The “Eating rice” Edition :: Issue #272, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“When hungry, eat your rice; when tired close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean.”

–  Zen teaching of Lin-chi

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Issue #272 :: The “Eating rice” Edition :: 06:17:2020

Eating rice…

Sometimes this top section is where I start. At some point during the week, I think of something I am dying to tell you about and can’t wait to start writing. That day is not today, dear readers. So, instead, I offer you extended links in this issue. 

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I’m ok! Just need to eat my “rice” and “close my eyes.”

As seen on the Internets

The real Real World: Remember a while back I said I was invited to be a guest on a podcast about TV shows? WELL, it’s LIVE! My pals Brittany and Rob of the TV Show Show and myself went through the first episode of the first season of The Real World, MTV’s pioneering (and slow-moving compared to today’s standards) reality show. It was so much fun and, by watching it again, I realized how influenced I was by it. Listen in here. It’s silly fun where I reveal my own RW cast connection.
:: Podcast: Neko Case on Andy Richter’s “Three Questions”

:: “Raspberry Sorbet”: Prince on Muppets Tonight (1997)

:: GENIUS: “Vanilla Mice” explains library’s curbside pickup service

:: The Burning Man Project has started a podcast about its community 
:: Burning Man Live

:: Look at this beautiful bird sculpture coming to Sunol, CA Thanks, Gordon!

:: Someone needs to explain this to me

:: “Breaking up” or BREAKING UP

:: Star Trek‘s Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are HOT as women

:: Doubletake! The ever-brilliant Danielle Baskin has been making masks. This one blends with your own face…
:: And this one makes it so your image can’t be shared, haha…

In the spirit of “showing my (anti-racist) work”:

:: I knew Aunt Jemima HAD TO BE RACIST but know I REALLY KNOW

:: Watch 13th on Netflix. Just do it, I’ll wait… Mad yet?!  
:: Thanks, Andy!

:: How to turn a simple crossing light hand into a Black Power fist 

:: Juneteenth is this Friday

:: A “work in protest”

Real house you can’t actually buy: yay!

Surreal estate: UK Artist Mary Rose Young bought her “dilapidated” cottage for £30,000 in 1987 and has been turning it into a magical hand-painted art “dollhouse” ever since. But here’s the crazy part: In 2014, she tried to sell it for £250,000 and there were NO BUYERS. What is wrong with these people?! It’s not everyday a piece of art YOU CAN LIVE IN comes on the market. Fools! More pix here (definitely check out the toilet).
Thanks for the future home decorating inspiration, Andy!

Featured Events

[Virtual screenings 6/20 and 6/21] Larry: A Burning Man Story features “never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with [Burning Man Founder] Larry [Harvey]’s friends, family and colleagues” — $10

[6/24] Video dorkbotSF #2, 7 to 9 p.m. RSVP

Honey bee, be free: How amazing is this? TIL: Without a beekeeper’s rectangular frame, bees create unusual and beautiful hive patterns — I had no idea! Really quite stunning. 

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