this webcam screengrab just before 11 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day… it’s pointed at popular Irish pubs in Ireland!

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Bored? Lonely? Awesome? Download coloring sheets from cultural institutions around the world and get to work, I mean, play

:: Or, write your own eulogy, to pinpoint what you should be doing with your life. No, really! (via)

:: Or, do something extraordinarily thoughtful

:: Or, listen to these pandemic-themed playlists

:: Or, learn about the “emotional range of celebs in GIFs

:: Or, find out what groceries people don’t really want

:: Or, watch “One Toke Over the Line” performed on The Lawrence Welk Show in 1971! (Do they know what that song’s about?)
:: Thanks, Maggie!

:: Or, Marco Polo me. I’ll respond if you leave a “video walkie-talkie” message for me! Find me at “510-421-1975”
:: Thanks to Dan for helping me remember this exists!

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:: Snail mail only, please: Rusty Blazenhoff, 3104 Fernside Boulevard, Alameda, CA 94501 c/o Pen Pals Program

:: Or, point me to examples of people doing it right in this unprecedented situation… individuals, businesses, artists, etc.
:: Inspiration

:: Or, kill cabin fever by getting creative AF

:: Or, hey! delight in the only-funny-if-you-grew-up-on-Cape-Cod hand-washing meme I made

Real pareidolia that actually exists: yay!

Shello!: While making my annual St. Patty’s Day meal, I noticed the inside of my cabbage resembled Sigmund. You know, the sea monster from seventies TV. They say I suffer from a word-I-can’t-pronounce, pareidolia, aka “seeing faces in unusual places.” But, folks, I ain’t even suffering. Just look at that thing — cute!

Real thing that actually exists: yay!

I want this table SO BAD: It’s styled after those little round “tables” they put on top of pizzas AND it’s packaged in a pizza box! (“Only available in Hong Kong IKEA and Pizza Hut locations” — no one appreciates a sight gag more than me, why am I being punished?!)

Runner-up: Weird Al has a new book that actually exists ($28).

Featured Events

Folks, I won’t lie, it’s a shelter-in-place ghost town out there…

24 U.S. Cities
[POSTPONED until TBD] (** I wrote a thing about this tour! **) Pee-wee’s Big Adventure 35th Anniversary Tour with Paul Reubens — see a screening of the film followed by Paul Reubens himself — live, in person! — sharing never-before-heard stories about the making of the movie. 

Daly City, CA
[CANCELLEDDaly City Rock & Roll Flea Market with Kepi Ghoulie and more! 9 AM to 5 PM

Eugene, OR
[CROSSING MY FINGERS THIS IS STILL HAPPENING 7/10-7/12] Oregon Country Fair, a three-day art and music fair, described as “magical” and I believe it! Tickets will go on sale on a TBD date

Las Vegas, NV
[Extended! BUT IS IT? Until 4/12] Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas art exhibit at the Neon Museum

[WHEN? I DON’T KNOW! Opening this year] Meow Wolf’s Area 15 Thanks, Claudia!

Los Angeles, CA
Both locations of MOCA are now permanently free but not open!

[POSTPONED] Cages, as described by RED pal Kyle: “It’s truly the future of music show meets storytelling. Fully immersive, from rooms to performance that combines concert, live theater, projection mapping, stop motion animation, 3D and 2d cgi, dance, and more. It’s nuts.”

[DUNNO MAYBE Last Saturday of the month] almighty Opp, a streetside puppet show in Koreatown on the corner of Western and Elmwood, recommended by CTP who says, “It’s fantastic. And bizarre, and funny, and wonderous,” 9 PM

Nederland, CO
[CANCELLED] Frozen Dead Guys Days, quirky “three day Frosty Fiesta features over 30 live bands in 3 heated super tents featuring local craft brews, specialty spirited drinks, 14 delicious craft food vendors, serving up Vegan to BBQ and everything in between” Thanks, Susan!

New York City

RED pal Oriana Leckert always highlights the best events in the Big Apple! And by “always” I mean, “when there’s not a global pandemic shutting everything down.”

[UNKNOWN AS OF PUBLICATION 3/18-4/12] The Plastic Bag Store is reminiscent of Lucy Sparrow’s all-felt markets, except that everything in Robin Frohardt’s shop is made with single-use plastic items. 20 Times Square, free and open to the public

[LOOKS LIKE IT’S STILL A GO 5/9 to 11/1] Yayoi Kusama’s Cosmic Nature exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden (pre-sale for members and patrons happens 2/19, public on 2/26)

Oakland, CA
[POSTPONED – DATE UNKNOWN] Journey to the End of the Night (yes, it’s in Oakland this year!), 5 PM to 11 PM, Tickets $0-$30

[POSTPONED] ResurrEGGtion2020! an EGGS Bar Fundraiser at BRIX 581, 9 PM

[LOOKS LIKE IT’S STILL ON 7/11-7/12] Burger Boogaloo headlines with Bikini Kill and Circle Jerks, Mosswood Park

Portland, OR
[Ongoing BUT NOT RIGHT NOW] The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium Thanks, Brian!
[Ongoing BUT DO STAY HOME] In a similar vein, The Zymoglyphic Museum Thanks, Mel!

[POSTPONED until 2021] The creators of the popular Exploding Kittens card game series are hosting Burning Cat, a new two-day game convention that ends in the burning of a giant effigy.

Reno, NV
[NOPE, WAS 3/21]: Beware the Brides of March,
This Cacophony Society favorite began when Burning Man co-founder Danger Ranger discovered a thrift store rack full of wedding dresses. That was 1998. Some 22 years later, this “more street theater than bar hop” event still invites brides of all genders to participate. 

San Diego, CA
[STILL A GO-GO 8/12-8/16] Tiki Oasis is celebrating its 20th anniversary this August at the Paradise Point Hotel! Two things: 1.) This is not to be confused with Arizona Tiki Oasis which happens around Halloween in Scottsdale (same producers though!) AND 2.) tickets are NOW on sale!

San Francisco, CA
[POSTPONEDLast Gasp Warehouse Sale, 11 AM to 4 PM

[CANCELLED] Super Shangri-La Show presents Treasure of the Four Crowns at Balboa Theater, 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

[POSTPONED – Date UNKNOWN] Negativland is performing an audio/visuals show at Gray Area, 8 PM

[POSTPONED] 3-Day Experience Design Training by KAOSPILOT

[SEEMS TO BE ON 4/3] Last Gasp‘s 50th Anniversary Art Show at 111 Minna Gallery, 21+ (more details to come)

[STILL HAPPENING : 4/12] Bring Your Own Big Wheel (more details)

[STILL ON : 5/23] Weird Homes Tour (!!!!) ,10 AM to 5 PM, Tickets are $40-$60, 13 and younger free

[POSTPONED until 6/10Dancehall of Beautiful Radiant Things is back, a “social-mixer-disguised-as-a-slow-dance-club,” 7:30 PM at the Verdi Club, Tickets

San Luis Obispo, CA
[SURPRISED TO SEE THAT IT’S STILL ON! 4/11] John Waters Easter at the Madonna Inn! Fred Schneider of The B-52’s to emcee!

Scottsdale, AZ
[POSTPONED to 10/29-11/1] Arizona Tiki Oasis at the lovely, mid-century Valley Ho Hotel. If you go: Take a sidetrip to the UnderTow, an incredible immersive tiki bar house in a former Jiffy Lube (reservations required).

Seattle, WA
[IT DOESN’T SAY IT’S OFF BUT I’D CHECK FIRST Ongoing, 1st Sunday of the month] Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery “a love letter to the strangeness and talent that walks amongst us” at Annex Theatre, 7:30 PM, Tickets 

Stonyford, CA
[THIS SHOW WILL PROBABLY GO ON, IF I KNOW CHICKEN JOHN 6/15-6/21] Camp Tipsy, “rotten boat building contest and camp-out held at East Park Reservoir,” Tickets

Various U.S. cities, and sometimes Canada
Atlas Obscura has an ongoing calendar of unique experiences. But, don’t you worry about that. Just go wash your hands.

Do not check out this calendar of design events from around the world. There’s really no point.

Know about a cool, quirky, and/or indie event? Settle down, we’re in lockdown.

Folks, this is way more serious than I initially thought.

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