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Rusty’s Electric Dreams :: Issue #066 :: The “‘666” Edition :: 01:06:2016

Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by pop culture activist Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #066 :: The “666” Edition :: 01:06:2016


Hi. It’s been swell making IRL dates with many of you in this new year. January and February are seriously booked up now!

I have also been making IRL dates with my girl and…well, myself. On the first day of 2016, I woke up and for a few minutes stressed myself out about how I was going to spend my day. My kiddo was with her dad and I don’t have a partner. I wondered, could I be happy spending the day solo doing something decadent/wonderful? I still have internal conflict about this…you know, like, is it selfish to enjoy spending time alone?

Ultimately, I decided that it is not. I gave myself permission to enjoy the heck out of 2016’s first day. It’s been years since I’ve gone to the Korean spa to get wrecked by a woman in her underwear bearing salt. Mind you, the Korean salt scrub experience is not “enjoyable,” not at first anyway. You get fully naked and give up control of your own body for 120 minutes. It’s not “relaxing.”

This salt-scrubbing lady will get up in your business, and she will do so unapologetically. I am not kidding. You are just her puppet.

She speaks just a little English and I, of course, speak *zero* Korean. So, there’s a lot of exaggerated hand gestures and orders being barked. I had to listen carefully to be sure I was doing the transitions from one position to another properly. I feared screwing up the process.

“FACE DOWN!” <pat, pat on wet massage table>

<yanks out my braids unexpectedly> “SHAMPOO!”

“WASH!” <directs me to a scalding hot shower>

<hands me small dry towel and points> “YOU! SAUNA!”

This is her work, you won’t mistake it for anything else. It’s totally an intimate thing, but then you just get to walk away. A simple exchange of bodywork for cash. Perfect!

The place is called PSY Health Town, it’s in San Leandro, and it’s no frills… though still pretty great. I got the “Women’s Ultimate Package,” which also includes a more traditional massage. They got $130 plus tip for the service and at least 2 pounds of my skin. They didn’t get my shame though, as I’ve been shameless for a few years now. 🙂

Let me know if you try it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience.

We have a new Artist-in-Residence. Ladies and germs, please welcome Wolrabbit.

Happy new year, kids!

Rusty Blazenhoff

p.s. 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016
Thanks, Red Cell!

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Josh A. Cagan, actor and writer

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January’s Artist-in-Residence: Wolrabbit

“I saw this 40″x48” piece of plywood at work and the image just popped into my head.
it will be on display in the window at Alley Cat Books on 24th St. in the Mission (San Francisco) until about the 3rd and then it will become street art. 
The image of the couple came from Lovelorn Comics #27. I flipped it and added the wires.”
Wolrabbit leaves a trail of street art reminders as he wears a groove in the sidewalks of San Francisco, California. Likes to play checkers. Loves to play dumb. 

Real things you can actually buy: yes way!

666 Carol

666 Land of Lincoln

Events of note


Pinballs and Pints

Sunday, January 24th, Pinball and Pints at Pacific Pinball Museum
Opening across the USA
Only Yesterday


[1/6] Crispin Glover’s AMA on reddit

Alameda, California
[1/24] Pinball and Pints at Pacific Pinball Museum, 3 PM to 8 PM [Tickets]

Austin, Texas
[3/18] Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion

[3/11-3/15] SXSW Interactive

Berkeley, California
[1/23] The Calling All Choir’s 2016 Winter Finale at the Crowden School [Tickets]
Join the Spring 2016 Calling All Choir here.

Brooklyn, NYC
“From Bumper Cars to Torah Taxidermy: A Guide to 25 of Brooklyn’s Most Unusual Museums”

[1/9] Suspended Forest opening reception, 5 PM to 7 PM

(North) Berkeley/Kensington, California
[1/24] Cozy January Cuddle Party, 3 to 6 PM [Tickets]

Copenhagen, Denmark
[Until 1/24] Yayoi Kusama
: In Infinity, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Denver, Colorado
[2/3-2/5] Women Grow Summit

Houston, Texas
[4/9] The 29th Annual Houston Art Car Parade

Lake Iseo, Italy
[6/18 to 7/3] Christo’s Floating Piers

Las Vegas
[Ongoing] Akhob, an immersive “Ganzfeld effect” experience by artist James Turrell at Louis Vuitton [by appt only: 702-730-3150]  HIGHLY recommended!

Lisbon, Portugal
[11/7-11/10] Web Summit 2016

[July 2016] EVA London 2016

Los Angeles

[1/9] Patti Smith and her band perform Horses at The Wiltern [Tickets]

[1/18] Crispin Hellion Glover Live! Los Angeles 10th anniversary at The Egyptian/ American Cinematheque

[1/21] I Know You Are But What Am I? The Artists Behind Pee-wee’s Playhouse, 7 PM

[2/27] The Edwardian Ball

[3/19] Crispin Glover Live! 10th anniversary Part 1 and Part 2 of IT trilogy

[4/1-4/3] Roaring Twenties Weekend 2016 [Tickets]

Melbourne, Australia
beinArt Gallery opens in early 2016

Napa Valley, California
[5/27-5/29] BottleRock [Tickets]

New York City
[Until 1/10] Jim Shaw: The End is Here at New Museum

[Until 1/23] Dodecahedron, an exhibit by Mark Ryden at Paul Kasmin Gallery


[1/8] 2nd Fridays at Jingletown Jazz Room

[1/8] Linden Street Figure Drawing 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit

[1/9] Mortified at The New Parish, 7:30 PM, 21+ [Tickets]

[1/31] Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Preview Sale, $15 [pdf for Tickets]

[2/4-2/6] Oakland Fair: Play at Frank Ogawa Plaza

[2/12 and 2/13] Hot Couture: Alchemy & Ardor at The Crucible, [Tickets]

[3/5 and 3/6] Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale, Free

Palm Springs, California
[2/13] Charles Phoenix Space Age Slide Show at Palm Springs Art Museum, 10 AM [Tickets]

[7/8-7/11] Yes and Yes Yes (YxYY) at the Ace Hotel, a “summer retreat for anyone who considers themselves a thinker, maker, creator, nerd, or weirdo.”

Pescadero, California
[1/30 and 1/31] Elephant Seal Adventure tours at Ano Nuevo [Tickets]

Portland, Oregon
[8/11-8/15] World Domination Summit [Tickets]

Provincetown, Massachusetts
[8/13-8/19] Carnival 2016: Back to the 80’s

Riverside, California
[5/20-5/22] Beyond Brookledge at the Galleria at the Mission Inn

San Francisco
[Dates in January] Noir City, the 14th annual San Francisco Film Noir festival

[Dates in January] SF Sketchfest, the 15th annual San Francisco comedy festival

[Until 1/10] Jewel City: Art from San Francisco’s Panama-Pacific International Exposition at de Young Museum

[Until 1/18/2016] Janet Cardiff’s The Forty Part Motet, an immersive sound installation at Fort Mason Center, Free with RSVP

[1/8] Mortified at DNA Lounge, 7:30 PM, 21+ [Tickets]

[1/8-1/10] San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2016 [Tickets]

[1/10] No Pants! Subway Ride 2016, 2 PM

[1/13] Bawdy Storytelling’s “Slave to Love” at Verdi Club [Tickets]

[1/15] Friends of Single People, “part roast, part game-show, part social experiment” at PianoFight, 9 PM [Tickets]

[1/16] Going Deeper: Freedom, Liberation & Mindfulness at Against the Stream’s San Francisco Center

[1/16] Appetite Obscure: Dating, a potluck event for surrealist dating, 7 PM to 10 PM

[1/19] Dr Sketchy’s SF presents Maid of Might at SFIOP, 7 PM to 10 PM, $12 [Tickets]

[1/20] Bawdy Storytelling at SketchFest! at Eureka Theatre, 8 PM [Tickets]

[1/21] Kava Lounge to open at 901 Divisadero

[1/21-1/24] Internet Cat Video Festival [Tickets]

[1/22] The Edwardian Ball World’s Faire, 8 PM [Tickets]

[1/23] The Edwardian Ball [Tickets]

[1/23] The Groundlings’ Children’s Show at JCCSF, 1 PM


[1/29, 1/30] Pancakes & Booze Art Show – FREE Pancakes at 111 Minna Gallery [Details]

[1/29] Dan Deacon at The Fillmore

[1/30] The Bay Lights return, with fireworks, at 7:25 PM

[1/30] The Calling All Choir’s 2016 Winter Finale at Mission Dolores Basilica, 8 PM [Tickets]
Join the Spring 2016 Calling All Choir here.

[2/3] An Evening with Cheryl Strayed at Herbst Theatre, 7 PM [Tickets]

[2/5] IN THE RED, a gallery party and silent auction at SOMArts, San Francisco, to help fund the Flaming Lotus Girls’ next big project

[2/10] Pussy Riot at the Warfield [Tickets]

[2/10-2/13] Fog City Magic Fest at EXIT Theatre

[2/11] Monica Lewinsky at JCCSF

[3/19 and 3/20] San Francisco Pop-up Ball pit Bar at the Romper Room

[4/16] SFMOMA to reopen

[7/10] Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge at DNA Lounge [Tickets]

[7/23] The Murray Invitational. A Bill Murray Art Exhibition and Golf Party at Public Works

[10/2017] 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

The Obscure, the Charming and the Odd: Mark Pahlow’s Guide to Seattle

Sun Valley, Idaho
[3/20-3/23/2016] DENT

[7/4-7/10] Nowhere

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