The “Whiz kid” Edition :: Issue #264, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“…don’t ever shake anybody’s hands.”

Dr. Fauci

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Issue #264 :: The “Whiz kid” Edition :: 04:22:2020

Whiz kid…

This whole coronavirus situation has been frustrating for me ’cause I like to help. You know, I like to be helpful. But I’ve had so much work, and when I’m not working I’m spending time with SJ or sleeping (why am I so tired these days?). Plus, I have zero medical training. It feels like just doing my job, hanging at home with my daughter, and crashing early are probably the best things for me to do in this strange and difficult time. Though, I have been donating money to my local food bank. That’s something. But, other than that, I have been feeling a little useless. So, I was sitting here recently and asked myself “What can I do?” And apparently the answer is humor. You’re welcome…?

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Ever wonder how someone becomes a professional blogger and creative entrepreneur? Me too! J/K — I know ALL about it

As seen on the Internets

It’s coming from INSIDE the HOUSE: Lea Redmond teamed up with Illustrator Michelle Ott to create these cute “print + play” postcards to send from “the inside.”
:: An amusing look at how brands are communicating with you during the coronavirus sitch
:: thx, datn!

:: Did anyone ever teach you this old trick

:: On “Scooby-Doo’s enduring appeal

:: Banksy’s been busy… in his home bathroom

:: A quarantined family re-created a 1981 Journey video and it’s awesome

:: New “coronacoinages” are being invented. My favorite: “infit”

:: Conan O’Brien zoom-bombed a Silicon Valley tech company’s meeting and trolled them

:: Babyland General Hospital is a real place you can STILL tour and buy Cabbage Patch Kids (when we’re out of quarantine, that is)!
:: via

:: Crazy-cool articulated fingers
:: Thanks, Greg!

:: Aeria, a lovely little animation by Richie Rhombus and Sadie Nash

:: Black Rock City is cancelled but Burning Man is still happening in the multiverse, and there’s a $12 poster
:: via

:: AND, since I won’t be going out to the desert, I got a big canvas bell tent so SJ and I can make a backyard theme camp

Shiny new Animal Crossing section because I’m obsessed

:: Use Getty Museum’s art to generate some for AC

:: Make your own AC patterns online
:: thx, datn!

STILL Bored? Say it ain’t so! STILL Lonely? Awww… STILL Awesome? Well, duh.

:: Snail mail challenge:
:: Still time for last week’s oh-so-mysterious challenge! Drop me a line and I’ll hook you up. Thanks for everyone who is already playing. I can’t believe some of the things you’ve made for it. Really great stuff.

Real things you can actually build: yay!

Brutalist sandcastle

These Brutalist sandcastles by Calvin Seibert are really something! via

Real things you can actually sew: yay!

Time to get the groceries in style: Challenge yourself to make this pieced-and-quilted plague doctor’s mask, you big sewing showoff, you!

Featured Event

[May 1 ] The Deconstruction is back and this time it’s all online!  A “creative event about rethinking the objects and ideas around us, and creating something new.” (video)

Know about a cool, quirky, and/or indie socially distant event? Ok, email me with details.

“Shelf Isolation” by Phil Shaw
Thanks, Tracy!

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