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Issue #288 :: The “Spooktacular” Edition :: 10:28:2020


Halloween is THIS Saturday! How is that possible? Where has the year gone?! And how is it possible that an even scarier day so soon follows it? I’m speaking, of course, about Election Day next Tuesday. What’s going to happen? And did I buy enough Halloween candy to weather it all out? 

Honestly, I didn’t buy ANY Halloween candy this year, at all. I told SJ today that I deserved a merit badge or something for this extreme demonstration of courage. Halloween banned, candy still being pushed, didn’t buy! 

Much love to you, wherever you are, especially if you’ve already voted.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Consider these my Halloween costumes.

As seen on the Internets

Biden HQ in Animal Crossing

And it went like this: I visited Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing island

:: “A brief history of ‘spooktacular‘”

:: Horoscopes have gotten strangely specific

:: Keep in mind this was written last year

:: Please, don’t launder with gasoline via
:: Or do…?

:: There are new issues of Popular Pandemics (!)

:: Fun podcast about crime/fraud/rackets: Scam Goddess 

:: Shh, I’m baking over here (how-to videos that cut through the noise by being very quiet) Thanks, Ananda!

:: “Why do we see dead people?”

:: I don’t even know how to describe this Chinese bookstore. Escher-esque?

:: You haven’t seen carved fruit until you’ve seen Tomoko Sato’s carved fruitvia

:: You haven’t seen carved pumpkins until you’ve seen Ray Villafane’s carved pumpkins!

:: Best thing this week imo: Opera Mayer Wiener Thanks, Todd!

:: Including this again, since a bunch of you said it was helpful: See how I voted on Calfornia’s propositions

:: The kids aren’t alright (well SOME of the kids)

Real zine you can actually buy: yay!

A la Mode: Bob Baker Marionette Theater debuted its own zine and it looks absolutely charming ($15). Also, catch their Hallowe’en SpoOkTaCuLaR on demand.

Real game you can actually play: yay-play!

One-dimensional Chess by Doc Pop

1 row/16 squares: Game-maker extraordinaire Doc Pop has just launched One-dimensional Chess. He calls it a “a refreshing twist on the classic game of chess” and explains that “it’s not just a novelty.” Go see for yourself, it’s available as a free print-and-play download.

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