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“I don’t do drugs. I am a drug.”

Salvador Dali

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Issue #267 :: The “Quaranzine” Edition :: 05:13:2020


I’ve been reflecting on things in this extended quarantine.

You know, when I started blogging professionally eight years ago, I gradually stopped telling my own stories. If you haven’t known me for very long, well, I used to share a lot about my life online. Then, when SJ was born, I started sharing a lot about our life together. But when I became a blogger, I essentially started getting paid to tell other people’s stories, or at least talk about them. As time went on, I started getting clients who needed their stories told. And poof! I became the cobbler with no shoes. 

I mean, yes, I have this zine. But it’s really similar to my blogging work. Meaning, it’s more about putting a spotlight on the wonderful work I see from people in my community, and the greater community, than a personal space that looks at what I’m doing. What am I doing? Telling other people’s stories, like I said. Haha.

I’m a natural caregiver and it’s second nature for me to want to feature good people doing great stuff. I enjoy it. But, as I close in on 50, l want to start telling my own stories again. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to look in practice, but I am a little obsessed with TikTok right now (I’m esp. a sucker for those #Imjustakid videos). There is some serious creativity going on over there and it seems like a fun place to start playing with this idea of me telling my stories. I’ve really never worked in video, so the learning curve is steep. 

Also, Animal Crossing. My daughter’s island was getting too small for the both of us, so I cashed in a bunch of credit card miles and bought my own Switch (lite). I have a big idea for *that* which I don’t want to share just yet. But, I think it’ll be super cool if I can pull it off.

And, in December, I bought myself a yearly subscription to MasterClass (MC). According to my account data, I’ve only watched 4% of their content which is kind of crazy since I’ve watched a fair amount. The one I’m really into now is taught by Ron Finley, aka “Gangster Gardener.” He’s a-mazing and his MC has inspired me to start planting fruits and veggies in my backyard! ME. I have, historically, had the blackest of black thumbs but I’m going to change that. In fact, it’s already started.

Will I have time for all these new activities? Yeah, good question. Honestly, my work-work takes up most of my days. But if I don’t start doing new things, I’m never going to get to wearing new shoes and, believe me, this mama needs a new pair.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. Anyone here have experience writing Wikipedia pages? HMU.

As seen on the Internets

SAVE FERRIS: My pal (and RED reader!) Jake Schaffer goes on what he calls “cigar walks” around Alameda. Since we’ve been sheltered-in-place, he started spotting a whole bunch of funny flyers.
:: My top pick this week: Clever Creature is a new podcast/”experimental variety show” from Jason Gots (of Think Again)
:: Thanks, Elka!

:: Get your cards read behind a window at Danielle Baskin’s “Distance Tarot,” a late-night psychic shop 

:: Well, that was fast: Coronavirus writing prompts

:: There’s a documentary out about the National Enquirer that’s a MUST WATCH
:: Thanks, PR!

:: Hamilton, the Broadway version, is headed to Disney+ in July (I saw a bootleg version on YouTube a few years back and its staging was outstanding!)

:: Mimi and Brownie: BFFs for 74 years and counting

:: “When are you good enough to be considered an industry expert?”

:: Hey Pen Pals, thanks for all the quarantine snail-mail art! That last shot is the place in my home where I respond to all of it

:: I haven’t watched it yet, but my dear-friend-with-impeccable-taste Kimberly highly recommended this documentary about trailblazing abstract artist, Hilma af Klint
:: ($12 to view through The Roxie)

:: I fell in love with Stephen Powers’ art through his SFMOMA exhibit. Now I’m in love with his e-newsletter style.

:: Speaking of artists, Damien Hirst made it possible to create virtual spin art in Snapchat

:: Josh Gad reunited members of the Goonies cast in Zoom

:: Speaking of Zoom: No, the other Zoom

Real gummies you can actually make: nay!

Ranch Gummy Bears by Vulgar Chef

Nope. You could make Ranch dressing gummy bears… but, dear gawd, why would you?!

Featured Event

[May 16] L.A. street puppet theater almighty Opp is temporarily holding their “services” on Instagram Live instead of on the corner of Western and Elmwood in Koreatown. Don’t miss their next show, happening this Saturday at 9 p.m. 

Know about a cool, quirky, and/or indie socially distant event? Email me with details.

No Close Encounters

I hope you can read this! A movie theater has updated its marquee to imagine what movies aren’t playing.
via: this is bad but I forgot the source on this one, sharing anyway!

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