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Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Steve Martin

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Issue #293 :: The “So good” Edition :: 1:6:2021

So good…

Happy New Year! It sure feels strange to say that. But here we are.

Yes, 2020 was difficult. Life altering, really. But there were some real glimmers of joy and magic, at least in my world. My 16-year-old daughter and I recently spent one evening ping-ponging all the things we’re grateful for that happened last year. My gawd, I was surprised at how much went right for us. I was also surprised at how well we were able to handle what didn’t go right. It gave me hope. Even in the worst of times, there is still magic all around us. In this new year, I hope you are able to surround yourself with your own brand of magic. The world is hard, life is short, and you deserve good things.

Love ya, mean it!

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Am looking for collaborators for RED. Must possess a unique voice and have a track record for using it. Drop me an email and I’ll give you the scoop. 

As seen on the Internets

Impossible Grid Typeface

:: Oldie but a goodie: Ira Glass on why you shouldn’t give up in the early days of a creative process

:: John Waters lists his favorite movies at the end of every year. Here’s his 2020 picks:

:: The Space Needle’s NYE light show went all “Burning Man”

Caveat lector: If you’ve been here long enough, you know my feelings on TikTok. I love what’s coming out of it (content) but also acknowledge how terrible it is (spyware). Most impressively, some of the most creative unpaid marketing I’ve ever seen is happening there. I’m also learning a lot, and laughing. Loads of inspiration. Anyway, I’m going to keep sharing TikTok links. You should still be able to see the content without downloading the app. But, reader beware

:: I bet this barber sells a lot of hair replacement systems with his before, during and after videos

:: So wholesome: I want Your Korean Dad, Nick Cho of San Francisco, to be my Korean dad

:: The Tech Interactive center in San Jose, CA made a video time capsule in 1999 and now they’re unveiling the footage and it’s a beautiful thing

:: Respect: Ben Palmer is perfecting the fine art of the troll

:: Never not funny: Lubalin’s two “Random Internet Drama” songs are so good
:: 1.
:: 2.

:: New-ish food trend: Making crazy sandwiches by strategically cutting a flour tortilla and layering the yum

:: The official Washington Post account is doing some real out-of-the-box stuff

:: For one, he’s Mr. Turtle on Franklin: A daughter shows off her voice-acting dad

:: Wait until you see how much work goes into handcrafting a “simple” leather wallet Thx, Roxane!

:: Hand-lettering pr0n Thx, Roxane!

Real thing you can’t actually buy: yay!

Snowpal Carrier

Behold, a fancy carrier for your yukidaruma (that’s Japanese for “snowpal”). Comes complete with a carrot pocket! (NFS)

Real thing you can actually buy: yay?!

Ignore the unfortunate name: Rory Sparks and Catherine Haley Epstein’s No. 2 fragrance smells like – you guessed it – a pencil! “Yellow paint, splintered wood and metallic graphite serve as the springboards.” ($150/bottle)

Featured Event

[Stay home, stay safe] I challenge YOU to make mail art! I’m doing another mail-art exchange, this time for Valentine’s Day. It’s super easy (and cheap) to play. At the end of today, I will draw names through Elfster. You will be assigned a secret card recipient and have until February 1 to make and send them some mail art. To learn more about who you drew, you can ask them questions without revealing who you are. Plus, someone else will be making and sending YOU a card! The last exchange was fun and I’m looking forward to playing again! 

A couple of things: After announcing the exchange in the last issue, a bunch of you wrote to tell me you had issues signing up on Elfster. I am able to add people manually and am happy to do that for anyone who can’t sign up the regular way. Just email me and I’ll hook you up. Also, if you’ve played before, you will not get the same person. I’ve made sure of that on the backend. 

Yes, I want to play!

Drips by Dan Lam

I’m a little obsessed with Dan Lam’s Drips, Blobs, and Squishes. (Ok, a lot.)

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