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“Good art is all about making other artists feel like idiots because the idea wasn’t theirs.”

The Most Famous Artist

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Issue #277 :: The “Capital A” Edition :: 07:22:2020

Capital A…

As a blogger, knowing when to capitalize someone’s title, or not, is something I have to think about daily. The general rule is to capitalize a person’s title when it directly precedes their name, but not when it follows it.

So, this is correct: Professional Free Spirit Rusty Blazenhoff runs an inbox zine. 

But this is incorrect: Rusty Blazenhoff, a Professional Free Spirit, runs an an inbox zine.

(The latter should be: Rusty Blazenhoff, a professional free spirit, runs an an inbox zine. Actually, all three are technically wrong because “professional free spirit” is something I just made up.)

The one that always gets me is “artist.” According to the rule, professions like author, actor, pilot, musician and yes, artist, are not capitalized, before or after a name. As I understand the logic behind it, a title is capitalized because it is officially conferred or awarded meaning you earned it. The word “profession” stems from “professing” your occupation, meaning you declared it yourself. Therefore, it isn’t capitalized. 

I think most artists have earned their title, some officially! So, between you and me, sometimes I capitalize the “a” in “Artist” when it precedes a name. Now, I don’t want to tell you what to do but maybe you should too (??). [where is that smiley, winky-face emoji when I need it?] 

Rusty Blazenhoff, 
Chief Rule Breaker
(this one is capitalized, even though it comes after my name…another exception to the rule. Oh wait, I made “chief rule breaker” up too. NVM.)
P.S. There will not be an issue next week. See you in (gulp) AUGUST.

As seen on the Internets

VoteBitch is back.

:: Rest in Power: Civil rights great John Lewis has passed. Remember that time he went to Comic Con dressed as a younger version of himself?
:: Joseph Herscher makes fun-to-watch Rube Goldberg machines. Now he’s turned them into a game you can play at home. I guessed all but one correctly.
:: (pw: door)

:: You gotta see these marionettes!

:: “What Portland protesters want you to know” ‘this is a fight for all of us’

:: Featuring big-boobed puppets: Mammaries for Humanity is Spy Emerson’s new project

:: Covid brain is real (duh)

:: Twitter account curates “Feminist TikTok” content 
:: Thanks, Heather!

:: So, I’m trying out a new brand of popcorn that sounds promising

:: Never not funny: “Scream inside your heart”

:: A different kind of “BLM” appeared at Black Rock

:: Oldie but a goodie: Live-action Calvin and Hobbes with Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs

They ain’t cheap but I’m thrilled with the Amy Kuschel brand mask that reader Jessica H. recommended to me. It’s big, soft, uses Liberty of London fabric, and has special ear straps for wearing around your neck. I liked it so much that I bought three! (FYI: I ordered the standard size and it covers my face well. The max size would be good only for people with really big faces.)

Real gas mask you can actually make: way!

For times like these: In 1942, Popular Mechanics offered a lesson in crafting an emergency gas mask from “common materials” like a rubber bathing cap, a powder puff box, and fly swatters. This is the one lady uke legend May Singhi Breen completed back in the day.

Thanks, Gary!

Featured Event

[8/22] Camp Tipsy is OFF. But Camp Tubsy is ON. The stay-at-home event, hosted by Polly Superstar, is certain to bring the weird. Suggested donation is $20, happens 1 to 5 p.m.

[This weekend] Gray Area, with partners AA, CCA, and SFAI, is hosting UTOPIAA, an online festival for recreational architecture. Creative/student scholarships are available by emailing

One of us, one of usBeauty Bubble in Joshua Tree is both a hair salon and an amazing museum. It’s full of “hair-aphernalia,” aka quirky vintage hair-related items. These little beauties, called “Hairsterical Gals,” are sculptures created by the salon’s owner, Jeff Hafler. According to Beauty Bubble’s Instagram, these artworks are “headed” (their joke, not mine) to San Francisco to be part of an upcoming exhibition at SFO Museum called “Hair Style.” 
Thanks, Heather!

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