The “Ideas and deadlines” Edition :: Issue #291, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“I don’t have inspiration. I only have ideas. Ideas and deadlines.”

— Stan Lee 

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Issue #291 :: The “Ideas and deadlines” Edition :: 12:09:2020

Ideas and deadlines…

Finally I have a way to get some of these crazy/creative ideas out of my head and into my hands (and, someday, the world — bwahahaha!). What? How? Well, I bought myself an early Christmas gift! And, let me tell you, it’s gotten all Warhol up in here. “Mass-produced” Blazenhoff Industries holiday cards are well underway:

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. To those who celebrate Hanukkah, Hanukah, and/or Chanukah… Chag sameach! (Just don’t show THIS video to your kids. It might give them “ideas.”)

As seen on the Internets

“LSD Is The Bomb”: a signed blotter print by Isabel Samaras ($80)
[The Dragnet quote that inspired it: “Marijuana’s the flame, heroin’s the fuse, LSD’s the bomb.” — Joe Friday (Jack Webb)]
:: These are great. Actor Jack Plotnick has put himself in mid-century Disney studio videos. He brilliantly plays Mary Blair and more! Thanks, Kimberly! 

:: AKA “snitch cards”

:: Everything you could possibly want to know about the Christmas tree industry or “why fresh Christmas trees cost so much”
:: Thanks, Greg!

:: Oldie but a goodie: This Italian pop song just sounds like English but it’s all gibberish!
:: Thanks, Bub!

:: The story behind “A Spoonful of Sugar (Helps the Medicine Go Down)” is a good one

:: Hi, I’m Rusty Blazenhoff and I’m 12 because I think this is hilarious.

:: A guy dreamed about making an M&M cookie hand filled with Greek salad, the “King’s Hand” he calls it So he spent a week figuring out how to make one and it’s spectacular!

:: I love true crime stories and am totally going to make these MURDER cookies… dun dun dun

:: I’ve heard bad things about JOANN Fabrics stealing artist’s designs BUT I can’t help but love their quirky “Working from Home with Phyllis” series (Phyllis from The Office). This is marketing done right!

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

I’m such a sucker for miniatures. Why are small depictions of big things so wonderful? Case in point: My pal Michelle has “shrunken down”  vintage boxes of ornaments and, voila!, cool Christmas brooches!

Runners up:

:: Speaking of miniatures… a teeny-tiny Cricut with mats! ($70)

:: Doc Martens baby booties ($40) – I love/hate these!

:: These Prank Puzzles are GOLD! That rickroll one! Thanks, CTP!

:: LED Christmas lights that look like those thick-corded incandescent ones ($40)

:: A face mask that really looks like a flour tortilla ($20)

:: Pornaments need I say more?

In the last issue, I offered a gift guide of things people I know are making/selling. There were a couple stragglers that came in after deadline:

:: PopDot canvases by my pal Lisatized (a Graphic Design professor!)

:: Captured Chaos paintings by another pal, Howard

Featured Event


[12/9 Virtual] Sober or sober-curious? My pal Dave is putting on DopeyCon 2, “a video special and virtual convention celebrating addicts and alcoholics in various stages of recovery, featuring musical performances and stories of failure, debauchery, hope and redemption.” It’ll be more fun than it sounds, haha. His Dopey podcast is described as a “dark comedy” about addiction. Even if that doesn’t sound like your jam, I recommend you read about it in this 2018 Vice article – it’s a helluva story! The party starts at 9 p.m. tonight on YouTube.

A very Hallmark Christmas

A very Hallmark Christmas 
Thanks, David!

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