The “Clouds in my coffee” edition :: Issue #295, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“‘Clouds in my coffee’ are the confusing aspects of life and love. That which you can’t see through, and yet seems alluring, until, like a mirage that turns into a dry patch.”

— Carly Simon

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Issue #295 :: The “Clouds in my coffee” Edition :: 2:03:2021

Clouds in my coffee…

If you haven’t already, go watch In & Of Itself. It’s a totally new kind of magic show, one that focuses more on connecting with the audience than simply showing off tricks. That’s all I’m going to say. Best to go in cold. It’s on Hulu (free trial available). 

Rusty Blazenhoff

P.S. Thanks for all the “Happy Name-iversary” notes!

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And now I can’t unhear it: I might be the last person on the planet but I just learned that Mick Jagger sings backup, uncredited, on Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” (It’s unmistakably him starting around the song’s 3:26 mark.)  Apparently, back in 1972, she was in the studio with Harry Nilsson recording the song when Jagger called. Simon invited him over and the rest is history.

Ok, so I was compelled to isolate the vocals

And, no, the song isn’t about Mick. Simon kept the mystery of who she considered “so vain” for many, many years. In a 2015 interview with People Magazine, she revealed that the second verse is about Warren Beatty (who, further trivia, is Shirley MacLaine’s brother!). But, she’s also admitted that the song isn’t only about him.

::  You’re going to like Qetza’s art Thanks, Emily!

:: One-star Amazon product reviews by “Fran Lebowitz”

:: Imagining how U.S. presidents might look like today Thanks, Bub!

:: You won’t regret watching this short film by the Swedish musical-comedy group, Six Drummers

:: Order Girl Scout cookies from a troop of girls living in New York City homeless shelters

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:: My kind of establishment: Doris Brown’s Bakery and Cafe

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:: Leave me alone, I’m Gav and I’m relaxing in the tub

:: Who else wants to send this pop-punk artist in Walnut Creek some mail art? Let’s flood her P.O. Box, yeah?!

Real thing you can’t actually buy: yes way!

Are you someone important? Important enough to have a blue checkmark to verify your importance on social media? Well, Blue Check Homes has something for you: a blue checkmark for the outside of your home. [Don’t freak, y’all. It’s satire.]

Thanks, Bub!

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