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Everything old is new again.

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Issue #296 :: The “New again” Edition :: 2:17:2021

New again…
Stay safe
Stay warm
Stay alive
Rusty Blazenhoff

P.S. Because I’m thinking about that polar vortex, I checked and Sault St. Marie, MI is where experts say to move to escape the climate crisis in the U.S. (in the year 2100). Land is cheap.

As seen on the Internets

Fort Wayne, Indiana 1970s time capsule house

Bell bottoms and all: A Florida family bought an amazing time capsule of a home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Before starting to renovate it (that purple shag is out but it sounds like they’re keeping it mostly in tact**), they embraced its charm with a 1970s-style photoshoot. Don’t miss the bathtub shot!

**Please, for the love of all that is good and right, let that be true!

:: Goodbye, Cliff House. Long live the Cliff House!

:: I FEEL THIS: “I’d never live in <name of state>, but, if I did, I could buy a big, gross mansion

:: VA: $300K ginormous farmhouse

:: FL: $385K time capsule

:: MS: $195K 5bdr/4ba home from 1860

:: “The asking price was $390K and we wound up paying $9B with closing costs
:: Thanks, Jenny!

:: Oldie but a goodie (2006): The complicated life of the Great Zucchini

:: Another oldie but a goodie (2009): IKEA Heights, a melodrama series shot in you-know-where

:: Praise-R-Cise, Christian Aerobics 
:: Thanks, jrb!

:: “The Squirrel at the End of the Bar
:: Thanks, Susie!

:: Tune in 
:: Thanks, Allison!

:: Turn on

:: Drop out

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Teeny tiny retro Pyrex!

Are you kidding?! Someone has made teeny tiny retro Pyrex and they’re so CUTE! (These remind me of one of my all-time favorite tattoo designs.)

Speaking of teeny tiny things: The smell of car air fresheners gives me a headache but if they didn’t, I’d totally get one of these!

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Or, Holly Hobbies? Target started selling prairie dresses and people went crazy for them. In the reviews, they’ve been sharing photos of themselves embracing their new lives as Laura Ingalls. If you want to play the “Target Dress Challenge,” don’t forget to include your feline friends

Featured events

Mushroom art by Chris Granillo

[SAVE THE DATE: 06:12:2021] I’m thrilled to announce that Attaboy’s art-n-seek event, Game of Shrooms, is happening again! On this day, all over the world, artists hid mushroom-themed works, and then people run around trying to find it all! Last year, I played and found two pieces here in the East Bay. I came home with a beautiful watercolor by Annie Owens and a graffiti piece by Chris Granillo (above). THIS year I plan on MAKING art to hide AND searching some out too. 


[NOW] The extraordinary Scott Levkoff shared with me that he’s been working on a “group social dating app” called Bloom. Designed by sex-positive folks in the Bay Area, it brings together six to eight people on (socially-distanced) group dates which are all curated and scripted by experience designers, like Scott!

[SOON] Meow Wolf’s Las Vegas exhibit, Omega Mart, is opening. When this whole pandemic subsides, I’ll definitely be checking it out!

Did I tell you I started an all-Fluff Instagram? (I really can’t remember if I did or not!) Well, I did. It’s @thereallynnewhite. “Lynne White” is the “Betty Crocker” of Fluff.  Like Betty, she doesn’t exist in real life. Well, except now she does. But, seeing how I’m a Fluff superfan, I have taken upon myself to be the real Lynne White. 

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