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Rusty’s Electric Dreams :: Issue #031 :: The “I hear the secrets that you keep” Edition :: 04:29:2015

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Issue #031 :: The “I hear the secrets that you keep” Edition :: 04:29:2015

I hear the secrets that you keep…

April is nearly over. How on EARTH did THAT happen?! #denial

Meaghan Kennedy will be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this week! On Saturday, May 2nd, she’ll be in San Leandro leading a Pinata Workshop. RSVP and make a custom pinata for yourself!

OK, so, I saw SO MANY people at that SECRET THING with TRUCKS and ARTISTS and the NIGHT. The Human Pinball nearly broke my brain in a very, very good way. Am looking forward to future SECRET THING with TRUCKS and ARTISTS and the NIGHT, esp. ones that are going on a ROAD TRIP.

Thank you to the wonderful Paul Compton. This is his last week as April’s Artist-in-Residence. Do sign up for his e-mailing list, won’t you?

Rusty Blazenhoff

p.s. I avoided Instagram until NOW.

p.s.2. Don’t forget, there’s a new giveaway! A copy of Camille Rose Garcia’s art book, Mirror, Black Mirror is being raffled off to one lucky RED reader. Check it out.

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All the good events have gone underground…

Am I right?

Like, for instance, the event’s location is a secret until shortly before the event. Or, say, you’re not allowed to document it with your cell phone or share details on social media.

Some events I’ve been to in the past couple of years have required you to turn off your phone and stash it in a sealed envelope. Juicy. It makes you remember it in a whole different way, without the digital crutch.

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed, and I can’t be the only one who absolutely loves it.

This is not news to most everyone I know in the SF Bay Area. Is this happening all over? (Dear readers in lands far away, please do write me with that answer!)

It helps that I grew up in a much less digitally-connected world, and that I always carry around a pen and pad of paper in my purse. For digital natives, it’s feels novel, a fun little low-or-no-tech game. “Yay, it’s the ye olde days,” I hear them say.

Basically I think it’s this: too much knowledge of the party (well, most anything) spoils it. It’s like Googling the heck out of a potential date. Where’s the mystery? We are not our avatars!

We can all agree that Information spreads quickly on the Internet. What if you host an event that’s only “advertised” by word of mouth? Will enough people show?

I’m here to tell you: YES.

Will it feel more special? YES.

I think 2015 has been feeling very 1995 to me, and I love it.

[You all are part of THIS, right? JUST ASKING.]

Real things you can actually buy: yay!

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Artist-in-residence: April 2015

by Paul Compton
ritual frolic
lino cut on paper, 76 x 56cm by Paul Compton, printed by Andrew Gunnell, 2015
Paul Compton is a visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. His main focus is in drawing, particularly using ink, but he also creates HANDMADE BOOKS, zines, ETCHINGS and LINO CUTS.
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Events of note

Fun at Bohemian Grove
[5/2] Free Comic Book Day


[5/2] Rad American Women A-Z Reading at Books, Inc. at 2:30 PM

[5/14] CAFE GAGA: (Re)Printing Your World, a salon by Gareth Branwyn at Artisphere
[6/4] CAFE GAGA: Chronos Vs. Kairos, a salon by Gareth Branwyn at Artisphere

Astoria, Oregon
[5/4-5/7] 30th Anniversary celebration of the cult film The Goonies

[7/23] Willie Nelson & Family plays the Greek Theatre with Alison Krauss [Tickets]

Las Vegas
[Ongoing] Akhob, an immersive “Ganzfeld effect” experience by
artist James Turrell at Louis Vuitton [by appt only: 702-730-3150]
HIGHLY recommended!

[5/1-5/3] Further Future Voyage 001: The Beginning

Los Angeles

[6/16] 826LA‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration


New York City
[5/2] BOB’S BUR(GERS)-LESQUE! at Coney Island Thx, Eric Harvey Brown!

[5/15-5/17] Comedy Hack Day 8 at New School [Tickets]

[7/7-8/16] Penn & Teller on Broadway [Tickets]

Nevada City, Nevada
[5/27] Everything Is Terrible! Legends!


[4/30] Big Dicks House of Big Boobs, a DIY strip club, 9 PM at a SECRET location [Tickets]


[5/18] John Waters will read from “Carsick,” his account of hitchhiking across America
(at DIESEL), 6:30 PM

[5/26] Everything Is Terrible! Legends! at the New Parkway [Tickets]

[6/4] Fairyland’s 20th Annual Gala “Cinderella Story”[Tickets]

[7/4-7/5] The 6th annual Burger Boogaloo, hosted by John Waters [Tickets]


[10/10] Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton

Port Costa, California
[5/30] Port Costa town wide yard sale, 9 to 4 PM

San Francisco
[5/1 -5/2] Awkward Dinner Party at NOHspace, 8 PM [Tickets] Thx, JRB!

[5/1-5/7] Ondine, a play staged at Sutro Baths and Sutro Heights Park [Tickets]

[5/3] Desert Arts Preview 2015 [Tickets]

[5/6] DorkbotSF #81 at Internet Archive, 7 PM

[5/8] Flamenco Dancing and Music with a tapas dinner at Chez Poulet {Tickets]

[5/9] 2nd Annual “Skipalong for Hopalong” Fundraising Skip

[5/10] Everyhere Logistics Junior Ranger Program at Sunday Streets, 11 AM to 4 PM

[5/14] Extra Action Marching Band & Black Sabbitch at the EAGLE

[5/20] John Waters will read from “Carsick,” his account of hitchhiking across America (at Green Apple books), 7:30 PM

[5/21-5/24] The 7 Deadly Pleasures: a rock cabaret opera at Fort Mason

[5/29] The Outta Sites, The Unclaimed, The Ogres with the Devil-ettes at The Elbo Room

[6/11] Peter Murphy Live at DNA Lounge [Tickets] Thx, Dawn!

[6/20] City of Women, Sunrunners, and The Greening at Bottom of the Hill [Tickets]

[7/9] Chuck Palahniuk and Lidia Yuknavitch: A Night of Mayhem at INFORUM,
6:30 PM [Tickets]

[9/27] Folsom Street Fair

San Leandro, California
[5/2] Pinata Workshop (10-6) and Party (7 on) with Vancouver artist Meaghan Kennedy

San Mateo, California
[5/16-5/17] 10th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area 2015  [Tickets]

[5/30] Everything Is Terrible! Legends! in Seattle! [Tickets]
ALSO: “The Obscure, the Charming and the Odd: Mark Pahlow’s Guide to Seattle

Heads up!~~ Tickets ($140) are now available for Camp Tipsy 2015
~~ Burning Man tickets might still be available.
~~ Yes and Yes Yes happens June 12-15, 2015 in Palm Springs
~~ Tiki Oasis (SPACE-THEMED!) happens August 13-16, 2015 in San Diego
~~ Secret Cinema: Star Wars, London [Tickets]The Mirror, Black Mirror Book Tour:
+ [5/22]  Morbid Anatomy Museum, 8 – 10pm 424 Third Ave, BrooklynDon’t forget to enter into the Mirror, Black Mirror giveaway!! Tell your friends!

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“f you really want to help the arts, give them cheap rent.” –Charles Bukowski

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