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“For no mere mortal can resist, The evil of the thriller…”

— Vincent Price, Thriller

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Issue #331 :: The “Dream work” Edition :: 10:12:2022

Dream work…

I played a cool game recently (more on that below) and it inspired me to find a way to streamline collaboration between us all.

Enter Collaboration Corner! It’s a simple form I made for readers to find help with a project, readers who want to plug into a project, or “matchmakers” hoping to make a valuable connection or two.

Here’s how you play:
Open and fill out the Collaboration Corner form;
Check out the spreadsheet it generates;
See if a connection —anywhere in the world— can be made.

Hurry! I’m only going to keep the form’s responses up for two weeks, the length between each issue of this zine. If it goes well, I’ll add another form link to the next issue on 10/26 and you’ll have a chance to respond again.

To note: This form is not a place to share an event listing. You can just email me with those.

— Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Just wait until you get to the event listing section— it’s OUT OF CONTROL!

As seen on the Internets

Pretty in Pink: Aloha Caftan Society members paraded in pink at the pink palace itself, the Madonna Inn.

:: Mind blowing!

:: The wonderful Lea Redmond not only has a new storefront…

:: She also has a new game-journal-adventure!

:: “What the Fuck Just Happened at Burning Man?

:: Artists appreciating art

:: Studio Ghibli Nature Loop

:: DALL-E 2 now open to all

:: Trippy art-site that invokes 1990s Geocities’ pages

:: Old but gold: Italian song mimics English but in gibberish

Real game I actually played: Yay-play!

Creators of Deep Dive: A Transformational Experience

Dive deeper: Ok, about that game I played that inspired “Collaboration Corner.” It’s called Deep Dive and it’s a wonderful and thoughtful way to gain insight about yourself, and to connect with others. It impressively pulls in elements of improv and coaching, tapping into everyone’s own creativity and empathy.

I got the opportunity to play it recently with its creators, Aïcha Doucouré, Laura Turiano, and Richie Rhombus (shown l to r), who developed it during the height of the pandemic. When it was my turn, I played a “wild card” that instructed each of us to share a project we were working on and any help we needed with it. As we went around the table, I was reminded of how much I love making connections, and how hard it can be to ask for help. On the drive home, I brainstormed a way to streamline this process—voila, Collab Corner!

Deep Dive is best played with three or four people. And, I’d add, these should be people you want to get to know better. and that you’re willing to be vulnerable with. That being said, if you want to opt out during play for any reason, there’s a card for that. I personally never felt the urge to use it. In fact, I felt quite the opposite. I found connecting deeply with other humans in person to be quite delightful.

Want to play? The game, featuring Richie’s beautiful art, is available for purchase now on their website. Plus, stay tuned: The team plans to offer IRL opportunities in the SF Bay Area to play in the future.

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Cave Things: Nick Cave has an online store and, no surprise, it’s full of weird and awesome goodies. Don’t think of it as merch but artShown: Shit for Kids: Pumpkin t-shirt ($23)

Other art-merch
:: Meow Wolf’s Meat Slides
:: Pee-wee’s Trick-or-Treat loot bag for grownups
:: These 3D-printed shoes are wild
:: Todd Oldham’s Paint by Number dress and Faux Bois camp shirt

Featured Events

[San Francisco :: 10/22]  The best local variety show around is back! Head to Fun Stuff: Automaton-O-Phobia at Raining Chainsaws for “magic, puppets, shadows, and activities for the adventurous” 7:30 p.m. Bring cash donation.

[San Francisco :: now through 10/31] Nothing rings in the spooky season quite like Christian Cagigal’s San Francisco Ghost Hunt walking tour. This year, you can upgrade the standard tour–Halloween weekend only–with a VIP experience that includes close-up magic and a cocktail.

[Point San Pablo, Richmond :: ongoing] Go get hot at good hot!

[San Francisco :: ongoing] Artists Television Access’ calendar

[San Francisco :: now] Catch the Doggie Diner Heads in Golden Gate Park!

[Oakland :: 10/13-10/15] Autumn Lights Festival 

[San Francisco :: 10/15Bikes to Books Nine-Year Anniversary Ride: a free “7.1 mile bicycle tour of literary San Francisco combines San Francisco history, art, literature, cycling, and urban exploration” 12:45 to 4 p.m.

[San Francisco :: 10/15¡Viva ​Precita Eyes 45th Anniversary Gala: 6 to 10 p.m. at Gray Area Thanks, Jennifer!

[Alameda :: 10/16Alameda Rock And Roll Flea Market [Facebook event link] offers “live music, food vendors, local wine, and more than 70 vendors selling records, jewelry, vintage items, musical gear & memorabilia.” Free admission. Dashe Cellars/Urban Legend Cellars 1951 Monarch Street, Hangar 25 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

[San Francisco :: starts 10/18] Clown + Mime 10-week class

[Richmond :: 10/18] “Doors Open” Go Behind–the-Scenes at the Physical (Internet) Archive, 6 to 8 p.m. :: $10

[Walnut Creek :: 10/20] Improv event: Spontaneous Hitchcock: An Improvised Thriller in the Style of the Master of Suspense

[San Francisco :: 10/20 and 10/27Candlelight: A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics at St.Ignatius Church

[San Francisco::10/21] MUSE: A Queer Fashion Show: an immersive evening of music, circus, fashion, drag, and design, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

[Oakland :: 10/21Cat Man Bingo for Driveway Follies [Facebook event link] at Two Pitchers Brewing Company, 7 to 10 p.m.

[Alameda :: 10/22] Alameda Zombie (pub) Crawl [Facebook event link]

[Oakland :: 10/22] Faultline Artspace is playing a live game of Exquisite Corpse at their grand reopening, 6 to 9 p.m. :: Costumes encouraged.

[Alameda :: 10/29BlackLight Art Show at Studio 23, 2309 Encinal Ave: “Expect lights out, UV reactive art, special blacklight installations & LED sculptures” —ok!

[Oakland :: 10/30 +10/31] Driveway Follies: magical marionette shows from dusk to 10 p.m. Head to 3854 Greenwood Ave in Oakland. Bring cash donation. Go peep this year’s trippy art by Michael Wertz!

[San Francisco :: 11/2] Day of the Dead

[San Francisco :: 12/3] Krampus Pageant at El Rio [Facebook event link]: San Francisco Krampus and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence “pay homage to the sinister and scary side of Christmas” 3 to 6 p.m. :: $10 to $20 donation

[Alameda :: 12/8] Krampus Naught at Magpie & Thorn: get family photos with Krampus

[Los Angeles :: 10/30Hollywood Punk Rock Graveyard Tour with El Vez

[San Luis Obispo :: 4/7-4/8] John Waters Easter & Pink Flamingos 50th Anniversary at Madonna Inn

[California] Haunted House list

[Joshua Tree :: Oct. weekends] Bunnie Reiss and over 190 other artists are hosting Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours

[NYC :: Now through 11/5] Jill Sobule’s F*CK7THGRADE

[Starts 10/8Dreams and Death: A Three-Week Online Class and Workshop with Dreamworker Tristy Taylor (Don’t miss all the Morbid Academy offerings!)

[Portland :: 11/5All Souls River Procession

[2023] Attaboy’s Up Cycled Garden installation is going on tour

Who did it better? William S. Burroughs (and his hatchet) or a squirrel? No really, I wanna know, who did it better?

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