The “Ceiling Tiddy” Edition :: Issue #273, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”

–  Erma Bombeck

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An inbox zine for positive deviants and the people who love them
Issue #273 :: The “Ceiling Tiddy” Edition :: 06:24:2020

Ceiling Tiddy…


Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. THIS is how I got a free electric vehicle earlier this year. 

As seen on the Internets

A project created in quarantine: This is neat. At WindowSwap, you can see the view from other people’s windows around the world! You can also submit the view from yours. I’m not submitting mine because I’m afraid I’ll be judged harshly for over-watering those plants of mine. I just want to LOVE THEM!
Thanks, Susan!
:: Ever wonder how packaged lettuce is processed? IN THE FIELD!

:: Use an old lens and a flash to get your tea lights LIT Thanks, Andy!

:: Shalaco on: “Best Part of Getting Laid Off”

:: Performers on a 75-ft vessel are stuck at sea because of COVID Thanks, Eveline!

:: This is my kind of street art

:: Love this: Richie Rhombus is doing custom “elemental portraits” for $100

:: If you love tiny things, you’re going to LOVE this Thanks, Tracy!

:: Oh no, another unintentionally funny art “restoration”!

:: “You fools! While you were busy worrying about a global pandemic, battling racial inequality, and saving your pennies in preparation for the country’s cannonball into economic ruin, I was off buying up every last bottle rocket in North America.”

In the spirit of “showing my (anti-racist) work”:

:: @anisatav: “How do museums uphold white supremacy?”

:: “ALL LIES MATTER” by Hank Willis Thomas

:: GitHub removing coding terms “master” and “slave” Thanks, Terry!

Real pennants you can’t actually buy: YAY!

Pen(nant) Pal

And it went like: Just before the beginning of the quarantine, I was planning an IRL pennant-making party at my home. There were these adorable pennants I saw on Instagram and I thought it would make a fun afternoon of crafting. But then COVID hit. So, I took it to snail mail, asking for “Pen(nant) Pals.” I sent a pennant out and simply asked for one in return. WELL… I was blown away by the creativity of my new pen(nant)-pals! Seriously

But it didn’t end there…

At one point, one of my Pals got confused. They didn’t realize they were going to be sending their pennant to me! They thought it was some kind of chain mail and gave me an address to send the next one too. So… I did. I thought it was a genius, albeit accidental, next level of the game. And then I got some of you involved by asking for your blind participation here in the zine. But, after that, I don’t know if the Pen(nant) Pals chain mail was successful or not. I mean, I don’t have pictures of what you mailed out and I have zero idea if it caught on… Would love to know if you sent OR received one! If you have a photo, even better. I’ll update here if/when I hear back from you. (Thanks for playing!)

Featured Events

[Starting 7/1] Joyride: The Ambassador of Americana, Mr. Charles Phoenix, has announced a new YouTube series, “#midcentury #classiccars and more galore !!!”  Here’s a taste. (I know, this is not technically an event. Sue me!)

[TONIGHT] Video dorkbotSF #2, 7 to 9 p.m. RSVP

I’m 1, 3, AND 4. So, that makes me extra non-essential.


ALSO: Remember last week when I shared that heart-shaped beehive and wrote that bees had created it naturally? WELL, I was wrong and I’m not afraid to admit it. Thanks for setting me straight, you-know-who!

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