The “Ready, Set, Go” Edition :: Issue #271, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“In a racist society it’s not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

–  Angela Davis

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Issue #271 :: The “Ready, set, go” Edition :: 06:10:2020

Ready, set, go…

This New Yorker cartoon SAYS IT ALL:

by Elisabeth McNair


Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I learned A LOT this past week. Most notably.

As seen on the Internets

Doc Pop has been creating an album in quarantine (it’s free and drops today!). One of the singles imagines the Legion of Doom in a Zoom call — its video uses the perfect found footage!
Legion of Zoom“:
:: Burning Man addresses the elephant in the room (and it’s not the first time)
:: Rev. Jesse Jackson recites “I Am — Somebody” poem with Sesame Street kids (1972)

:: The way this guy uses TikTok for his business — swoon! 

:: And look how this therapist is using TikTok to teach people how to “reparent” themselves! 

:: Watch how @theblindwoodsman John Furniss tells different colors of wood apart

:: USPS worker @postal_babes_unite shares insider knowledge of the postal service

:: @freemanbut makes digital magic in TikTok — love her spirit!

:: “All houses matter”: The revolution is also on TikTok

:: Whose Line is it Anyway?: “Can you pick out the man who robbed you?”

Real big shoes you can actually buy: stay away!

Romanian Cobbler Grigore Lup makes size 75 social-distancing shoes

Keep your distance: Romanian Cobbler Grigore Lup noticed people weren’t respecting the rules of social distancing and made (Euro) size 75 shoes in response, “If two people wearing these shoes were facing each other, there would be almost one-and-a-half metres between them.” So far he’s had five orders (at the equivalent of $115/pair). 
Thanks, Mark

Funny plant markers

I need these plant markers. (Although the plants are doing ok over here… now that I’ve stopped overwatering them.)

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