The “One crazy summer” Edition :: Issue #306, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“Be yourself, because if you can get away with it, that is the ultimate feminist act.”

— Liz Phair

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Issue #306 :: The “One crazy summer” Edition :: 7:21:2021

One crazy summer

Hey, hey! It’s been a while. How are you? How is your summer going? Mm, hm. Nice! Glad to hear it.

Yes, mine is going great too. Lots of hiking, camping, seeing friends, and hanging with my daughter. We just got back from the Russian River area which is one of my favorite places in the world to swim. I’ve also lost a bunch of weight, cut my hair short-short, and been feeling more like myself than, probably, ever before in my entire life. It’s taken years but doing the hard inner work is paying off. I’m calling this version of myself, “Rusty 3.0.”

And, just like my summer, this issue is jam packed with fun! (See what I did there?)



Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I have a friend who is looking for a room to rent in the Bay Area. Know of one?

As seen on the Internets

Oreo Cookie Thins Protection Program

:: “Pink Floyd covers Billie Eilish”

:: AI captions New Yorker cartoons

:: And when it’s not captioning cartoons, AI is helping you draw

:: I met ANOTHER corpse flower!

:: This collection of handmade punk rock show posters is everything via

:: “Ain’t No Swingin’ at the Nudist Resort,” a ditty by Tight Pajamas

:: Upload your images to this site to find out if they’re being ripped off

:: The genius preventative measure Finland came up with to prevent reindeers from getting hit by cars
:: via

:: The genius way South Korean stores sell bananas (minus all that plastic, ofc)

:: A next-level fidget spinner, and other handmade haptic toys by Nemo Gould

:: If you’ve ever seen Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you should recognize the kid in this 

:: Buy foster kids special things

:: Can you imagine all the things you could leave/do/say using this method?!

:: This is the dirty (as in yuk!) payphone art you didn’t know you needed

:: A guy found an authentic McGruff the Crime Dog costume and then made this

:: Nuclear-powered GameBoy

:: I hope I’m as rad as Santa Fe artist Jody Sunshine when I’m 82

:: I mean, look at the badass tilework in her bathroom!

Real thing you can’t actually buy: groov-ay!

Mind blown: I’ve never tie-dyed anything before, but starter kits were on sale so I bought one. Haven’t dug in yet. But the other night I discovered a tie-dye artist on TikTok who makes a-mazing patterns and now I feel like mine will never be good enough and I should give up while I’m ahead (haha, just kidding, I’m ok with being a beginner). The shirt he made above took 20+ hours to tie and another three to untie. Go take a look at Joshua Hudson’s work. It’s completely next level.

:: Yay! Tiny food magnets
:: Yay! Baba Yaga ceramic earrings

Origin storytime: “In the Summer of 1970, a ragtag group of teenage hippies, proto-punks, artists, and science buffs assembled in a small, obscure town called San Diego to celebrate their pop culture heroes … and each other.” “Comic-Con Begins” is a really terrific six-part original series by my podcast-pro pal Rob Schulte! 

Featured Events

[TV: 7/25] It’s Paul Reubens and David Arquette, and some fun friends, facing off on Celebrity Family Feud this Sunday on ABC (8 p.m. EST).

[San Francisco: Sundays until 8/29Stern Grove’s summer lineup 

[OngoingOffice of Collecting & Design

[Now until ?Madcap Motel looks like a fun immersive retro-romp.

[Buena Park, CA: Through 9/5] Bob Baker Marionettes return to Knott’s Berry Farm

[10/29] Disney presents Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Live-to-film concert experience with Danny Elfman and TBA guests at Banc of California StadiumTickets on sale now.

[Cypress Lake: until 8/8Mark Mothersbaugh & Beatie Wolfe: Postcards for Democracy at The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

[Now – 10/31/21] Kusama: Cosmic Nature, New York Botanical Garden

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