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“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.”

–  (RIP) RBG

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Issue #286 :: The “Buy art” Edition :: 09:30:2020

Buy art…

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. You sure do know how to make a new crone feel good. Instead of feeling down that I couldn’t celebrate in a bigger way, I put on my big girl panties (it’s all I have now anyway) and enjoyed the day at home. I worked a little, opened gifts, relished all the kind words, and then ended the day by eating Indian food and cupcakes with my daughter. Sure, a big blow-out might have been fun but I ain’t complaining. 

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Reminder: RED is going bi-weekly starting in October. That means there is no issue next week. See ya October 14.

Editor’s note: I regret leaving out one bit of wisdom on the original list: BUY ART. A correction has been made.

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Yes, these are my groceries

Notice anything about my groceries? That’s right, no plastic! On the advice of a friend (sup Tom!), I signed up to try a new zero-waste grocery delivery service called… Zero. These kinds of services always seem to cater to rich people, so I assumed it was going to be prohibitively expensive but it’s actually reasonable. They source their products at wholesale sizes and prices to avoid waste, and pass the savings on. $25/month, plus the cost of groceries, gets you all the deliveries you want. They send a lot of products in glass jars which you return when you’re done. One downside: They don’t carry everything I normally buy (La Croix, for example) but, bonus, they do have Boichik Bagels, so yum. 

Deliveries are only in the San Francisco Bay Area right now, though they just got a big round of funding to expand. If you want to give it a try, this code (HELLORUSTY25) will give you a free one-month subscription ($25 value). Full disclosure: I get $5 if you sign up. But, I DO really like the service and wouldn’t recommend if I didn’t. 

[I also want to give a shout-out to Pirate Ship for shipping anything from home via USPS. They are WAY better than]

:: Slack is Back

:: Don’t shoot the messenger: “WAP” but with Disney animation via

:: Work the polls on Election Day

:: I got some Fluff Wig art for my birthday, made by my friend JoAnne Yada!

:: Also for my birthday, I got a new and improved logo, created by my friend Anna Pants!

:: “How to tame a troll” 

:: Mark Growden is now offering private music lessons on Zoom (all ages)


:: Yup: “how we market wine to women” 

:: How to prepare for a coup

:: Photo essay: America’s Queer Cowboys

:: I’ve been wanting to get a Korean salt scrub but can’t, of c. My friend Heather offered info on how to do one at home (Stinky ol’ Irish Spring soap is the secret!)

:: Baffling Cyclops: Fun new podcast by Archie McPhee’s David Wahl and his wife Pepper Proxy
:: (first episode:

:: Burning Man is over, but Halcyon’s Pink Porch Camp continues in the default world (San Diego)

Featured Events

Attaboy's Metamorphic Show

[10/2] Attaboy’s new show, Metamorphic, opens Saturday at Compound Gallery in Oakland. He has many, many new pieces and they are in a wide range of prices, from low to still affordable. The show “offers paintings of rocks on actual rocks and on panels, an installation of layers of hand painted graphic mushroom clouds that appear as if textile patterns, and more. In the painted rock series, boulders on an abstract collision course, others appear as suspended in floating landscapes, as if on a wall paper or for sale in a jewelry store for the gods. Other works depict foreboding gnarled trees reminiscent of Japanese Sumi watercolors, but these ‘Nature Studies’ of Atta’s have layered backgrounds of spray paint, and haphazard contrasting colors, creating images of gnarled trees that appear to be violent, yet peaceful at the same time.”

If by “ultra liberal views” they mean the “Salesforce Tower,” then, yes, I am tired and fed up of that view! This was a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle‘s real estate section, btw. 
Thanks, Nancy!

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