The “In full swing” Edition :: Issue #305, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“Our artist child can be enticed to work by treating work as play.”

— Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

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Issue #305 :: The “In full swing” Edition :: 6:23:2021

In full swing
Artist David Normal and friends are working on a new immersive art experience museum at 1000 Van Ness in San Francisco. On Sunday, this Institute of Crazyology had their opening “ball” and we were invited.
And since it occurred on the summer solstice, I took it upon myself to dress the part. While not completely accurate to a mid-summer celebration in any country, the Scandinavian folk costume I thrifted in Solvang felt like a fun way to ring in the longest day of the year. SJ took the opportunity to dress up too.Here we are, red lipstick and all:

Between the Crazyology ball and playing Game of Shrooms recently, I am reminded once again that art is necessary and life affirming. Never stop making magic, friends! And when you can’t make your own, support others in making theirs. Pinky promise?

No zine for the week of Fourth of July. See you in about a month! Know about cool stuff/happenings and want to share with the class? Don’t hesitate to forward me those links in the meantime:

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Oh yeah, SJ and I went for a hike this weekend and found a swing in the woods. It was awesome! Do recommend.

As seen on the Internets

I’m really charmed by the coin art collages of Toronto artist Micah Adams. via

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:: I meant to mention this last time but Bo Burnham’s Inside is worth a watch

Real thing you can actually buy: yay!

So amused: Tell me this vintage steam-driven carousel teapot isn’t the coolest thing ever! (used: $182+via

::  Now a book! SUBPAR PARKS: America’s Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors

Featured Events

[TV: 7/26 to 7/30] LeVar Burton guest hosts Jeopardy!

[6/25] Ms. Opal Lee, the “Grandmother of Juneteenth” on Matriarchy, 7 a.m. PST

[Oakland: now through 7/10] Tin artist Dave Yoas has a brand new Transmission Gallery exhibition, Individually Twisted. If you’re in the area, this is a must-see!

[San Francisco: Sundays until 8/29Stern Grove’s summer lineup

[OngoingOffice of Collecting & Design

[Now until ?Madcap Motel looks like a fun immersive retro-romp.

[7/30Rental Car Rally, the “midnight competitive roadtrip where handsome people dress up in costumes and descend upon wondrous and strange locations in rental cars” is on.

[Buena Park, CA: Through 9/5] Bob Baker Marionettes return to Knott’s Berry Farm!

[10/29] Disney presents Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Live-to-film concert experience with Danny Elfman and TBA guests at Banc of California StadiumTickets on sale now.

[Cypress Lake: until 8/8Mark Mothersbaugh & Beatie Wolfe: Postcards for Democracy at The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

[Now – 10/31/21] Kusama: Cosmic Nature, New York Botanical Garden

Long Live Jambi

Long Live Jambi 

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