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“There’s a nip in the air and my house is full of mutant fucking squash.”

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Issue #287 :: The “DGS” Edition :: 10:14:2020


Yosemite just turned 130 years old. A couple of weeks ago, SJ and I glamped in a heated tent cabin for a couple nights in Curry Village. The crowds were small, reservations were easy to get, temps were mild but, oh my, the smoke. The smell of burnt forest permeated our clothes and hair. But, yet, a smoky weekend in Yosemite is far better than being in lockdown at home. The views were breathtaking (sometimes literally).

The view from Washburn Point (2020)

The view from Washburn Point (1979) – that’s Ansel Adams:

We’re already plotting and planning our spring camping adventure, this time to Tuolumne Meadows. 

If you go: Watch Free Solo first. It’s a documentary about Alex Honnold’s climb up El Capitan without ropes. This is the “trail” he took: 

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I voted by mail yesterday and thought you (Californians) might like to see how I voted on the propositions. (The photo of me working the 2016 polls is just a bonus.)

As seen on the Internets

Not everyone is cancelling Halloween: People are coming up with unusual ways to distribute candy this October 31 without spreading COVID-19. Kellie, my longtime hairdresser, shared these videos of the Monster Candy Slides her hubby-artist Super Ugly made. They’re pretty great! The candy is spit out through the pipe in its mouth and into a trick-or-treater’s basket (I circled the flying candy in red). Both the candy-giver and the candy-taker are safely separated between a big sheet of painted plywood. (Additional views of the monsters.)

:: Baffling Cyclops humorously examines this CDC Halloween guideline: “If screaming will likely occur, greater distancing is advised.” (Plus, crow funeral!)

:: I really enjoyed this one: The “Happy Days” intro but with STOCK FOOTAGE

:: The unicorn of birds

:: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, has a new music video that mourns the loss of Halloween 2020

:: I’m probably the last one to know but the MTV show Catfish started because of 2010 documentary of the same name. (In fact, the term “catfish” came from the doc too!) The show’s main guy Nev Schulman was actually duped by a lonely woman pretending to be someone else. The doc is on Netflix and it’s terrific. It surprised me how kind the young men behind the film were, including Nev, when they confronted her. 

:: Fifty reasons to vote out Trump, according to The Simpsons
:: via

:: A Mary Tyler Moore “wear a mask” PSA

:: Jelly (gelatin mold) cakes as art

:: New podcast you might enjoy: BewilderBeasts
:: Thanks, joshua!

Real thing you can actually buy: boo!


Runner-up (nay): Sexy mail-in ballot Halloween costume

Featured Events

[10/17 VIRTUAL] If you’re looking for an opportunity to slow down and create something beautiful, here’s an online workshop that sounds cool. Learn how to make a sewn collage with San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles’ Digital Artist in Residence Christine Meuris. She encourages participants to gather “materials of personal importance” including “copies of photos and letters, old illustrations, book pages, even recycled artwork” before the course begins. 1.5 hours long. ($15-$25) Register here. Thanks, Jenny!

[10/14 VIRTUAL] Robert Duncan presents Loudmouth, in conversation with Craig Finn: Creem‘s former managing editor Robert Duncan has written his first novel. Loudmouth is a “rock ‘n’ roll coming-of-age novel about sex, drugs, attempted murder, successful arson, love, hate, faith, fraud, family, Springsteen, Clash, Stones, Creem magazine, Lester Bangs, the Seventies, New York, Detroit, Memphis and buck teeth.”  7:30 p.m. ET (virtual book talk on Zoom) Thanks, Alex!

[11/14 to 12/19 VIRTUAL] Nancy F. writes, “Singers, and especially choral singers, have been hit hard by the pandemic. Singing can be a risky, virus-spreading business–but not when you’re joining dozens (or even hundreds) of other singers in a Zoom workshop.” Enter Singing Saturdays, a series of online workshops led by San Francisco Symphony’s chorus director, Ragnar Bohlin. Six Saturday mornings, starting at 11 a.m. PT. Sessions are an hour long. ($20 to $100) Register here.

Vinnie's Pizzeria delivers comforting words for $1

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn is delivering “comforting words” for $1

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