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“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

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Issue #318 :: The “Every ebb has its flow” Edition :: 02:09:2022

Every ebb has its flow…

Ok, I don’t want to jinx it but I’ve been in a flow state with my creative work recently. Like, I’m my brain is buzzing! 

Was it because I’ve been:

  • decluttering and rehoming cool, but unwanted, stuff?
  • purging all the tainted-with-bad-juju stuff?
  • dreaming big? 
  • planning better?
  • running out of excuses NOT to do the work?
  • stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for what I really want?
  • making my workspace more compatible for creating?
  • making more time and mental space for creating?
  • getting out of my own way?
  • knowing myself better than ever?
  • leaning into imperfection and messiness?
  • going to therapy consistently?
  • doing the hard inner work that is needed to grow?
  • turning on, and cranking up, the right playlist?
  • nano-dosing canna-mints?
Yes, of course, it’s all those things, and more.

Probably preaching to the choir here but being in a flow state is so vital to getting creative work done, isn’t it? It’s just so precious. Believe me, if I could buy this feeling—this buzzy energy, effortless motivation and focused immersion—I would. I feel like I have freedom from overthinking and self judgment, is that it? I don’t know exactly but I want more. Got any tips so I can keep this “happy accident” going? Seriously.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Read a book I think many of you’d enjoy (as I did): Make Your Art No Matter What. The author, Beth Pickens, is the real deal. She gets it. 

As seen on the Internets

Not exactly hiding in plain sight: My daughter and I think cell tower trees are hilarious. Whichever of us spots one first will inevitably try to admire it in a sincere voice as to fool the other, “Have you EVER seen such a BEAUTIFUL and NATURAL tree?” So it tickled me to learn of the company that makes them and read about how they describe their creations. Also, I knew about their trees, having seen the pine, palm, and broadleaf “varieties” out in the wild. But skimming through the photo gallery, I learned something new. Folks, they make cacti “concealment systems” too. Can’t wait to see one of those in our travels!

:: Grindcore goat

:: Years ago, my friends and I would go to Osento, an amazing all-female bathhouse in San Francisco. It’s long gone but remembered in a new article.

:: Learn a little something about yourself from the Squirrel Dialogues

:: Can’t recommend this enough: a game to learn more about yourself and others

:: Illustrator Rachel A Duggan makes Booty Portraits

:: An 8-year-old HID his handmade book on a library shelf, now there’s a waitlist to check it out!

:: Humor: The brutally honest truth about NFTs

:: Mark Manson’s “The no-bullshit way to find ‘the One'”

:: NSFW art alert: My pal Polly is stirring up controversy with her “Fuckball

:: Ding dong King Kong, not dong ding Kong King

Real things you can actually buy: slay

National Cheddar Day is nigh (2/13): I’m grumpy that I didn’t get stuff from Tillamook’s Cheddar Collection when the info was first forwarded to me (thanks, Veek!) because it’s all sold out now! Stuff like cheese-colored Party Pants that not only look super cool/comfy but have insulated pockets that can hold up to THREE POUNDS of cheese. [Look, I don’t even eat cheese but can’t help dreaming about what I’d stuff in all those pockets.] And then there’s Thick Cut Crewneck which is inspired by their own shredded cheese—how clever! Honestly, what I like best is that Tillamook went local: “Handmade with love by Oregon, woman-owned, and fellow B-Corp® Portland Garment Factory.” 
Other real things you can actually buy
Nay: A friend who lives in the country of Georgia alerted me to this. She told me about a hard seltzer brand that, despite its name, is not filled with cocaine. [Oh, I see, it’s marketed to skiers. Sure, ok.]

Real things you can actually buy: yes way!

Blazenstuff is here: I’ve wanted my own merch since, oh, FOREVER! So far I’ve got Blazenhoff-branded clothing and wristlet keychains. The former are printed on demand (which means I don’t have to front a bunch of cash for inventory) and can be purchased through my website. I bought myself the hoodie (shown) and it hasn’t come off of me in a week. The latter can be purchased directly through me because I make each keychain to order. The wristlets come in two sizes: one fits most adult hands (5″ folded length) and the latter fits bigger hands (6″ folded length). Both sizes cost $12 each, shipping is $4.

Featured Events

[San Francisco, CA :: 3/19Beware the Brides of March (historical info): “Our party will begin with a gathering in Washington Square Park, followed by a bridal procession up Columbus Avenue, and DIY wedding receptions at the bar and restaurant parklets on Grant Avenue.” North Beach from 2:30 to 8:30 p.m.
photo by me! That’s my friend M at the 2007 Brides of March
[2/9] Virtual dorkbotSF #8: “Moldover – Retro Electronics as Music Controllers & Playable Packaging”

[6/11] Do not miss this: the 2022 Game of Shrooms is on! 

[Oakland :: 4/9Baba Yaga’s Forest Tea Party, “Baba Yaga invites all folklore and fairytale creatures from around the globe to join her for tea in her enchanted woods. Wear any fantasy or folk wear, and share your favorite dish.”

[Oakland :: 2/27] White Elephant PREVIEW Sale: this is the $40 “first dibs” sale restricted to first 1500 people, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

[Oakland :: dates in March] White Elephant PUBLIC Sale: this is the $5 (plus a 10% surcharge on total) sale restricted to 500 a day, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

[Oakland :: First weekend in April] White Elephant FINAL BLOW-OUT Sale: the last days of this year’s sale is FREE but restricted to 1500 each day, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

[Yountville :: Until 4/10DANGEROUS GAMES: Treacherous Toys We Loved As Kids at Napa Valley Museum. Thanks, Richie!

[Los Angeles :: 3/19] Lonesome Town is going to have a show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

[Scottsdale :: 4/28 to 5/1] Arizona Tiki Oasis

[Until 2/20] “Tampa Fresh Foods” is Artist Lucy Sparrow‘s latest installation, an entire store of over 50,000 hand-created felt foods and products! Open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

[Veneta :: 7/8, 9, 10] Oregon Country Fair 

A real GAS: These groovy vintage valentines are from my personal collection, picked up at an estate sale when I was a teenager. These are great and all but you should really check out Mitch O’Connell’s collection. It features the strange and inappropriate, and is truly outta sight! 

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