The “Heartbreak” Edition :: Issue #270, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

–  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Issue #270 :: The “Heartbreak” Edition :: 06:03:2020


I love covering the niche corner of culture that I do. Sometimes I even influence it. As small as this influence is, I know I have a bigger platform than most. And with this bigger platform comes expectations and, of course, responsibility. 

Now, some of you think I should use this voice of mine to push political agendas. That I should use my voice for “good.” I get it, “silence is compliance.”

Others of you think I should stay in my “lane.” Meaning, I believe, don’t put a spotlight on anything that causes discomfort. I get that too, the world can be ugly and it can be kind of a safe haven within this weekly email’s walls. 

But, call it the rebel in me, I don’t like being told what I “should” do in either direction.

I never planned to be in this position of influence but I really do try to do the right thing with the voice I’ve been given.

Part of the concept behind this zine is to highlight the good, to put a spotlight on the weird and wonderful things our greater community is making and doing. It’s a love letter to them (us!), meant to inspire creativity and to bring hope in an increasingly bummer of a world. My brand of activism is not an “in your face” type, it’s not. It’s more of a long, slow burn, a “shining of a light in dark places” kind of thing.

But, make no mistake, my heart is broken and it continues to break — for this country, for our children, for my own child. The world is a mess, and maybe it’s naive, but I still have hope and that’s how I’ve been able to show up here nearly every week for the past five+ years. 

*I* feel you don’t need me to be your moral compass. I sense that you all have a good head on your shoulders or you wouldn’t be here to begin with. But, jic, I’ll say this: 


Educate yourself and VOTE. The world needs your voice too!

I’m still going to do my thing here every week. I won’t be muted, but I will be listening better, checking my privilege, and giving more. I hope you’ll do the same.

Rusty Blazenhoff

As seen on the Internets

Here we gooooo!: Stephen Loewinsohn, a talented photographer and drone filmmaker, asked my team at Fairyland if he could gift us with a “fairy’s-eye view” of the park. Of course, we couldn’t say no. Months later, WOWZA

:: Kindle a project for this year’s virtual Burning Man

:: Oh, to have lots of money to spend on one of these creations!

:: “Artists are magicians,” John Waters’ (in-quarantine) commencement speech

:: About those black squares many of us posted on Instagram (guilty!)

:: Vox: “Why a manual by a control freak is the best thing to read when the world is out of control”
:: Home Comforts

:: Long New Yorker piece on Andy Warhol 

Real jewelry you can actually buy: AU!

Welcome to quarantine art: A golden roll of toilet paper? Yup. German jeweler Jonathan Johnson designed this gold-plated necklace ($75) as a statement: “The diamond, the most desirable object of desire, and a symbol of wealth, was suddenly replaced by toilet paper.”

R.I.P. Christo: I saw him just last year. He spoke and answered questions after a San Francisco screening of Walking on Water, the documentary that followed him through his creative process in building the Floating Piers in Italy. The audience was small and it was a thrill to be in the room with him, as I have admired his work since I was a kid. Side note: At the show, I was randomly seated next to Jerry James, the guy who used to build the soon-to-be-burned “Man” on Baker Beach. Shockingly, we had never met before.
Thanks for the image, Mark!

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