The “Wise up” Edition :: Issue #276, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

– Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist (a book I highly recommend)

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Issue #276 :: The “Wise up” Edition :: 07:15:2020

Wise up…

You may have heard that one of my clients, Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, is facing severe financial hardships. Eighty percent of their money comes from admission and since they’ve been closed since mid-March, it’s stopped coming in. The majority of the staff has been furloughed… again. The park got a PPP loan to pay staff this spring but it has just run out. Me? I’ve still got work there, at least for now. If you have a few bucks to spare, please throw it at their big online fundraiser. They are aiming for $300K to keep afloat and have raised nearly $50K since last week. It’s really a special place and it would suck to lose it. Thanks, folks!

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I continue to camp out in my backyard every night SJ is with me. It’s one of the few things that make this crazy summer even feel like summer at all. 

As seen on the Internets

Wow, wow, wow: Here’s something that cuts through noise with noise! Miss stumbling on weird stuff on TV? EXP TV is about to rock your world. They’ve created a live internet channel that broadcasts “an endless stream of obscure media and video ephemera” day and night. You never know what’s coming next and that’s what makes it so terrific. It’s unpredictable, bizarre, and yet it somehow manages to feel familiar. Super cool. [Learn about the creative folks behind it over at Dangerous Minds.]

Seriously folks, if there’s just one thing you click today, let it be this. It’s really neat.

:: I’m completely charmed by these birds made from torn packaging
:: Thanks, Polly!

:: The Alaskan bear cam never disappoints

:: “Bardcore”: Medieval-style covers of songs like “Jolene” and “Creep” 

:: W. Kamau Bell on Andy Richter’s “Three Questions” podcast

:: Analog Tetris 

:: How to make a backyard movie theater with a $230 projector

:: Yikes: I cannot believe this is the first time I’m hearing of “disappointments rooms” (CW)

:: How to automate an “I’m getting pulled over” video recording sequence on your phone
:: Android
:: iPhone

:: Podcast: “Entrepreneurship with Helene & Seth Godin
:: via

:: A cybersecurity pro shares how to use TikTok securely Thanks, Heather!

:: If you’ve ever thought to start “prepping” but it felt overwhelming/scary, try this site Thanks, Carla!

Real thing you can actually make: yay…?

Chicken arms. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Thanks, Andy!

Real thing someone actually made: yes way!

She used 41 rolls of duct tape:  Like most high schoolers, 18-year-old Payton Manker’s prom was cancelled. But that didn’t stop her from making a dress to enter in Duck duct tape brand’s “Stuck at Prom” contest. Some 395+ hours later (she lost count), this is the amazing prom dress she cranked out. It tells the story of how COVID-19 has affected the world. The “coronavirus” purse is just the cherry on top. The contest winners will be announced July 21. See the other entries here.

Featured Event

[7/26 – 9 p.m.] I’m sure I’ve raved about the documentary about Shep Gordon here before. Well, now he’s hosting an interactive masterclass on the music management business. It’s $100 and the first two have already sold out. If I didn’t already have plans that day, I’d totally attend even though I don’t have much interest in the music industry. Shep’s just a character. And, to the best of my knowledge, he’s never done anything like this. 

Booty Types

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