Magical Mystery Mixtape, Vol. 1: “New”

In Issue #322 of Rusty’s Electric Dreams, readers were asked to contribute to a crowdsourced playlist of new songs. The resulting “Magical Mystery Mixtape, Vol. 1” compiles 17 entries of new, and new to me/you, tunes.

“Magical Mystery Mixtape” was inspired by Red Cell’s playlist, “Songs for a Red Cell Life.”

“Astral Plane” by Valerie June
Submitted by Rusty Blazenhoff: This song came up in a random playlist I was listening and I was completely captivated and then played it at least 20 times in a row. Her voice! She’s an angel!

“Raxeira” by Bibio
Submitted by Johnathan: “A pleasant ditty from an interesting artist… This song triggers memories and feelings from the greatest emotional challenge of my life, recent.”

“Love Letter From A Red Roof Inn” by St. Paul and the Broken Bones
Submitted by Chris: “It’s a great song. Closes their latest album ‘The Alien Coast’ and has a FYC meets Alabama Shakes vibe w/a vintage soundscape.”

“Alone Again Or” by Love
Submitted by Joyce: “It’s magic…on the theme of connection and love between people.”
[Editor: Can confirm, this song is magic.]

“Get Up” by Sleater-Kinney
Submitted by Peter: “It’s the prettiest song about dying that I know about.”

“Forget” by Lianne La Havas
Submitted by Carolee: “Feels powerful, and I love the mix of loops and electric guitar.”

“PARAD(w/m)E” by Sylvan Esso
Submitted by Ted: “The catchiest song about the collapse of society ever.”
[Editor: LOVE ME SOME S.E.!]

“What D’You Know About Me?” by Jungle
Submitted by Rusty: I learned of this band through the CreativeMornings newsletter and now I’m hooked. I’m also so charmed by KEXP’s Cheryl Waters 🥰

“Trasnocho Entre Semana” by Cheo
Submitted by Joe: “I discovered this song (and artist) this year, and it’s already a go-to for me. I don’t understand Spanish, but this song makes me feel gooey and comfy inside. It’s got such a smooth, summery bounce. Enjoy!”

“Who’s That What’s That” by Niko B
Submitted by Adam: “Humour. It’s such a satire of the ‘yoof’ of the UK, and digs at the wider hip hop scene.”

“Wack Wack” by Young-Holt Unlimited
Submitted by Isabel: “It’s my go to when I need motivation or emotional uplift (it also sounds like a lost Muppet song, and it’s possible that reading the newsletter pushed this one to the forefront of my brain 🤪)”

“Goodbye Carolina” by The Marcus King Band
Submitted by Mark: “Great song from a young singer/guitarist.”

“Blindness” by The Fall
Submitted by Marc: “To spread the word.”

“The Curse of the Blackened Eye” by Orville Peck
Submitted by Melissa: “Orville’s latest album – a love love haunts until you can find peace again. Video has Norman Reedus!”

“Bootleg Woman” by Moon Martin
Submitted by Michael: “Moon Martin provided the sound track to just-post-high-school adventures w/ good friends.”

“ChuChi Face” by Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Movie Soundtrack
Submitted by CM: “Because it’s hilarious, the irony of the words vis a vis the action.”

sams car” by Aphex Twin (not available to add on Spotify)
Submitted by Colin: “Most people haven’t dipped into Richard D James’s Soundcloud dump. There’s so much great stuff there. Also like the 19A0’s, this is like a track from a neon alternate past. Familiar but unknown.”


Your music choices gave me so much joy—let’s do it again! Now taking submissions for “Magical Mystery Tape, Vol. 2.” Answer this question: What’s a song you could play over and over again and never get bored with?