The “Spellbound” Edition :: Issue #338, Rusty’s Electric Dreams

“Words are magic, maybe that’s why it’s called ‘spelling.'”

—  paraphrased from a comedian I saw last week

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Issue #338 :: The “Spellbound” Edition :: 2:8:2023


Ohhhh, you guys are gooooood. In the last issue, I asked you all for words that describe my brand (the “3 promises”) and you delivered! I have to say, I was genuinely afraid to see what emails were waiting for me after the issue went out. Not that I think you’d be jerks to me but I guess I was worried that I had opened a can of worms. The vulnerability hangover was real. But instead, I was pleasantly surprised. You came up with some real delightful doozies (see the “word salad” graphic below) and my heart feels full. Thank you. Big time.

— Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I’m going to try and not make a huge deal about this but if you ever get a chance, GO TO NEW ORLEANS FOR THE KREWE OF CHEWBACCHUS PARADE. (Oh shoot, am I yelling…?)

Fun, curious, and weird

The top three words you all picked were “Fun,” “Curious,” and “Weird.” Dare I say that these words not only describe me and what I’m doing, but also YOU.

I see you, you fun and curious weirdos, you! 

Also, here’s a quick arithmetic lesson for you…
Fun + Curious + Weird = Quirky

[Yes, some of the submitted words were edited for clarity.]

As seen on the Internets

Haunted? So, there’s this artist named Siriu$ who dreams up hilarious things and then brings them to life, virtually. Like this “Chucky Cheese Pizza Arcade & Bowling,” which imagines a Chuck E. Cheese but for horror fans (brilliant, right?). He then posts his art on social media and because it looks so real many people assume it is, like I suspect a morning news station in Chicago did. Oopsy.

photos by Cabel Adams

:: Should you work for free?

:: “Discovering the intense, refreshingly unique music of Ren”
:: Thanks, Halcyon!

:: A TEDTalk by a seven-year-old

:: Fillable Easter eggs that aren’t plastic

:: Scotland’s “hair iceThanks, Amani!

:: “Let’s all get up and move around a bit right now”

:: If you’re not obsessed with photo booths, are you even fun, curious, and weird?
:: via

:: Typewriter Artist

:: Boomer Dance Party

:: Fancy AF public library

Surreal estate

Haunted? So, which is it, Lynda D. DePanicis?      photos by Rusty Blazenhoff

Real thing that actually exist: Karen!

Karen would like to speak to the manager of Mardi Gras / photo Rusty Blazenhoff

“I’d like to speak to the manager of Mardi Gras!” I spotted this “Karen” at Mardi Gras World, the working warehouse in New Orleans where many of the props and floats are created for Carnival season. And, yes, it is “Karen.”

photo by Rusty Blazenhoff

Featured Events
[Worldwide:: 6/10] Artists, sign up now to play the fifth annual Game of Shrooms! Everyone else, save the date for the best art-and-seek event of the year. Doesn’t matter where you are, you can play. 

To see what I’ll be dropping, follow me here: @dropgifting. Be sure to also follow @gameofshroomsofficial.
photo/art by Rusty Blazenhoff

[Oakland :: 2/10] “Grab your lights, LEDs, glow sticks, EL wire, and anything else that blinks, shines, or glows” for East Bay Bike Party: The Glow Ride. “Light up your bike or yourself and join our rolling photon parade as we illuminate the streets of Oakland.” Meet at Rockridge BART at 7:30 p.m., roll out at 8 p.m., and end up at Lake Merritt near 19th Street BART. [Facebook event link

[Oakland :: 2/11] Play all kinds of games with like-minded folks: Word Play Cafe Winter Game Party at Temescal Brewery (outdoors), 1 to 5 p.m. Facebook event link

[Alameda :: 2/17Not That Into You: A Valentine Fundraiser for queer youth organizations at Studio 23 Gallery, 8-10 p.m., Free

[San Francisco :: Until 3/2] Go see Charlie Gadeken’s illuminated forest installation, Entwined Meadow, at Golden Gate Park’s Peacock Meadow. Free.

[San Francisco :: 3/4] Night of Ideas, 7 a.m., at San Francisco Public Library, Free

[San Francisco :: premieres 3/4] “Inspired by Dylan Thomas’ iconic Under Milk WoodThe Forever Wave is a world premiere radio play set in a drowned San Francisco, circa 2070. In The Forever Wave the survivors of this water-logged world occupy the iconic hilltops of San Francisco become individual islands—jutting up from a climate-change induced tide that rolled in one day and never rolled out. What communities will emerge when our systems have collapsed entirely and “normal” is a historical relic? What can the hilltop-dwellers of the future teach us about ourselves in the now? And what are the things we can start building in order to avoid their fate?” Free but donations accepted and appreciated. Thanks, Nicole!

[Santa Rosa :: 3/2-3/5] Baby Doe and Otto present a new “Mid-Century design, style and history” conference, Resort-O-Rama: “Look at this line up!

[San Francisco :: 3/11Beware the Brides of March is on! Head to Washington Square in a fancy white wedding dress at 2:30 p.m. and prepare for the “bridal procession up Columbus Avenue, and DIY wedding receptions at the bar and restaurant parklets on Grant Avenue.” Facebook event link

[San Francisco :: 3/11 & beyond] My friend Yoni is hosting Cuddle Parties again.

[San Francisco :: 4/1] This year’s St. Stupid’s Day Parade is on a Saturday, so that means the fun starts at the Transamerica Pyramid at noon.

[Oakland :: 5/23] Mr. Bungle with The Melvins, Fox Theater [Facebook event link]

[Alameda :: ongoing] Alameda has its own comedy club and it’s terrific. No sticky floors, top-rated comedians, and food that’s actually good

[Point San Pablo, Richmond :: ongoing] Go get hot at good hot!

[San Francisco :: ongoing] Artists Television Access’ calendar

[Los Angeles :: now] Scott Hove’s Cakeland Gallery Presents “The Beauty War,” a “light-meets-dark immersive art experience.” Follow:

[San Luis Obispo :: 4/7-4/8] John Waters Easter & Pink Flamingos 50th Anniversary at Madonna Inn

[San Diego :: opens 2/11] “Plastic Capsule” is a solo exhibition by Ari Bird at Good Faith Gallery: “Like the little plastic capsule that comes bouncing out of a quarter machine, Bird’s installation of huge, playful sculptures becomes a soothing, self-created, self-contained world.”

[Bisbee :: 3/11] Tales From the Trash, a thrift store art show

[Scottsdale :: 4/27-4/30] Arizona Tiki Oasis

[Baltimore :: through 4/16] Baltimore Museum of Art is showing “approximately 90 paintings, sculptures, photographs, and prints” from John Waters’ personal art collection for Coming Attractions: The John Waters Collection

[Portland :: Until 2/11] Portland Winter Festival

[Online :: starts 2/22] Making Miniature Furniture with Amanda of Panda Miniatures, Five-part Zoom class on Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. $225

[2023] Attaboy’s Up Cycled Garden installation is going on tour 

[2023Fran Lebowitz has started her international tour.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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