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Issue #269 :: The “Glanning” Edition :: 05:27:2020


It suddenly really feels like summer, at least here in the Bay Area. So… in the past week…

  • SJ and I settled into our new glamping tent which is up, operational, and thoroughly awesome.
  • I spent the good part of Saturday canning bread-and-butter pickles (recipe) [HMU if you’re local (near Alameda, CA) and want to do a trade. Jar of homemade pickles for what-have-you];
  • I turned “yuk” into “yum!” by baking banana bread (recipe);
  • I stopped loving my victory garden friends too much (sorry for all the water, now-dead plant-y pals);
  • I had a dream I was flying to Mexico with a super-cool suitcase;
  • I imagined, with a friend, taking a real vacation to Florida’s gorgeous St. Pete’s Beach… knowing that it won’t happen for a long, long time — sigh;
  • I pulled the trigger on an overpriced inflatable hot tub/cool pool. Because, omfg, heatwave.

Hey, at least I didn’t mention TikTok today. Okay, almost didn’t mention it. But, then I remembered I made a perfectly “Rusty” one after getting (sage) advice from a friend to stop “overthinking” and start “dumbing down” my videos. Thanks, Heather. You were right.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Any of you Bay Area folks want to know the story how I got a new-ish electric car (basically) for free? Debating if I should hammer it out.

**Danielle Baskin coined the word “glanning” after I posted photos of my Memorial Day weekend activities of glamorous camping + canning. Perfect.

As seen on the Internets

John Edmark talk at EG13

~137.5°: I’ve been meaning to share this video for a while. First, some backstory: So, each spring for the past few years (minus this one of course) I’ve been part of the volunteer production staff for a conference in Carmel called EG, One cool thing about this gig is that I get to sit in on pretty much any talk I want, and the talks are TED-like in quality. So, last May, I caught “mathematically inclined Sculptor” John Edmark‘s talk and it has really stuck with me. In the first part, he shows off work which is both smart and playful. But it’s the second part (around the 8:56 mark) that really impressed me. That’s when he explains the wonder of the “Golden Angle” in its relation to nature, and how those natural patterns inform his sculptures. I’ve never been much of a math person but I have been hyper-aware of nature’s geometric spirals for a while now (hullooo, looking at you, romanesco, you tasty fractal, you!). This talk, a deeply satisfying 22-minute-watch, really pulled it all together for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

:: Ok, now watch this video after the one I just told you about 
:: Thanks, Isabel!

:: So good: Former NASA Engineer Mark Rober attempts to build the perfect squirrel-proof bird feeder

:: Minimalist mid-century style birdhouses Thanks, Susan!

:: In Campbell, CA there’s a pop-up “Emergency Art Museum” 

:: SF drag legend Peaches Christ gets roasted by Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Mink Stole, John Waters, and more ($5 rental/2019 Roast)
:: Trailer:

:: Why “10,000” steps? Because, marketing.

:: This yearbook prank reminds me of a certain phone book prank

:: No can do “no can do”

Real show you can actually watch again: YES WAY!

A little birdie told me: Tuca & Bertie is coming back for another season! I don’t know why it was cancelled to begin with because it’s downright delightful. You can still watch Season 1 on Netflix but the newly renewed second season will be on Adult Swim.

Featured Events

[Various dates] No Proscenium has a massive list of “remote/online immersive and interactive experiences.” One that jumped out at me was the TeleLibrary. I haven’t yet tried it but you connect to them via your phone/What’s App and they’ll provided you with “adventure, entertainment and edification from the comfort and social distance of your own home.” Ok, I’m game.

Know about a cool, quirky, and/or indie socially distant event? Email me with details.

Look what I came across on TikTok: Remember a few years ago when that guy traded one red paperclip all the way up to a house? Well, there’s a gal on TikTok who’s got a bobby pin and she’s already traded it up to a snowboard to get to her new house. It took the original guy 14 online trades to get to a two-story farmhouse in Saskatchewan. How many will it take her to get to her dream home? Will Alice Cooper be involved again? Why doesn’t she want the fancy Italian pram I offered?

Follow the Trade Me Project on TikTok to see how it all turns out. And if you have something to trade, DM her on Instagram.

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