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Issue #263 :: The “Taxing” Edition :: 04:15:2020


What have I been up to? Oh, you’re sweet for asking. Well… I’ve been:

— Shopping in bulk for TP and other essentials, at a massive never-before-open-to-the-public restaurant supply store;

— Making, sending, AND receiving mail art. After last week’s snail mail challenge, I learned that many of you have been eating Cheerios during this shelter-in-place;

— Playing “Animal Crossing” with my daughter which is great fun. This article gave me a laugh though;

— Working. I’m grateful to have work but — Calgon, take me away — there sure is a lot of it!;

— Avoiding the news, for the most part. At least not dwelling on the news I do see. Not easy but I’m trying;

— Deferring paying my taxes until later, because I can.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Also, I made a 1/12-scale paper grocery bag! Why? Hold your horses, it’s still a secret!

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:: Dial: 719-26-OATES Thanks for the reminder, Kelly!

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:: Apparently, some San Francisco streets are named after historical sex workers

:: Now-self explains the pandemic to past-self


STILL Bored? C’mon! STILL Lonely? Fair enough. STILL Awesome? Of course, you are.

:: New snail mail challenge:
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Real things you can actually print: yay!

Lick & Stick

If you’ve been exchanging mail art with me, you may have wondered where I get my decorative stamps. Well, I’ve been printing found images on the stamps using these pre-perforated Lick & Stick sheets from the Portland Stamp Company. They were originally recommended to me by Lea Redmond of the World’s Smallest Post Service (because, of course!) and I love them so much that I’m on my third package already. Packs of three or more are available from Buyolympia’s online store starting at $6 (with free shipping!). I’d love to see what you make with them. 

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“The Hero’s Journey to get groceries” by Mythical Systems
Thanks, Scott!

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