The “Deep in the Heart of Texas” Edition :: Issue #026


Rusty’s Electric Dreams :: Issue #026 :: The “Deep in the Heart of Texas” Edition :: 03:25:2015

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by pop culture activist Rusty Blazenhoff

Issue #026 :: The “Deep in the Heart of Texas” Edition :: 03:25:2015

Deep in the Heart of Texas


First off, a big welcome to all the new readers! Thank you for stepping up to take this ride. I notice that a lot of you are from Australia (which is so far away, except on the Internet where you might as well be in the next room). WELCOME.Second, I’m back from Texas. I saw so many people: Ben Lashes (Grumpy Cat’s manager), artists Jason Mecier and Adam Ansell, Heathervescent, Greeter Dan, author Chris Taylor of Mashable, author Austin Grossman of Magic Leap, my Austin hosts Epiphany and Kaspr, Bella LaVey, Jena Gold, Silona BonewaldKris Krug, Felix Baum for five seconds, Chris H., my Houston hosts Jewelz and Betty Cody, the hardworking gals at the Orange Show, folk art gurus Tom and Moira LaFaver (thx for dinner!!), Amber Jackson (a new friend I met on the PHX to OAK leg), and and and the most mysterious of all the bloggers, Mr. John Farrier of Neatorama (It’s rare for us blogger types to meet IRL, so this was a super-special treat!).*

Our SXSWi panel went really well, even though frickin’ Star Wars won over the Internet for the “Greatest Geek Moment in History.” Other Texas highlights: a late-night tour of Google Austin (I can’t share photos but it was super cool–thx, Kaspr!), tacos (breakfast and otherwise), turning Chris into a matzoh cracker, visiting the National Museum of Funeral History in 22 minutes so I didn’t miss my plane, learning about Ida Kingsbury, touring the fabulous Orange Show and the mosaic-y goodness of Smither Park, my first ride on a Megabus, and and and the cold, carbonated coconut bubbly water.

Lastly, I didn’t get to see Helena OR Maggie OR Annie OR Stephanie. Wah. Also, I never got to have pie on Pi Day because the pie shop sold out early. Boo! AND, I didn’t get to see the Beer Can HouseNext time, Texas, next time. 

Rusty Blazenhoff

*I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone!

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“if you haven’t seen/subscribed to Rusty’s “inbox zine” yet, check it out. It’s a lovely little weekly dose of quirky fun and bohemian happenings. I love her concept of the inbox zine. Email has become such a wasteland. It’s great to once again find something strange and wonderful in your box on a regular basis. The spare, ASCII-retro design I think is pretty inspired, too. –“Gareth Branwyn, author of Borg Like Me and lots and lots of other great works.

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Atari blacklight poster
This spaceintentionally left howdy y’all!

As seen on the Internets

photo by Rusty Blazenhoff
That’s from Jewelz Cody’s car! She makes things happen for the Houston Art Car Parade!

:: I Pity The Tool, Mr. T’s new home demolition show

:: The Pop Culture Salvage Expeditions, a new podcast


:: Art Experts Confuse IKEA Print For Fancy Pants Masterpiece


:: Fuzzy Wuzzy bath soap: I grow “fur”(1960s)


:: Mystery flavored PEEPS Chicks


:: LOVE!! Super Low-Tech Apple Watches by hine


:: AND I LOVE this Two Faced Meow Brooch


:: Peter Hook to Perform Entire Joy Division Catalog Thx, Maggie!


:: “The Dark Side of the Ring Pop”


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Here’s what I was thinking: Remember webrings? I remember back in the mid-1990s trading digital space with some of the “Others” who also had interesting projects online.

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Artist-in-residence: March 2015

Cosmic Worship by zara kand
The Lovers by zara kand (oil on canvas)

Zara is currently exhibiting her art, with two other female artists, at Public Works in San Francisco (161 Erie Street). The show is titled “Botanical Imagery.”

Inspirations from the the forests & greenhouse of the botanical gardens, the fields transformed into feminine mystique beautiful unique artworks. The exhibit will feature works in a variety of media: oil painting, collage & photography. A collective experience of freshness and talent. 

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

Cowboy Cat Riding another Cat

TopoChico tee


Tiny tiny TI-99

Speak and Spell
Oxytocin heart necklace

My dear friend in Austin, Epiphany Jordan, recently quit her day job to start Karuna Sessions, an unusual business that offers compassionate touch to the stressed, grieving, exhausted, and lonely.She gave me a taste of her services when I saw her last and it was sumptuous, a real treat. As a single woman who spends a great deal of time in front of a screen, my body is often craving another human’s touch (I hope that doesn’t sound too…whatever). I’m not talking about sex. This is a guided, clothed, and non-sexual session where boundaries are put forth and respected. The goal is to quietly connect physically with other humans in real life, and to get a hit of your body’s own natural anti-stressor, oxytocin. There’s definitely a level of intimacy, but there’s no need to fear that.


I really think she’s onto something. She’s always been an early adopter and I 100% think she’s ahead of the curve on this. If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, try a session for yourself.

xo! Rusty.

Events of note

Ai Weiwei's "Trace" at Alcatraz :: Edward Snowden


[4/19] Bicycle Day, celebrate Albert Hofmann‘s LSD-laced bike ride


[4/26] Mid-Century Supper Club International Potluck at the Eagles Hall, 2 PM to 6 PM [Tickets]


[Until 4/26] @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz Island (go see this!)


[5/14] CAFÉ GAGA: (Re)Printing Your World, a salon by Gareth Branwyn at Artisphere

[6/4] CAFÉ GAGA: Chronos Vs. Kairos, a salon by Gareth Branwyn at Artisphere

Astoria, Oregon

[5/4-5/7] 30th Anniversary celebration of the cult film The Goonies


[7/23] Willie Nelson & Family plays the Greek Theatre with Alison Krauss and Union Station [Tickets]


[Until 4/12] Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Hayward, California

[4/26] Ukulele Festival of Northern California


[4/11] Houston Art Car Parade

Las Vegas

[Ongoing] Akhob, an immersive “Ganzfeld effect” experience by artist James Turrell at Louis Vuitton [by appt only: 702-730-3150] HIGHLY recommended!

[5/1-5/3] Further Future Voyage 001: The Beginning

Los Angeles

[3/31] Tig Notaro presents Krullapalooza, with John Mulaney, Kumail Nanjiani at Largo

[6/16] 826LA‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration

[4/3] Memento Mori by Paul Koudounaris, Gallery opening and book launch at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

[4/13] The Nerdist Writers Panel presents: Better Call Saul at the Largo [Tickets]

[4/25-4/26] Flame Effects for the Artist, a 2-day workshop to learn fire art

New York City

[4/3-4/4] Different Games 2015 Thx, Albert!

[4/20] Guest editor of MAD #533, “Weird Al” Yankovic and MAD Editor John Ficarra will be at the Barnes & Noble at 33 E 17th St in NYC (6 PM) to sign autographs and meet fans!

[5/15-5/17] Comedy Hack Day 8


[4/23Drag Me To Bingo, bingo with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

[4/11] Eat & Be Mary 2015, a potluck and clothing swap 6:30 PM

[4/9-4/12] Spring Book Sale at The Bookmark, 721 Washington St: benefits Oakland Public Library Thx, Karen!

[4/15] DEATH + TAXES + CHIPTUNES = Continuum Kingdom,

Cartoon Violence, Doctor Popular, and Robo Beat’em Up at The Stork Club, 9 PM

[4/25] 20th Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

[7/4-7/5] The 6th annual Burger Boogaloo, hosted by John Waters [Tickets]

Palm Springs

[4/1-4/5] The 25th annual Dinah Shore Weekend [Tickets]


[10/10] Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton

San Francisco

[Every Friday in April] Ask Dr. Hal Show at Chez Poulet

[3/26] Bruce Barton, an exhibit of surrealist collages at Chez Poulet, 7 – 10 PM

[Until 3/28] Hespe Gallery Presents: Mid-Century Americana by Dave Lefner and Robert Townsend

[3/28] Rad American Women A-Z Book Release Party at City Lights 12:30 PM

[4/1] 37th annual St. Stupid’s Day parade

[4/2] THE WELL: Never Trust An Online Community Over 30 at Rickshaw Stop, 6 PM

[4/3] The Yacht Rock Sing A Long Show

[4/5] EASTER with the SISTERS: #WTFMary! Hunky Jesus Take the Wheel 12 – 4 PM

[4/7] April 7 Jonathon Keats on “Envisioning Deep Time” (conceptual artist, experimental philosopher) at Long Now’s Interval

[4/9] Frank Lloyd Wright on the West Coast: An evening with author Mark Anthony Wilson

[4/9] Yuri’s Nightlife at Cal Academy | Music by Space Cowboys, co-hosted by SunsetSF | 21+ [Tickets]

[4/9] Ian Harvie Live in San Francisco (standup comedy) Two shows at SF Oasis [Tickets]

[4/12] DINO-Light at JCCSF: “Electroluminescent creatures light up the darkness

as cutting-edge puppetry, technology and dance combine in a heartrending original tale.” [Tickets]

[4/14] Killer Heels, an art exhibit of shoes at JCCSF

[4/16] The Dancehall of Beautiful Radiant Things, a slow dance club at Verdi Club [Tickets]

[4/17] 7:30 PM Bawdy Storytelling’s ‘Vanilla and Proud’  (Tickets available soon)

10:30 PM Bawdy Storytelling’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’  (Tickets available soon)

[4/18] Kinky Salon’s 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 10 PM to 3 AM

[4/19] The World’s First Pop-up Ball Pit Bar by Forward Motion

[4/21] Patrick House on “From Modern Brain Parasites to Ancient Illness”

(neuroscientist, geneticist at Stanford) at Long Now’s Interval

[4/26] How Weird Street Faire

[5/29] The Outta Sites, The Unclaimed, The Ogres with the Devil-ettes at The Elbo Room

[7/9] Chuck Palahniuk and Lidia Yuknavitch: A Night of Mayhem at INFORUM, 6:30 PM [Tickets]

San Mateo, California

[4/3-4/5] Robogames 2015  Thx, Jon!

[5/16-5/17] 10th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area 2015  [Tickets]


[4/2] Bawdy Storytelling’s ‘Libertine’ 

Heads up!

~~ The Replacements are on tour until June 5th, “Back by Unpopular Demand”

~~ Amanda Palmer will soon be on tour too

~~ The Dead Milkmen are on a West Coast tour until April 26th

~~ Eddie Izzard is also on a West Coast tour until July 1st

~~ Tickets ($140) are now available for Camp Tipsy 2015

~~ Burning Man tickets might still be available.

~~ Lightning in a Bottle tickets are available.

~~ Yes and Yes Yes happens June 12-15, 2015 in Palm Springs

~~ This year’s Tiki Oasis (SPACE-THEMED!) happens August 13-16, 2015 in San Diego

~~ Secret Cinema: Star Wars, London [Tickets]

Know about a cool event that would be a good fit for this zine? Share it with me

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