The “Black Whip” Edition :: Issue #262, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“For me, this is not a time to be buried in the business of creating. It is a time to take a backseat and use this opportunity to reflect on exactly what our function is — what we, as artists, are for.”

Nick Cave

Rusty's Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by Rusty Blazenhoff

An inbox zine for positive deviants and the people who love them
Issue #262 :: The “Black Whip” Edition :: 04:08:2020

Black Whip…

Finally ironed out my “going to the grocery store” outfit:

(JK, but I did once dress like Zorro’s Black Whip for Halloween.)

Rusty Blazenhoff

As seen on the Internets

Empty Nighthawks (Edward Hopper originally)

Edward Hopper’s 1942 Nighthawks addressed the separation and alienation felt during WWII. Now, this 2014 digitally-created adaptation of the painting rings eerily true in this time of social isolation.
:: SJ and I rescued a featherless nestling from our doorsteps — it was intense!

:: Now for something a little different: Paulette Traverso’s “Messages from Quarantine”
:: Thanks, LadyBee!

:: Actor John Krasinski is killing it with his “Some Good News” web show
:: Episode 1:
:: Episode 2:

:: “Your Guide to Social Distancing-Friendly Hiking Trails

:: “This place is cute as dick.” (sketch comedy that goes into wonderfully weird territory)
:: Thanks, Jenny!

:: Oh, these paper bag masks are simply wonderful Thanks, Dixie!

:: I’m envious that they thought to use the word “boned” in a headline

:: TIL: If you become an art forger, don’t accidentally use Titanium White
:: Beltracchi is available on Kanopy

:: Nick Cave on what we do now and what he’s doing now

:: TIL: Bob Baker’s marionettes were in “Escape from Witch Mountain”!


STILL-L-L Bored? STILL-L-L Lonely? STILL-L-L Awesome? Don’t despair…

:: You can STILL-L-L Marco Polo (or text) me 

:: New snail mail challenge: But first, I have a bone to pick with some of you! I won’t name names but a few of you sent me mail (yay!) but didn’t put a return address (nay!). Now I can’t return the favor which is half the fun. That being said, I’m really enjoying all the mail love.

Ok, onto this week’s snail mail challenge… Send me a postcard cut from a package of something you consumed during this shelter in place (like a cereal box) and I’ll write you back with one of my own. 
:: Send to: Rusty Blazenhoff, 3104 Fernside Boulevard, Alameda, CA 94501

Real things you can actually knit: yay!

If you find yourself with some downtime, why not knit some fingerless gloves for Finger Hands? (Fun fact: Finger Hands were fashioned after my pal Scott Heffernan’s actual hands!)

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Erase Covid

Yeah! Scrub those paws!: I’m in love with all the “Public Safety Art” over at EraseCOVID. Thanks, Tweedlebop!

Featured Event

Fun with electricity
[April 15] The first-ever virtual Dorkbot is happening! 7 to 8:30 PM. 


Know about a cool, quirky, and/or indie event? Settle down, we’re STILL in lockdown.

Me? Number “10,” I think. Though, maybe more of a “6” first thing in the morning? (There’s also this grid.)
Thanks for this gem, Jenny!

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