The “Wonder (Uni)horn Powers Activate!” Edition  :: Issue #076


Rusty’s Electric Dreams :: Issue #076 :: The “Wonder (Uni)horn Powers Activate!” Edition :: 03:16:2016

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Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by professional free spirit Rusty Blazenhoff
Issue #076 :: The “Wonder (Uni)horn Powers Activate!” Edition :: 03:16:2016

Wonder (Uni)horn Powers Activate!

Recently, I got my first tattoo.

It’s a unihorn, as you might remember.

You also might remember that I got it as a way to honor my dear friend, Elliotte, for being there for me during hard times.

She was in Barcelona when I got inked. In a triumphant gesture of solidarity, one of the first things she did when she got home was book an appointment to get her own unihorn!

At the tattoo shop, I held her hand while she endured the excruciating pain on the other.

Now, we’re matchy-matchy! (Actually, hers is bigger. But she IS the Queen of the Unicorn Estate, after all.)

This week, I also:

— Had a date with SJ. We went out for kabobs and then saw Zootopia (which we both loved!).

–Started using Snapchat again. It’s grown by impressive leaps and bounds since I last used it.

–Smudged some sage (while listening to Yma Sumac thanks, Karen!) on my favorite pair of cowgirl boots to remove lingering demons of a relationship past. THEY ARE ALL MINE NOW.

Ok, I’m traveling this week and next week. If next week’s issue sucks, now you’ll know why.

Rusty Blazenhoff

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Boots for sale
This space intentionally left unihorned

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:: “My Summer Job at the Bohemian Grove, Serving Milkshakes to the Shitfaced Global Elite

:: “Our Pungent History: Sweat, Perfume, and the Scent of Death”

:: “Ten steps to being Un****withable” by Ellen Petry Leanse

:: A “vulgar masterpiece”: Sausage Party Thanks, David!

:: “Stand By Your Van,” Ladies and their rockin’ vans!
:: Thanks, Bunny!

:: Anime gravestone

:: Playboy Adult Coloring Book Thanks, Lucas!

:: “The opposite of play is not work, the opposite of play is depression.” — Brene Brown
:: Thanks, Lea!

:: Jewelry to ease anxiety Thanks, Carolee!

The links below were hand-picked by Julie Jackson, this month’s Artist-in-Residence!

:: “Meow Mix Song”

:: “The Secret of Magic Island”

:: “Magic Otter – The Translation, I can’t watch this enough.”

:: “Car Toaster for Grilled Cheese on the go. I did this when I got my first New Beetle.”

Real things you can actually buy: no way!

Thanks, Jared of Caged Heat Cocktail Syrups! photo by Jared Hirsch

Real things you can actually buy: no really!


Still don’t believe it? Watch this video!

Artist-in-Residence: Julie Jackson




In 2003, Julie Jackson created Subversive Cross Stitch, a bedrock of the modern craft movement that pairs old-fashioned samplers with snarky sentiments. She has authored two cross stitch books:

Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs For Your Sassy Side (powerHouse Books, 2015) and Subversive Cross Stitch: 33 Designs for Your Surly Side (Chronicle Books, 2006), which was reprinted in a Dutch version in 2009. Her kits, cards, and other gift items bearing Subversive designs can be found online and in retail stores around the world. Kits, supplies, advice, and hundreds of PDF patterns can be found on her site,

Julie also created Kitty Wigs, an early contender in the online world of cat memes. Kitty Wigs has been featured in fashion layouts for Harper’s Bazaar Japan and CosmoGirl; and on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and BBC’s Graham Norton. Her book Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs, has been seen in People magazine, on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, and even in the National Enquirer. The book is available in several languages and as a digital version.

Julie is a former columnist for Craft magazine, and a long-time copywriter/brainstormer for the kooky folks at Blue Q. Her new cross stitch book has been the #1 Best Seller in its category on Amazon since its release in March 2015.

Events of note


Pee-wee's Big Holiday

[3/18] Pee-wee Herman’s NEW movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, premieres on Netflix!!
Online and IRL
[3/21] Patience, a new graphic novel by Daniel Clowes

Various cities in the USA
[3/18] 18th Annual Brides of March

[Until 4/23] Lily Tomlin

[Until 4/25] Puddles Pity Party

Global Psychedelic Dinners [Find a table]

Alameda, California
[4/1] “Burning Stupid” opening reception at Rhythmix, 5 PM – 8 PM

Austin, Texas
[3/17] Pee-wee’s Big Holiday premieres at SXSW

[3/18] Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion

[3/2017] Spannabis

Berkeley, California
[3/26] Heather Gold’s “Everything Is Subject to Change” – One Night Only

[3/26] The Real Numbers, Love Axe, and Annie Bacon at the Starry Plough

East Park Reservoir in Colusa County, California
[5/20-5/26] Camp Tipsy, an “annual rotten boat building contest and camp-out”

Houston, Texas
[4/9] The 29th Annual Houston Art Car Parade

Lake Iseo, Italy
[6/18 to 7/3] Christo’s Floating Piers

Las Vegas
[Ongoing] Akhob, an immersive “Ganzfeld effect” experience by artist James Turrell at Louis Vuitton [by appt only: 702-730-3150]  HIGHLY recommended!

Desert beyond Las Vegas
[4/29-5/1] Further Future Festival [Tickets]

Lisbon, Portugal
[11/7-11/10] Web Summit 2016

[July 2016] EVA London 2016

Los Angeles

Cool Places to Buy Weird Shit in Los Angeles

[3/18-3/19] Crispin Hellion Glover’s Big Slide Show, Parts 1 & 2 at the Egyptian Theatre

[3/19] Crispin Glover Live! 10th anniversary Part 1 and Part 2 of IT trilogy

[3/24] Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel at Think Tank Gallery

[4/1-4/3] Roaring Twenties Weekend 2016 [Tickets]

[4/2-5/12] Hooray for L.A.A full Marionette Musical Variety Hour at Bob Baker Marionette Theater [Tickets]

[12/5-12/8] Henry Rollins at Largo

Marble Falls, Texas
[10/7-10/10] Camp Grounded

Melbourne, Australia
beinArt Gallery opens in early 2016

New Orleans
[2/28/2017] Mardi Gras
[2/13/2018] Mardi Gras
[3/5/2019] Mardi Gras
[2/25/20] Mardi Gras

New York City
Quirky NYC by Oriana Leckert:
“From Bumper Cars to Torah Taxidermy: A Guide to 25 of Brooklyn’s Most Unusual Museums”
“From Elevators to Outsider Art: A Guide to 16 Under-the-Radar Museums in Queens”

[Ongoing] Sleep No More at The McKittrick Hotel

[Ongoing] The Ferry Play on the Staten Island Ferry, $1.99

[Dates through March] 8Players, an immersive roleplaying experience, Secret locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, 21+ [Tickets]

[3/22] Pee-wee’s Big Holiday screening followed by a conversation with Paul Reubens at Kaufmann Concert Hall

[Until 3/27] Then She Fell, An immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll, and only 15 audience members per show [Tickets]

[4/1] 31st Annual April Fools’ Day Parade, starts at Noon at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street

[Ongoing] More NYC events


[3/26] ResurrEGGtion! This Easter, EGGS BAR Returns at DeathTRAP, 8 PM – 2 AM [Tickets]

[3/31] Ask me.

[4/17] MAPS 30th Anniversary Banquet & Celebration at Scottish Rite Center

[6/25-6/26] Burger Boogaloo, Mosswood Park [Tickets]

Palm Springs, California
[7/8-7/11] Yes and Yes Yes (YxYY) at the Ace Hotel, a “summer retreat for anyone who considers themselves a thinker, maker, creator, nerd, or weirdo.”

Paris, France
Editor’s note:
Last January I had the good fortune to spend the night in an artist’s yurt. My photos from that visit will be included in this show…in PARIS!
[4/13-8/29] Habiter le Campement, Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine au Palais de Chaillot

Portland, Oregon
[Until 4/3] Kenny Scharf: Cosmic Cavern Thanks, Michael! Great one!

[8/11-8/15] World Domination Summit [Tickets]

Provincetown, Massachusetts
[8/13-8/19] Carnival 2016: Back to the 80’s

Riverside, California
[5/20-5/22] Beyond Brookledge at the Galleria at the Mission Inn

San Francisco
“Best storytelling events in the Bay Area”

[Ongoing] Elsewhere Philatelic Society

[Until 3/31] Hanaa Zeid paintings at Chez Poulet

[Until 3/31] Sophocles’ Unidentified Fragment (S.116) at the Wave Organ

[3/16] Nerd Nite SF #70: Stem Cell Types, Architectural History, and California Prisons, 7 PM, $15 [Tickets]

[3/18] The WunderKreature & Other Natural Oddities from History, 7 PM to 10 PM [Tickets]

[3/19 and 3/20] San Francisco Pop-up Ball pit Bar at the Romper Room

[3/23] Daniel Clowes presents “Patience” at Green Apple Books on the Park, 7:30 PM

[3/23, 3/25, 3/26] E.T. with live score by the San Francisco Symphony, 7:30 PM [Tickets]

[3/24] Comedian Maria Bamford at Nourse Theater

[3/24] Bawdy Storytelling: True Stories of Sexual Adventure at JCCSF [Tickets]

[3/24] Broke Ass Stuart’s Crazy Fucking Purim Costume Party at Brick & Mortar Music Hall, 21+ [Tickets]

[4/1] St. Stupid’s Day Parade, meet at Embarcadero Plaza, “Bring socks for the sock exchange, pennies for the banker’s heart, dead lottery tickets for the Federal Reserve, noise/music makers for the exorcism and a well dressed sense of absurdity”

[4/13] Fireside Storytelling: “Achilles Heel” at Chez Poulet, 7:30 PM Doors, $15

[4/14-4/15] The Chocolate and Art Show at SOMarts

[4/16] SFMOMA to reopen

[4/21-4/24] The Gray Area Festival, a conference, performances, workshops, and an exhibition surveying culture through the lens of art and technology

[5/5] Jason Mecier’s “Celebrity Trash” at 111 Minna

[5/11] Fireside Storytelling: “Gotta Bail” at Chez Poulet, 7:30 PM Doors, $15

[6/11-10/2] Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life at The Broad [pdf]

[6/12-6/13] Season finale of Calling All Choir at Mission Dolores Basilica

[6/12] Mac Sabbath at Slim’s, 8 PM, all ages [Tickets]

[6/24-6/26] New Games with John Law

[7/10] Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge at DNA Lounge [Tickets]

[7/23] The Murray Invitational. A Bill Murray Art Exhibition and Golf Party at Public Works

[8/5-8/7] Outside Lands, Golden Gate Park

[10/13] Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, 8 PM [Tickets]

[10/2017] 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

[Ongoing] More SF events

SF Bay Area
[Ongoing] Best swimming holes in the SF Bay Area

San Mateo, California
[5/20-5/22] The 11th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area [Tickets]

San Rafael, California
[5/7] David Sedaris at Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, 8 PM [Tickets]

The Obscure, the Charming and the Odd: Mark Pahlow’s Guide to Seattle

Sun Valley, Idaho
[3/20-3/23/2016] DENT

[7/4-7/10] Nowhere

Tacoma, Washington
[4/11] Internet Cat Video Festival at the Grand Cinema [Tickets]
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The Houndstooth Glitch by Doc Pop for Betabrand


Pee-wee's Big Holiday premieres March 18th on Netflix

Foma Labs, Immersive Experiences


“Art is like sex: when you’re doing it, nothing else matters.”


A few years ago, Julie made me THIS on my request. I LOVE it SO much!

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